Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Friday, December 30, 2011

30A Songwriter's (January 13th-15th_

Coming To Walton for the 30A Songwriter's? Might want to check out the special performance.


Exclusive CAA Member Performance
For the fist time ever the Cultural Arts Alliance will host an exclusive members only performance on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at Fish Out of Water in WaterColor. Only Cultural Arts Alliance members will be admitted to this exciting performance. Not a member? No problem. Joining the CAA is easy. Just call the office at 850-622-5970 or join online.
Have you heard who will be performing?

Shawn Mullins
Festival favorite since the start of the 30A Songwriters Festival in 2010 Shawn Mullins will no doubt have another packed house under his spell. Shawn's experiences included an indoctrination into the collaborative creative process by numerous bouts of intensive co-writing, in one instance putting him atop of the country charts via key contribution to the Zac Brown Band's "Toes," marking his third #1 single, following 1999's "Lullaby" and the 2006 Triple A/American chart-topper "Beautiful Wreck." Further co-writing yielded nine of the 11 songs on the new album, which Mullins believes represents the strongest, most expressive writing of his distinguished career.

Amy Ray
Another festival favorite since 2010 Amy Ray is the founder of the indie label Daemon Records, one half of the Indigo Girls, and a solo artist in her own right. When Amy founded Daemon in 1990, her mission was to support local musicians, both in putting out their music and teaching them how to sustain their careers. As a beloved Indigo Girl, Ray has long been known for her big muscular heart, as a solo artist though; she has indisputably found her voice.

Gunshot Glitter
Gunshot Glitter is a new collaboration of the talented and unique styles of the sister duo Larkin Poe and the sweet vintage voice of Emily Lynch.

Larkin Poe
Ever since Rebbecca and Megan Lovell were little girls they have been awed by the power of a story well told: from children's books and bedtime yarns to figments and fairy tales. Now as Larkin Poe they are still on the search for stories, and striving to learn how to tell them well. They are on the search for stories of human experience, of love won and love lost, and of the million mundane things that make up everyday life. Larkin Poe recently returned from their 2011 Fall European Tour where they opened for Elvis Costello.

Emily Lynch
Emily Lynch is a young singer-songwriter hailing from Atlanta, Georgia with more than just a pretty face. She sings with experience, humility, and a sweet vintage voice that Truley sets her apart. Her voice has been compared to that of Allison Krauss, Patty Griffin, and Emmylou Harris. She is a proficient guitarist and songwriter with an undeniable endearing and engaging presence and a heart full of song that captivate her audiences.

Individually these acts are amazing, together they are unforgettable. Be there and witness their first ever performance as Gunshot Glitter.

Jim Lauderdale

Jim Lauderdale is a multitalented performer and songwriter, with success in both country and bluegrass music. His roots are from the Carolina's, yet his career has taken him all over the United States and abroad, making him an international recording artist. Jim is a two time Grammy winner and current Gammy nominee for Best Bluegrass Album. His current release, "Patchwork River" is currently on the Americana radio charts.

This is going to be an exciting night that you won't want to miss. This will be a capacity controlled event. If you want to attend this event you must pre-register by emailing us at Once we reach capacity of the venue, we will be sold out and unable to accept further requests for registration. Please note, if you register for the event and plan to attend, you must arrive at the venue between 6:30 and 7:00 and be seated. Any registered members that do not arrive by 7:00 will lose their seat and walkups who are members will be admitted. For full performance details please visit the 30A Songwritrers Festival website.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chat Holley -a little Walton History

Like reading about Walton County History....Check out this great article about Chat Holley, a long time  County resident in the Walton Sun.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Walton County/ Grayton Beach in the News

South Walton gets its own song.

Check out the DEC/JAN issue of Coastal Living. A great article on the Lee Cabin located at the end of Magnolia Streer right here in Grayton. A lot of history and some great pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

New Coffee Shop in Grayton

The Old Magnolia House is now a Coffee and Pastery Shop where folks can drop by and sit and read their newspaper or watch the news, or play a game of checkers or chess while enjoying a cup of coffee or a sweet roll. Your hostess will be Cheri Peeples. The Grand Opening hasn't happened yet but they are open now and only ask for a donation for your coffee or muffin. Hours are still not decided but I will post as soon they are announced.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sowal is full of activities..CHECK THEM OUT

Want to know what's going on in Sowal?

Seaside Saturday Market

Want some fresh vegetables, home made soaps, and other goodies check out the Seaside Saturday Market.

great article:

Monday, November 21, 2011


Regional Utilities has been very busy in Grayton updating their water lines. Pine Street has been completed along with most of Magnolia and now work has moved over to the Sandy Lane area.  The noise of the trucks has been a little loud, but the work has moved fairly fast. The Regional folks have left the area neat and have tried hard to not disturb any personal landscaping. We now have a new fire hydrant at the beginning of Pine Street where the curve is and I believe four more hydrants will be installed in the areas getting the new water line.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Got Junk Need it Removed?

Helpful site if you have JUNK that needs to be remove from your Grayton Home/ property. If you book on line you get $10 off. You can pick the day and the time of your pick up. I just used them and was very happy with their service. Their fee is based on the space that your JUNK takes up in truck...( 1/4, 1/3, 1/2.....) You can google 1-800-got-junk or you can call the number.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

2012 30A Songwriter's Festival ( Jan 13-15 )

David Wilcox, Indigo Girls, The Bangles and Matthew Sweet among star-studded lineup at 2012 30A Songwriters Festival
On Wednesday night, the 30A Songwriters Festival, put on by the Cultural Arts Alliance, announced the 2012 lineup for the event, which will be held Jan. 13-15.

With styles ranging from folk, country, rock and alternative, the 2012 line-up features nationally-acclaimed songwriters and musicians including The Bangles, Rodney Crowell, Shawn Mullins, Matthew Sweet, Indigo Girls and Fastball as well as David Wilcox, Steve Forbert, Mary Gauthier, Sam Bush, Randall Bramblett, Tommy Talton, Jeffrey Steele, Chely Wright, Chuck Cannon, Corey Smith, David Olney, Davin McCoy, Lori McKenna, Tommy Womack, Kevn Kinney, The Shadowboxers, Larkin Poe, Emily Lynch, Joseph Arthur, Matthew Mayfield, Rachel Platten, Callaghan, David Berkeley, Garrison Starr, Jeff Black, Joe Leathers, Ben Glover, Billy Montana, Chas Sanford, Brian and Karyn White, Greg Barnhill, Forrest Williams Band, Kyle Jacobs, Kelsey Anna, Reed Waddle, Meg Huthchinson, Bridgette Demeyer, Daphne Willis, Shannon Whitworth, Suzi Ragsdale, Georgia, Ashleigh Flynn and Joanna Cotten.

The web site says to stay tuned for the announcement of over 75 more artists in the coming weeks.

Purchase tickets online now at

Monday, October 17, 2011

Some Halloween Fun for the Family

Sounds like fun if you are coming to Grayton to celebrate Halloween. Check it out.

New Water Pipe to be Installed in Grayton

If you live on Pine, Youpon,Sandy Lane or Magnolia you should have received a notice from Regional Utilities about a project that will install about 4200 feet of 6 inch water line and five new fire hydrants in the above mention areas. The work will begin shortly. There will be some construction and soil disturbance within and near the project areas as excavation takes place for the new pipe installation. Care will be taken not to damage any landscaping or driveways.

If you have any questions you can contact:
Mr. Ashley Dismukes at 850-232-5114 ext 212, or you can contact him at .

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Got Trash other than your regular weekly garbage...better check to see what Waste Management will or will not pick up.
Here are there rules:Garbage Pickup Services

Waste Management collects household garbage according to the following provisions:
* No more than ten bags or five bundles of no more than 50 pounds each for single family residential units
* Limbs of no more than three inches in diameter and four feet in length bundled together in manageable bundles
* Bagged leaves and grass
* Bags and containers with handles must be placed next to the side of the street for collection.

For customers who use enclosures or bins, we ask that you install a gate so that our drivers don't have to lift cans over the enclosure.

Yard Trash
Yard trash is vegetation resulting from landscaping maintenance, including:
* Grass clippings
* Shrubbery cuttings
* Dry leaves
* Palm fronds
* Small tree branches (no more than 4 feet in length and three inches in diameter)
* Bushes or shrubs
* Green leaf cuttings
* Fruits

Yard trash does not include:
* Large branches or trees
* Bulky, uncontained material
* Matter or debris resulting from tree removal, tree surgery, or professional
* Debris from land clearing or development
* Waste from home improvement
* Hazardous or Special waste

Contact Waste Management
Ph: (850) 835-0248
Hours 8:00 am - 5:00 pm   Monday - Friday

Friday, September 30, 2011

GBNA Minutes from Seotember 23, 2011

The Meeting was called to order by Grant Blackwell, President, at the 30A Resorts Conference Room at 4:00 PM, September 23, 2011. Board attendees in addition to Grant were Ann Morrell, Larry Jackson, Andy Gray, Scott Provow and Billy Buzzett. Bill Wallace was absent. Pat Carlye, Advisory Committee, also attended.
Minutes: July 1st Meeting minutes were approved by board member E-mails and posted to GBNA Blog.

Objective of the Meeting: The board reviewed the members’ comments, summarized by Ann Morrell, from the 2011-2012 ballots. The board also addressed one of the major projects - a proposal to upgrade the landscape along Hotz Avenue.

Financial Report: Ann Morrell presented an update of our GBNA Finances as of Jun 30, 2011. Report at Enclosure 1.

Current Balances: Checking: $4,200.67 Savings: $10,689.82 Total: $14,890.49

Membership Survey: At the July 1 meeting, Ann Morrell provided a summary list member comments from their membership dues form. The board reviewed the following member comments:

Uniquely Grayton Beach:

-Provide a sense of difference. Do whatever is best for Grayton Beach (owned property since 1943)

-Include in directory or blog …..Names and phone numbers of services; housekeeping, gardening services, repair services, etc.

-Continue to fight for Grayton Beach exemption for driving on the beach (for heirs too)

-Define the common areas? Board discussed the common areas of interest to include: Hotz Avenue no-parking areas, west side DeFuniak Street from 30A corner to Pine St, Hotz Ave Boat Ramp/Dock, Lydia-Banfill lake access, Pine Street Beach Access, Sandy Lane Beach Access. After discussion, Grant agreed to ask TDC to clear out the lake weeds spreading along the shore in the Lydia-Banfill lake common area.

- Enforce Waste Management (WM) not picking up dumpsters at the Red Bar and Shorty’s till after 8AM (Rivard’s and Pandora’s Dumpsters early emptying were also mentioned in other comments) Note: WM moved to early pickup specifically at the request of Grayton Beach neighbors several years ago. The board will follow up to determine what options WM has to resolve the issue.

-Dress up the white sewer area at entrance. Sometimes the smell is really bad!!!! Improve area between the flashing light and Pandora’s. Currently the board has been using Taking Care of Business to maintain grass area from Grayton Entry Sign to Rivard corner.

One suggestion is to lay blue chip rock shoulder from Hwy 30A bike path down to the area past the pump station over waste asphalt shoulder to the flashing speed sign.  Action was deferred to the next meeting. 

Traffic and Safety:

-Need more 20 mph signs.

-Bike lanes on the 30A bridges between Grayton and Watercolor are too narrow. While the safety issue was confirmed by County Roads, the County Commissioners have not supported an expansion of bridges at this time.


-Need a signage program (for sale/rental) for our community (looking junky). Commercials need signage on their building and not on street. (Sign Clutter)

Noise from Commercial and neighborhood commercial properties:

- Control the noise in our community in the late evening and early morning hours, mostly coming the commercial properties with the outside music. Hibiscus House now has added music with mikes and speakers. Board Discussion: The Board discussed the expansion of activities by those properties and some rental homes to include daytime and evening music, weddings, receptions and other social activities. Billy Buzzett discussed the purpose of the neighborhood commercial zoning code which was to allow selected commercial activities that would fit in a residential neighborhood. The issue is whether the expansion of commercial outdoor activities fit with residential nature of Grayton Beach and the intent of the zoning category of the businesses. After reviewing the issue, the board suggested that the affected parties document the issue so the board can determine how to address the issue.

-Parking on the streets…Hibiscus House, Rivard’s, Red Bar, Shorty’s, and the large rental homes. Many cars park directly on the street on Pine at the Pine Street park beach entrance. (Several members mentioned this).

The remaining member comments were tabled until the next meeting.

Membership Directory and Grayton Beach Trademark: Grant reported that he is getting sponsors to be able to provide the directory at no cost to the membership. He is also asking for recommendations for a list of reliable vendors for a section in the directory in response to frequent calls from members for recommendations. He is also completing application for trade mark protection of the GBNA logo.
Hotz Avenue Landscaping: At the last meeting, it was suggested that the association install landscape improvements on Hotz Avenue in the areas with the no- parking stripping and posts, see Enclosure 2.. Billy Buzzett proposed GBNA develop the landscaping plan for Hotz. He is working with Department of Public Works (Engineering and Roads) to have a Right of Way (ROW) Agreement with Walton County which will provide the GBNA with the legal right to maintain certain areas of Walton County Road and Street Right of Ways (ROW) for the benefit of the community. The project would install planting areas and landscaping where the no-parking white posts with striped pavement exists. The initial focus will be on Hotz Ave. Scott Provow made the motion, seconded by Andy Gray, that the Board approve a Hotz landscaping project with a budget target of $5,000 to design and install the project. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.

Submitted by Larry Jackson, Secretary Upon approval, these minutes are posted on Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at , The Minutes are cataloged at

Enclosure 1: Financial Update, GBNA Bank Accounts

Enclosure 2: Hotz Ave Stripped No-Parking Areas
Enclosure 1:

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association Financial Report

Balances June 30, 2011 Checking Account Balance: $4,541.81
Savings Account Balance: $10,689.82
Total: $15,231.63

Activity in July:
Interest: $0.58
Membership Dues: $25.00
Expenditures: (Checks)
# 1316 Larry Jackson $7.28
# 1317 Taking Care of Business $70.00
# 1318 Blue Mountain Lawn $50.00

Activity in August:
Interest: $0.56
# 1319 Taking Care of Business $70.00
# 1320 Blue Mountain Lawn. $50.00

Activity in September:
Expenditures: (Checks)
#1321 Taking Care of Business $70.00
# 1322 Blue Mountain Lawns $50.00

Totals: Expenditures/Credit Deposits ($367.28) $26.14
Total For Period Jun 30-Sep 23: ($341.14)
Balances as of September 23, 2011
Checking Account Balances: $4,200.67
Savings Account Balance: $10,689.82
Total in Both Accounts: $14,890.49

Submitted by Ann Morrell

Enclosure 2:

Monday, September 26, 2011

What's going on on 30A?

Planning on coming to Grayton to enjoy the great weather?
Check out what's going on along 30A. The weather is getting cooler...there is a lull in the tourists...a great time to come home to Grayton.

Monday, September 19, 2011


The weather is great here in Grayton.
The crowds are not here.
The beach is almost empty.
Might want to come home for a long week end and enjoy Grayton

Photo captured from beach cam  at 3:30 PM

Monday, September 5, 2011


The County Commissioners approved the following race route that will occur on Sunday October 16th from 7 AM to 12 PM on County Road 30 A and will also include 4 streets in Grayton Beach...Defuniak, Holtz, Banfill And Lydia. The south bound lane both on 30 A and the streets in Grayton will be closed for the runners. The race is being sponsored by a group from Louisana. When I saw the race item listed in the agenda I wrote to each Commissioner expressing concerns about the race being able to tie up four of our streets in Grayton...the only reply that I received back, (from Ms. Jones before the item was discussed at county meeting) was that the orange cones would be picked up after the race, and that there would be personel to direct traffic. I am hoping that allowing racing routes through Grayton on our narrow streets doesn't become "the thing to do" in any future 30A races.
Here is the link to the Commissioner's "paperwork" about the event.

Here is the public announcement listed on 30A website about the event.

Run the only mountain on Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast! Both the Half Marathon and 10K Run will race down the Scenic Highway 30A between sugar sand beaches and rare dune lakes from Blue Mountain Beach through Grayton, with the Half Marathon continuing in Seaside and Watercolor. For more information and to register visit:

9:00 AM Beach View

Red Flag ....rough surface...Gray Skies
Weather is not helping Labor Day Tourists at Grayton

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Friday, July 29, 2011


Interesting article in the Walton Sun bout the increased amount of slugs on the beach.

SEA SLUGS DOWN BY THE SEA SHORE sea, ferrell, unusual -

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Early Fishing In Grayton

Gretchen Butler Infinger shared this article with me about the early days of fishing on Grayton Beach. It is loaded with history.
Check it out:

Thanks Gretchen! And if anyone has some old Grayton stories that they are willing to share...I would love to post them on the blog!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


The Meeting was called to order by Grant Blackwell, President, at the 30A Resorts Conference Room at 4:30 PM, July 1, 2011. Board attendees in addition to Grant were Ann Morrell, Larry Jackson, Bill Wallace, Andy Gray, Scott Provow and Billy Buzzett.

Minutes: Annual Meeting Minutes, April 23, 2011 were approved by board member E-mails and posted to GBNA Blog.

Nomination and Election of Officers: Following nomination by Billy Buzzett and second by Andy Gray, the board elected Grant Blackwell, President; Scott Provow, Vice President; Larry Jackson, Secretary; and Ann Morrell, Treasurer.

Objective of the Meeting: Grant asked that the board review the duties of the outlined in GBNA By-laws. Purpose of the meeting was to identify three to four major projects that the board should focus on for the coming year.

Financial Report: Ann Morrell presented an update of our GBNA Finances as of Jun 30, 2011. Report at Enclosure.

Current Balances: Checking: $4,541.81 Savings: $10,689.82

The board discussed capital expenditures such as the 2010 Radar Speed Control Sign. It was suggested we continue to seek grants and contributions from external sources to cover special items.

Membership Survey: Ann Morrell provided a summary list member comments on their membership dues form. The list included names of volunteers for the GBNA Advisory Committee. The board will review for the next meeting.

Grayton Beach Trademark: The Board discussed creating the trademark GBNA logo for the village.

Traffic Safety: Several board members cited need for more measures to slow down the DeFuniak Street traffic. The board will approach the County Public Works Road District to see about installing pedestrian crossing markings and rumble pads to slow down traffic. It was suggested that under the Historical Grayton initiative that we get the old Grayton aviation marking reapplied on DeFuniak St. The painted marking on was a visual identification of Grayton Beach for aviators until the early 80's. When the road was repaved, the marking was not repainted.

Sign Clutter: The board discussed the mixture of signs throughout the village. The board compared the situation in Grayton to the efforts by Gulf Trace and Watercolor to develop measures to reduce the clutter of signs. The “Is Grayton for Sale?” presentation, developed by Dee Davis, was originally discussed at the 2008 Annual Meeting.

Scott Provow volunteered to take on the project to see what approaches we should take.

Historical Grayton Beach: Billy Buzzett will continue work under his Historical Grayton Beach Initiative to develop a historical walking tour of the historic sites in the village.

Membership: Scott Provow will be responsible for membership as a part of his Vice President duties.

Grayton Beach By-laws: Larry Jackson covered the most recent change to the By-laws which is now posted on the GBNA BLOG. He also covered the board’s authority to set membership dues as needed to meet annual requirements.

Hotz Avenue Landscaping: It was suggested that the association install landscape improvements on Hotz Avenue, particularly in the areas with the no parking barriers. Billy Buzzett volunteered to take on the project to develop a plan.

DeFuniak Street Landscaping: The association has been mowing and other landscaping work on the west side of DeFuniak Street from the Grayton Corner Sign to Rivard Realty. In order to add additional landscaping, we will need to have water. Grant Blackwell and Larry Jackson will look into landscaping ideas and getting water service to the area.

Membership Directory: Larry Jackson will collect directory entries from this year’s membership applications to provide the data file for the directory. The directory entries will only be from members who want to be listed. Once completed, Grant Blackwell will work with sponsors to develop the final directory.

Activity Updates: Grant asked everyone to provide an update on activities described above by email by July 22. Following those updates, the board will schedule the next meeting

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.

Submitted by Larry Jackson, Secretary Upon approval, these minutes are posted on Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at , The Minutes are cataloged at
Financial Mid-Year Update 2011, January 1 to June 30

Beginning Balance Jan 1, 2011 Savings 10,644.82

Interest 40.54

Savings Subtotal Jun 30, 2011 10,689.82

Beginning Balance Jan 1, 2011

Checking 3,071.11

Checking Acct Revenue Jan 1-Jun 30

Membership Income (185 Lots) 4,625.00

Donations 150.00

Revenue Subtotal 4,775.00

Interest 3.66

Checking Revenue Subtotal 7,849.77

Checking Acct Expenditures Jan 1 –Jun30

Utilities 2010, 2011 Triangle 720.00

Mailing 532.40

Bank Service Charges 45.00

Friends of Grayton 100.00

Landscaping Triangle/DeFuniak 728.50

St Florida Corporations 61.25

Holiday Decorations 108.39

Annual Meeting/Luncheon 1,012.42

Expenses Subtotal 3,307.96 -3,307.96

Checking Savings

Ending Balance Checking Account Jun 30, 2011 4,541.81

Ending Balance Savings Account Jun 30, 2011 10,689.82

Ending Balance both Accounts, Jun 30, 2011 15,231.63

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peggy Lawerence Medical Update

Sent: Tue, Jul 5, 2011 9:42 am


Many of you know that Peggy suffered a stroke from an aneurysm approximately two weeks ago in Nashville. She has been very blessed to be under the care of Dr. Scott Standard, chief of neurology at St. Thomas hospital. I won’t get into the details of her experience except to say that she has gone through considerable trauma through much of this time frame. Prayers and words of encouragement from friends during the past two weeks have been deeply appreciated.. Peggy and I cannot begin to express our gratitude to all of you who have known of her illness and to everyone for your continued support. We also have enormous praise for the neurological ICU nursing staff and physician team (led by Dr. Standard) at St. Thomas.

While she remains in St. Thomas, I am pleased to report that Peggy’s recovery process continues without interruption and we are hopeful that she will be released from ICU either today or tomorrow. The next leg in her journey will be a special care room at St. Thomas. After that, the plan is for her to begin a rehabilitation process at St. Thomas and/or at our residence in Nashville.

At present, Peggy is not only lucid, but remembers everything leading up to and following her stroke. Her speech is clear and her physical faculties are normal. Each day begins with a nurse asking her name, where she is, what year it is and the name of the current U.S. president. Her responses to these queries (and her political opinion) are a solid indication that she is on the way back to a total recovery.

Thanks so much again for your support. Prayers in the coming days and weeks will continue to be appreciated.

NOTE: I don’t have everyone’s email address so please send this on to anyone we know not on the addressee list.

Tom Lawrence

dye, van mol & lawrence

700 12th Avenue, South; Suite 400

Nashville, TN 37203

615-244-1818 office

Rags to Riches Video July 2,2011

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association By-laws

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association By-laws

Effective: March 1, 2000, Amended: April 23, 2011

Article I - Name: The name of this organization is The Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association, hereafter referred to as the Association. Grayton Beach is defined as area represented by the following boundaries: County Road 30-A to the North, the Gulf of Mexico to the South, Grayton Dunes State Park to the West and Grayton Beach State Park and Western Lake to the East, excluding the community of Lake Place at Grayton Beach.

Article II - Purpose & Objectives: To represent the majority view of Association members regarding future development, neighborhood improvements, local issues and environmental concerns, and to communicate with Association members regarding relevant issues.


1. To provide a vehicle for discussion and communication regarding issues of common concern to the Association members.

2. To promote the quality of the neighborhood within its boundaries.

3. To work with Walton County in the enforcement of The Comprehensive Plan.

4. To work with county and state government, and other organizations in areas of mutual interest that affect the quality of the neighborhood as well as the surrounding area.

The Association will not:

1. Recommend or support a design review board.

2. Support any effort to change property owner's ability to rent or lease current or future properties that conform to ordinances then in effect.

3. Try to restrict existing residential or commercial properties being used in conformance with current law.

Article III - Membership

1 Any person or legal entity owning property in the area defined above as Grayton Beach is eligible to become a member of the Association.

2 The rights of membership shall be dependant upon the payment of annual membership dues. Such dues to be established by the Association Board of Directors.

3 Each lot (as recognized by Walton County) shall be entitled to one (1) vote regardless of the number of owners of said lot.

Article IV - Association Meetings

1. Annual Meeting: There shall be a membership meeting held in April of each year. The Board shall determine the date, time and place of the meeting.

2. Special Meetings: Special meetings of the membership may be called by the Board of Directors upon written request of 25% of the members. Such written request shall be presented to the President of the Association. Special meetings shall be held in a public place at a day and hour as designated by the President and stated in the notice of such meetings.

3. Notice of annual and special meetings shall be sent out by mail at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. Notice of special meetings shall be sent out by mail at least 15 days prior to the meeting.

4. Quorum: The presence at the meeting, in person or by numbered, written proxy of members entitled to cast 50% of the votes shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of normal business. For all other matters such as any action or position before a governmental body on behalf of the Association there will be required a simple majority of all Association votes.

Article V - Directors and Officers

1. Board of Directors: The Board of Directors shall consist of 7 members. Each Board member shall be a member of the Association. Board members shall be elected at the annual meeting by those members present at the meeting plus by written numbered proxy from those members voting by mail. The seven candidates receiving the most votes will be elected to the Board. At the initial annual meeting 3 directors will be elected to I-year terms, and 4 directors will be elected to 2-year terms. All subsequent elections will be for 2 year terms, thereby allowing for continuity from year to year.

2. Officers: The officers of the Association shall be as follows: President; Vice-President; Secretary, and Treasurer. Officers shall be elected from and by the Board of Directors at their first meeting after their election.

a. Duties of Officers:

The President shall preside at meetings; keep the Board informed of all affairs pertinent to the business of the Association; call special meetings; appoint committees with the consent of the Board; act as member, ex officio, of all committees; and see that the affairs of the Association are handled in a businesslike manner.

b. The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President and shall perform the duties of the President when the President is absent.

c. The Secretary shall keep a complete record of all meetings of the Association and shall have general charge of the records of the Association.

d. The Treasurer shall collect any membership dues required; maintain an appropriate accounting; and otherwise report to the Board.  

4. Board of Directors Meetings: In addition to the annual meetings the Board shall hold meetings at such regular intervals as the Board may determine. A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

5. The Board shall have the general power to act for the Association in the conduct of normal business. The Board may take a position representing the Association before any governmental body without a vote of the Association if by unanimous board member vote, the board deems that immediate action is needed and in the best interest of the Association as an exception to section IV.4 above. (See Addendum, Record of Changes)

6. If the office of any Board member becomes vacant by reason of death, resignation, retirement, disqualification, or otherwise, a majority of the remaining directors will choose a successor who shall hold office until the next annual meeting of the members of the Association.

Article VI - Amendments. These By-laws may be amended at the annual meeting of the membership. Any amendments will require a simple majority of all Association votes.

Article VII - Finances The Association shall not be operated for profit and shall be operated for the purposes set forth in Article II.

Article VIII - Liability No officer or member of the Association shall be personally liable for acts or omissions of any officer or member other than himself/herself whether or not such act was in performance of official duties. No officer or member of the Association shall obligate the Association, by contract or otherwise, to perform any act or to incur any liability without prior authorization of the Board of Directors.

Article IX - Inspection of Books and Records Any member of the Association shall be entitled to inspect the Association's books and records at any duly called meeting of the Board of Directors or of the membership upon furnishing written notice to the President at least 5 days prior to such meeting.

Effective: March 1, 2000, amended April 23, 2011

Larry Jackson, Secretary

Addendum: Record of Changes, Page 4

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fourth of July Parade

Get out your red and blue colors and join in on the Annual Fourth Of July Parade in Grayton. The parade will depart from the Red Bar at 8:30 and end at Kitty Taylor's real estate for refreshments. Plan to have lots of fun!

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Walmart

New Walmart in our end of town. (Will save you a trip to Destin. ) Located across the road (98) from The Donut Hole.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Grayton Beach Beer?

Man who lives in RoseMary Beach plans to launch his Grayton Beach Beer.

Seems everyone wants to claim a little part of Grayton.
I'm not sure that is a good thing.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Missing Cat in Grayton

Went Missing May 29th in Grayton Beach

Our cat is a neutered male. He is gray with a long bushy tail. Although a mixed breed he appears to be a Maine Coon. His belly area was shaved for a medical procedure about a month ago so the fur on his belly is short although unless you roll him over it is not very noticeable

Monday, May 30, 2011

Beach Safety Goes High Tech

A new 35 MPH Area

For those of you who live in Grayton or visit that have street legal golf cars the county is going to change the speed limit on 283 from Grayton to just past Logan from 45 to 35 MPH to allow these slow moving vehicles to go from Grayton up into the shopping areas and restaurants in this area. It hasn't been done yet but Grant was notified that it would be taking place soon. Will Keep you updated.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Grayton Beach Rabies Alert for 60 Days

Rabies alert issued for Grayton Beach
May 25, 2011 1:56 PM

Walton County Health Department Administrator, Gail Allen, has issued a rabies alert for the Grayton Beach area of Walton County. This is in response to a fox that tested positive for rabies reported on May 23, 2011.
All citizens in Walton County should be aware that rabies is present in the wild animal population and domestic animals are at risk if not vaccinated. The public is asked to maintain a heightened awareness that rabies is active in Walton County. Alerts are designed to increase awareness to the public, but they should not give a false sense of security to areas that have not been named as under alert.
The recent rabies alert is for 60 days. The center of the rabies alert is at Grayton Beach and includes the following area boundaries in Walton County:

Gulf Trace to the West

Tranquil Way to the East

Gulf of Mexico to the South

Logan Lane to the North

An animal with rabies could infect other wild animals or domestic animals that have not been vaccinated against rabies. All domestic animals should be vaccinated against rabies and all wildlife contact should be avoided, particularly raccoons, bats, foxes, skunks, otters, bobcats and coyotes.

Rabies is a disease of the nervous system and is fatal to warm blooded animals and humans. The only treatment for human exposure to rabies is rabies specific immune globulin and rabies immunization. Appropriate treatment started soon after the exposure, will protect an exposed person from the disease.

The following advice is issued:

All pets should have current rabies immunizations.

Secure outside garbage in covered containers to avoid attracting wild animals.

Do not leave pet food outside. This also attracts other animals.

For questions regarding the health of an animal, contact a veterinarian.

Veterinarian staff and animal control staff should be alert for animals encountered with sign suspicious for rabies and use appropriate precautions, especially when working with unvaccinated animals.

Persons who have been bitten or scratched by wild or domestic animals should seek medical attention and report the injury to the Walton County Health Department at 850-892-8021.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Did you miss out on a Beach Permit Last Year?

Attention Please. Please spread the word to anyone that this might pertain too.

If you lost your Driving on the Beach permit last year because you didn't renew your permit by the August 31st deadline and you had a permit for the previous year...please send me your name and contact information...send it to:

Ann @

Can't promise but you may (please note the word May) be able to get your permit and be considered grand fathered in. You need to do this as soon as possible. Ms. Jones might be able to help us out.


OK, all you grandfathered Driving on the Beach Permits are the deadlines for renreing your Driving on The Beach Permits. This answer was researched and relayed back to me by Ms. Jones office:

All grandfathered permit holders have the entire year to renew their permit. Regardless of when they renew the permit, it will still expire on June 1st of each year. For example, if you currently have a permit it will expire on June 1, 2011. You will have until May 31, 2012 to renew that permit. If you wait until May 31, 2012 to renew, your permit will again expire on June 1, 2012.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grand fathered Beach Permit Deadlines FYI

There seems to be no deadline (June 1st) I originally thought from the discussions at the Commissioner's meeting with the grandfathered driving on the beach permits. I was told today while at the Clerk's office, that there wasn't a deadline for renewing.
If you remember last year many of our our property owners lost their permits because they were late in renewing. I would suggest that you contact the Clerk's office and check this out for yourself , if you will not be able to renew your permit by June1st before your 2010-2011 permit runs out. Their number is: (850) 267-3066

This Ordinance has been confusing and has options in the verbage that are very confusing, plus a new office has undertaken this and they are also dealing with things that are brand new for them.     

What you need for permit

When you apply for your driving on the beach permit you need to provide the following;
Proof that your taxes are all paid need to bring a print out for them so that they don't have to look it up. You can get this online at

If you are getting someone else to turn your form in and pay for your permit you also need to provide a form giving that person permission to do this for you. If you contact the clerk's office at 850-267-3066, they will email you the form or tell you where to look on line for it.

South Walton Courthouse Annex

31 Coastal Centre Boulevard, Suite 500

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459
(850) 267-3066

Monday, May 16, 2011

Annual Meeting Minutes April 23, 2011

The Annual Meeting was called to order by Grant Blackwell, President, at Shirley Sahlie’s yard at 11:20 AM, April 23, 2011. About 100 members, guests and family members attended the Annual Meeting and Picnic.

Following the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, Grant introduced the 2010-2011 Board Members and the new 2011-2012 Board as follows:

2010-2011 Officers:
Grant Blackwell, President
Scott Provow, Vice President
Ann Morrell, Treasurer
Larry Jackson, Secretary
Billy Buzzett
Kitty Taylor
Mike Valentino (Absent)

2011-2012 Board:

Grant Blackwell, elected for a 2011-2013 Term
Scott Provow, elected for a 2011-2013 Term
Andy Gray, elected for a 2011-2013 Term
Bill Wallace, elected for a 2011-2013 Term
Billy Buzzett, continuing, 2010-2012 Term
Ann Morrell, continuing, 2010-2012 Term
Larry Jackson, continuing, 2010-2012 Term

Bylaws Change:

Members approved the proposed Bylaws change to Article V - Para 5 to read: The Board shall have the general power to act for the Association in the conduct of normal business - the Board may take a position representing the Association before any governmental body without a vote of the Association if by unanimous board member vote, the board deems immediate action is needed and in the best interest of the Association.

In accordance with Article VI - Amendments, an amendment requires a simple majority of all association votes. Vote results were 101 Yes or 65%, 17 No or 11% , and 38 Abstain or 20%. This vote confirmed the acclamation voice vote at the 2010 Membership Meeting.

Minutes: March 15th minutes were approved by board member E-mails and posted to GBNA Blog.

Financial Report: Ann Morrell presented an update of our Annual GBNA Finances as of April 23, 2011.

Income: Deposits

2011-12 Membership Dues 171 Lots $ 4,275.00

Expenses :

2010 Annual Meeting/Party Expenses $ 1,604.62

Landscaping Triangle/ Entry Way $ 887.46

Donation Friends of Grayton Beach State Pk $ 100.00

Fourth of July Party/decorations $ 59.90

Membership 2011 Applications $ 525.08

Elegant Tent Rental April 23 Meeting $ 580.20

Total Expenses 2010-11: $ 3,757.26

Net Income 2010-11: $ 517.74

Account Balances:

Checking: $ 6,415.00

Savings: $ 10,669.85

Total: $ 17,084.85

Member Communications: Members were reminded of the two digital communications systems available - the Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association Blog at and the Facebook site: , enter Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association in the search window.

Member Directory: This directory will replace the 2006 Membership Directory. The ongoing collection of updated membership directory information is included in the returning 2011 ballots and member surveys. The 2011-2012 Board will seek sponsorship opportunities with local member businesses to support production and distribution of the directory.

Past Year: Grant covered association activities during the last year including the Oil Spill and the July 2010 work on containment dike to protect Western Lake.

Real Estate Update: Scott Provow gave attendees the profile of recent home prices and sales in the 30A area and in Grayton Beach. Sellers have seen bids generally below their asking price. He noted that 29 homes from Sandestin to Rosemary Beach have sold over the last year.

Beach Permit Ordinance: People with 2010 permits can apply starting May 15th for 2011 Permits. A lottery system for 150 permits for registered voters will start April 1st. See the BLOG for application details. The Board will continue to push for grandfather permit privileges for Grayton Beach property owners.

Kayak Rack: The Board is looking at a mobile Kayak Rack to be able to help secure day use equipment at the local boat ramp.

Public Works: Grant covered the positive work that the Public Works Department has done in the village; in large part to relationship building he has maintained with the department. Lately the Department has been improving the shoulders.

Member Comments/Questions:

Traffic and Safety: Several attendees discussed effectiveness of the speed radar indicator on DeFuniak Street. Other speed moderation approaches were covered including small traffic islands, flower planters and additional radar signs. One member suggested more bike path signage and markings to get bikes clear of the main traffic areas.

Rental House Trash Collection: It was suggested that the Board work with rental companies and individual VBO property owners to identify practical ways to manage their properties. Specifically, using the rule of thumb of one trash container per bedroom in determining how many trash containers are needed. The Board is supporting efforts by the rental companies to get an additional trash collection day.

Street Lighting: It was suggested the Board look at the need for street lighting in the village.

Fourth of July Parade/ Rags to Riches Regatta: The two events will be held in Grayton Beach over the 4th of July Weekend - Saturday, 2 July through Monday, 4 July. The Parade is scheduled for Monday morning, July 4th. The Rags to Riches Regatta will be a Hobie Cat race from Grayton Beach to Seagrove Beach and back. Additional information will be provided on the Blog site.

Feral Cat Population: Wynne Freeman covered the work they have been doing with Linda Draper, Alaqua Animal Refuge to operate a trap/spay/release program for feral cats in Grayton. The Freemans recommended that the GBNA to consider a contribution to Alaqua Animal Refuge in support of this program. They also recommended that the Association inform the membership how they can use the program to handle the feral cat population in their neighborhood.

Advisory Board Volunteers: Grant invited members to volunteer to be on an advisory board of members to help with the various projects we are doing throughout the village.

Neighborhood Watch: Grant advised attendees that they need to keep security in mind in protecting their property and belongings.

Logo: A concept logo for the Association was discussed. It was a stylized sea turtle with the letters Grayton Beach on the shell. The 2011-2012 Board will discuss the concept at a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 PM.

Submitted by Larry Jackson, Secretary

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lottery Drawing Monday May 16th

Tomorrow is the big day of the first Beach Permit Lottery drawing. There will be an 150 new cars issued a permit that missed out on the original Driving on the Beach Permit Ordinance voted on in early 2010.  After reducing the number of cars from 1000 + down to about 800...the Commissioners, who's original goal was to reduce the number of cars on the beach, decided that they needed to up the number of cars and came up with the new ordinance that allowed the annual lottery. The only drawback only property owners that lived in Walton county could apply. If you were a non resident property owner, you did not qualify for the lottery. Then at the last minute before the final vote, the board said...we need to allow non property residents the ability to drive on the beach they came up with the qualification of having a Voter's Registration card.  I have asked the Clerk of Courts' office to provide me with a break down of the "lottery winners" as to owing property vs. owning a Voter's Registration Card. I will post this information as soon as I receive it.
A friendly reminder....if you are grandfathered in with your Beach Permit...don't forget that if you fail to renew it by June will lose it for ever.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

County Appraisers are in Grayton Beach

I asked the county appraiser, Patrick Pilcher, about why his staff was in Grayton going from house to house. I wanted to know if it was a county wide property assessment or just a Grayton Beach inspection. He gave me the following answer to share on our blog.

We have appraisers in the field in many areas of the County most every day. All properties in Florida are required to be re-evaluated each assessment year and physically reviewed within a 5 year cycle. Grayton Beach residential properties are being reviewed at this time. With declining property values most owners should see decreased assessments this year. The only increase in property value an owner would experience as a result of the review would be if improvements(remodel,increased square footage,etc.) were discovered that are not currently listed in our appraisal. Appraisers also look for negative changes in review properties (neglected maintenance,rot,demolition,etc.) Commercial properties, county-wide, are also being reviewed at this time.

Owners are encouraged to contact our office if they have questions,850-892-8123 ,or email .


Patrick Pilcher
Walton County Property Appraiser

Monday, May 2, 2011

Grand Fathered Driving on Beach Permit Applications

Here is the link for Beach Driving Permit for those that are grand fathered in.  Remember if you fail to renew it by June will lose it forever. They will start accepting these application May 15th.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GBNA Annual Meeting And Party

About 85 people attended the GBNA Annual Meeting and picnic held on April 23rd at Shirley Sahlie's home on Defuniak Street. It was a beautiful day and very warm day, and it was great that there was a tent set up both for the meeting and the lunch. The table and chairs were loaned by 30 A Resorts and it was great to have comforable seats and a table to eat from. (No sitting in low beach chairs balancing a paper plate of food on one's lap!) The minutes from the minute will be posted in a later blog post but here are a few pictures from the meeting for those that were unable to attend.

The Butlers
Waiting for Meeting to Start

Cleaning Up Food Table after Lunch
I will be posting more pictures and an image of a possible GBNA Logo in a later post. I would request if you haven't already sent in your 2011 dues and are still planning too, please send in ASAP so that your new GBNA 2011 Board can start making plans for the year.  Dues are $25 per lot. Thanks in Advance.
Dues can be sent to:
PO Box 2162
Santa Rosa Beach Florida 32459

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Seaside

Seaside celebrates 30 years. Thought you might enjot reading a little about its history.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Driving on Beach Permits Lottery Form

See  previous blog post....

Ann will also have the forms available for pick up at the Membership Sign Up Table on Saturday April 23rd at the Annual GBNA Meeting and Picnic.

Interested News Articles

What do you think about a Seasonal Trolly on 30A to help cut down traffic?

Turtle Watch Season Nearing

"Branding the Beaches of South Walton"

The Bark Park for Dogs Back in Business

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Click on Image to Enlarge!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Need a GBNA membership application? A ballot?

Lost your GBNA application or Ballot. Please email me @  and I will email you another ballot and application. You can print out the forms and return  them with your check TO:

PO Box 2162
Santa Rosa Beach Fl 32459

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beach Permit Lottery Info

.Walton County Beach Permit Lottery Information

Lottery Applications for Beach Driving Permits will be accepted by the County from April 1st to May 10th.
Selections will be on on Monday, May 16th and applicants will be notified of the results. Those selected in the lottery may purchase permits from the Clerk of Court’s office beginning June 1st.

You can download the Beach Permit Lottery Application from

Applications may also be picked up at the SoWal Courthouse Annex at the Planning Department. Several requirements must be met to obtain a Permit.

dfirect link for application:

Monday, March 21, 2011

GBNA Meeting March 15th

GBNA MEETING  March 15, 2011

The Meeting was called to order by Grant Blackwell, President, at the 30A Resorts Conference Room at 4:00 PM, March 15, 2011. Board attendees in addition to Grant were Ann Morrell, Larry Jackson, and Scott Provow. Mike Valentino, Kitty Taylor and Billy Buzzett were absent. Andy Gray, 2011-2013 Board member candidate, was a member guest.

Minutes: January 25th minutes were approved by board member E-mails and posted to GBNA Blog.

Financial Report: Ann Morrell presented an update of our GBNA Finances as of March, 2011.

Jan 25, 2010 Balances: Checking Account: $ 2,957.57 Savings Account: $10,649.28

Checking Account

Checks written:

Blue Mountain Lawn Care $125.00

Friends of Grayton Beach State Park $100.00

Ann Morrell, Postage , repro, Annual letter $525.08

Blue Mountain Lawn Care $ 45.00

Ann Morrell (Fl Corp Registration) $ 61.25

Total Expenses: $ 856.33

Deposits Dues for 2011

Feb 25; $ 50

March 7: $ 1,900

March 15: $ 550

Total Income: $ 2,500

March 15, 2011 Balances: Checking: $4,551.24 Savings: $ 10,649.28

Member Directory: This directory is replacing the 2006 Membership Directory. The ongoing collection of updated membership directory information is included in the returning 2011 ballots and member surveys. To date, almost 80% of returned ballots respondents wanted their information included in a membership directory. It was suggested that the board explore sponsorship opportunities with local member businesses to support production and distribution of the directory. The Directory will be provided after the Annual Meeting in order to include Membership Applications received at the Meeting.

By-Laws Amendment: The returned ballots results will be counted prior to Annual meeting. The amendment allows the board to speak on membership’s behalf to the governmental organizations under certain conditions. The formal vote documents a simple majority of Association votes from the show of hands approval at the 2010 Annual Meeting.

2011-2012 Board Candidates: Four candidate names were included in ballot for terms of 2011-2013: Grant Blackwell, Scott Provow, Andy Gray, and Bill Wallace. They will join three board members with terms of 2010-2012: Ann Morrell, Billy Buzzett, and Larry Jackson.

Membership Applications, with Ballot and Survey: More than 110 applications have been returned. The Board agreed to send a reminder post card out this month to remind Grayton Beach property owners to return their Membership Applications. Larry suggested that the new Board for 2011-2012 look at the Bylaws Article III Membership and Dues structure for the future. See GBNA Bylaws at the GBNA BLOG.

Grayton Beach Trademark: The Board discussed soliciting advice from member lawyers about feasibility and issues of trade marking the use of Grayton Beach in literature and promotions. A related project will be to create a trademark GBNA logo for the village.

Speed Limit Change: Grant reported that the County was looking into adjusting the local county access roads from Highway 98 to 35 MPH when the roads reach residential and commercial areas near Highway 30A.

Hotz Avenue Boat Ramp Kayak Rack: Grant reported that two business owners agreed to donate funds to the Association to build a Kayak/Board Rack for public day use at the Hotz Avenue Boat Ramp/Dock. Purpose of the Rack is to allow people to secure their equipment during the day. Board discussed need to consult with adjacent property owners.

DeFuniak Street Work: Grant coordinated getting County Road Crew work on DeFuniak Street shoulders. Additionally the county repaired the Triangle blinking red light after concerns were expressed about people going through the stop sign without stopping.

Annual Meeting Planning: The Board agreed that the 23 April Annual Meeting will be at Shirley Sahlie's yard on Defuniak Street. The business meeting will start at 11 AM with lunch being served at 12:30. A picnic menu will be provided - chicken, slaw, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, brownies, tea, water and lemonade. Scott and Ann will obtain food and service items. Scott will reserve tent and locate tables and chairs.

Grayton Beach State Park: Friends of Grayton Beach State Park thanked the Association for our $100 contribution.

Florida Corporation Annual Filing: Ann Morrell, as the Registered Agent, submitted our 2011 annual report filing with FL Department of State.

Signage Initiative: The board agreed to solicit member comments to establishing a voluntary effort on improve display of commercial signage in the village.

Welcome Triangle Lighting: Larry Jackson is looking for solar power options to reduce need for extended buried power lines, permits, and meters.

Wedding Rentals: The Board discussed Walton County Commissioners review of noise issues with large wedding party rentals in residential areas.

Beach Permit Ordinance: The County is expected to approve the Beach Permit Ordinance at March 22nd Meeting. People with 2010 permits can apply starting May 15th for 2011 Permits. A lottery system for 150 permits for registered voters will start April 1st. See the BLOG for application details. Ann Morrell continues to maintain the status on the Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at .

Old Business: The board agreed to table Historic Grayton Beach and other topics to the April Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.

Submitted by Larry Jackson, Secretary Upon approval, these minutes are posted on Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at , The Minutes are cataloged at

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 22nd The County Takes Final Look at Beach Permit

The dates for applying have been tweeked again...I am including a Link to the Ordinance. If this issue effect you and you are either grandfathered in or hope to win one of the 150 lottery applications be sure to note the tweeked dates. I also have included a link to the new Dogs on the Beach Ordinance.

If you are coming to the Annual Meeting and Party on Aprl 23rd there will be driving on the beach permits available for you to pick up at the Sign In Table.

Beach Permit Link

Important dates
Grandfather Permits can be renewed starting May 15th. You must renew your permit by June 1st or you will lose it.

Lottery Permits may submit their applications between April 1st through May 10th. The lottery will be held on May 15th and you can purchase your permit on June 1st.

The county is also updating their Dogs on the Beach Permit. So if you have a Beach Loving Pooch ...check out the following link.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Leslie Provow's Earthquake Adventure

Read about Leslie (Haynes) Provow's Earthquake in Japan Adventure

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The annual meeting and party will take place again at Shirley Sahlie's home on Defuniak Street. All food will be provided. We plan to have Fried Chicken, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Rolls and Brownies for desert. We will provide tea, water and lemonade, (you are also welcome to bring your own drink.) We will again have a tent and provide tables and chairs for your comfort. If you missed the program about old Grayton last year it will be shown again in the pool house. Come and join us and find out what's been happening in Grayton.

We are looking forward to a large crowd and a great time reconnecting to old friends and new friends. We hope that you are planning on attending...the meeting will start at 11 AM with lunch being served at 12:30. This will allow you to still have that precious Grayton Beach time. If you could email Ann at with the number in your party that plan to attend it will help us with our food purchases.

So far I have been really happy with the Membership Applications would really be great if I didn't have to send out another please join and support your Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association! Thanks in Advance!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New proposed Dogs on the Beach Ordinance 3-22-2011

Dogs on the Beach Ordinance (NEW)




Please click on  and read. 

Important Dates:
Grandfathered Permits:  You can renew your application starting on May 15th. The deadline for filing and keeping your Grandfather Status is June 1st. Your old permit runs out on June 1st.

Lottery Permits: You can submit your application from April 1st - May 10th. On May 15th the lottery will take place and you will be notified and then asked to pay the fee of $125 for your permit.

As soon as I get the link where the application can be downloaded I will Post.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

March 1st Proposed 5 More Commercial Lots for Grayton

On March 1st, a Final public hearing will be held at 5PM at the Walton County Courthouse in Defuniak Springs. This meeting will be the final hearing on the Proposed Future Use Map Amendement that will change four properties on Defuniak street, and also a property that backs up  the Grayton Trail properties from Neighborhood residential Preservation to Neighborhood Commercial. Only those within 300 feet were notified by the county. The properties in question are three lots belonging to Richard Veldman at the corner of Pine and Defuniak and a lot across from them next to Kitty Taylor's real estate office and the fifth property is the Rocky Hard property on 30 A that backs up to Grayton Trails.

If you wish to read about what the changes will this link.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clerk of Courts Says Her Office Will Take On Beach Permits

At the County Commissioner's Meeting this morning, Martha Engle, Clerk of Courts for Walton County said that her office would be willing to sell the Driving on the Beach Permits. The Commissioners still have to vote on this, but at this time that seems to be the solution for the Commissioners. As of today, the registered voters ONLY * will still have the ability to apply and win one of the 150 lottery spots. As soon as more information is firmed up as to where to download applications and what is needed to apply I will let you know. So keep checking back for any updates.

*only need a voter registration card, do not need to own property in Walton County

Just for your information there are 37,421 registered voters in Walton County. Many of them own property but there is a rather large group that rent or live with their parents. It will be interesting to see how many "non property owners" who own 4 wheel vehicles will apply and actually are awarded a permit from the 150 lottery pool .

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tax Collector Relinquishes Beach Permits Duties Because of New Ordinance


DeFuniak Springs, FL (February 14, 2011) – Walton County Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper will soon return issuance authority for Beach Driving, Vessel Launch, Charter and Dog on the Beach Permits back to the Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC). Skipper notified Commissioners last week of the decision citing the operational expenses involved with issuing the permits.

The Walton County Tax Collector’s Office is currently the sole issuing authority on behalf of the BCC for the Beach Driving, Beach Vessel Launch, Charter and Dog on the Beach permits. Recent changes to the Beach Permitting Ordinance and the operational costs involved with issuing requirements played a role in Skipper’s decision to no longer serve as the issuance authority.

A primary reason for this business decision was the provision allowing all registered voters in Walton County to apply for a lottery of 150 permits. This provision creates the potential for thousands of applications to be accepted, and each one must be processed, verified, and archived for public records. The staff time required to comply with the ordinance is not fiscally sound for the $1,500 annual revenue generated for the Tax Collector’s Office which was already processing beach permits at a fiscal deficit. Transition of the services to a new issuing authority will occur before the renewal period for Beach Driving, Vessel Launch, and Charter permits opens in April.

“Recent ordinance changes caused concern about the operational expenses involved with issuing permits in accordance to the new requirements. As my office gears up to begin offering DriversLicense services early next year, it seemed now would be an appropriate time to discontinue serving as the issuing authority for beach permits,” said Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper. Skipper expressed to Commissioners that she and her staff would work closely with the County to ensure a smooth transition to the succeeding issuing authority.

January 25th GBNA Board Minutes

The Meeting was called to order by Grant Blackwell, President, at the Grayton Coast Properties Conference Room at 2:00 PM, January 25, 2011. Board attendees in addition to Grant were Mike Valentine, Ann Morrell, Larry Jackson, and Kitty Taylor, host. Billy Buzzett and Scott Provow were absent

Minutes: October 5th minutes were approved by board member E-mails and posted to GBNA Blog.

Financial Report: Ann Morrell presented an update of our GBNA Finances as of January 25, 2011.

May 5, 2010 Balances: Checking Account: $3,467.24 Savings Account: $10,614.99

Checks written:

#1291 Grant Blackwell .$59.90
#1292 Blue Mountain Lawn $45.00
#1293 Blue Mountain Lawn $45.00
#1294 Blue Mountain Lawn $177.50
#1295 Taking Care of Business $70.00
#1296 Blue Mountain Lawn $45.00
# 1297 Larry Jackson $97.27
Total Expenses: $539.67

Deposits $ 25.00 (dues for 2010)

$ 34.29 (Savings Interest)

January 25, 2011 Balances: Checking: $2,957.57 Savings: $10,649.28

Member Directory: The board discussed developing an updated membership directory. Information about the directory will be included in the annual membership packet to be mailed in February. Members will be able to elect what information they would like to have included in their individual listings.

By-Laws Amendment: The board agreed to a membership vote to an amendment to the by-laws. The amendment allows the board to speak on membership’s behalf to the governmental organizations under certain conditions (see enclosure). The formal vote documents a simple majority of Association votes following the show of hands approval at last year’s annual meeting.

President’s Communications: The board addressed and approved a January 30, 2011 Association Letter to the membership. Letter will provide update on this year’s activities and events. Topics included will be the Oil Spill, economic recovery, beach permits and parking ordinances.

2011-2012 Board Candidates: The board reviewed need to identify candidates for next year’s board in order to include the ballot in the annual membership mailing. The January letter will invite members to become candidates for the 2011-2012 Board.

Sign Ordinance: The topic of signage in the village was covered. Over the last year, Gulf Trace established an uniform signage requirement for all homes in their area. The board agreed to solicit member comments to establishing a voluntary effort on signage in the village.

Annual Membership Mailing: The timing and content of the mailings was discussed to include dues request, membership information, Annual Meeting, 2011-2012 Board Ballot and member comments. February was the expected date of mailing. The GBNA Annual Membership Meeting and BBQ will be Saturday, April 23, 2011 over the Easter weekend.

Parking and Beach Permit Ordinances: The County is working to develop a Grayton Beach parking ordinance and continues to work the Beach Permit Ordinance. Both ordinances will be reviewed at the February 8 Commissioners Meeting. Ann Morrell continues to maintain the status on the Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at . The site has had more than 21,000 hits as members have followed the Association’s work to get the ordinances to fit our needs.

Welcome Triangle Lighting: Larry Jackson discussed need to identify alternatives to current lighting of the Welcome to Grayton sign. He will look for solar power options to reduce need for extended buried power lines, permits, and meters.

Grayton Beach State Park: It was suggested that the Association as a good neighbor to the State Park routinely contribute to the Friends of Grayton Beach State Park. The Friends of Grayton Beach State Park provide funds and labor to improve the Park’s facilities. The State Park’s maintenance of the Pine Street beach access has been superb. The board approved a donation of $100.

Old Business: The board agreed to table Logo, Lake Accesses, Kayak Rack, Membership Meeting Planning, Grayton-Titled Areas, and Historic Grayton Beach and other topics to the February Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45 PM.

Submitted by Larry Jackson, Secretary Upon approval, these minutes are posted on Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at , The Minutes are cataloged at

Enclosure - By-laws Amendment
Association By-laws Amendment

Following attending members’ acclamation approval at the April 3, 2010 General Membership Meeting, this ballot item documents the simple majority of all Association votes to By-laws Amendment below.

Reference: GBNA By-Laws,

Article IV - Association Meetings

4. Quorum: The presence at the meeting, in person or by numbered, written proxy of members entitled to cast 50% of the votes shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of normal business. For all other matters such as any action or position before a governmental body on behalf of the Association there will be required a simple majority of all Association votes.

Article V - Directors and Officers

Original: 5. The Board shall have the general power to act for the association in the conduct of normal business. The Board may not take a position representing the association before any governmental body without a vote of the Association under section IV.4. above.

Proposed Change: 5.

The Board shall have the general power to act for the Association in the conduct of normal business. The Board may take a position representing the Association before any governmental body without a vote of the Association if by unanimous board member vote, the board deems that immediate action is needed and in the best interest of the Association as an exception to section IV.4 above.

Yes for change as stated No to proposed change