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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grand fathered Beach Permit Deadlines FYI

There seems to be no deadline (June 1st) I originally thought from the discussions at the Commissioner's meeting with the grandfathered driving on the beach permits. I was told today while at the Clerk's office, that there wasn't a deadline for renewing.
If you remember last year many of our our property owners lost their permits because they were late in renewing. I would suggest that you contact the Clerk's office and check this out for yourself , if you will not be able to renew your permit by June1st before your 2010-2011 permit runs out. Their number is: (850) 267-3066

This Ordinance has been confusing and has options in the verbage that are very confusing, plus a new office has undertaken this and they are also dealing with things that are brand new for them.     

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