Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Friday, September 30, 2011

GBNA Minutes from Seotember 23, 2011

The Meeting was called to order by Grant Blackwell, President, at the 30A Resorts Conference Room at 4:00 PM, September 23, 2011. Board attendees in addition to Grant were Ann Morrell, Larry Jackson, Andy Gray, Scott Provow and Billy Buzzett. Bill Wallace was absent. Pat Carlye, Advisory Committee, also attended.
Minutes: July 1st Meeting minutes were approved by board member E-mails and posted to GBNA Blog.

Objective of the Meeting: The board reviewed the members’ comments, summarized by Ann Morrell, from the 2011-2012 ballots. The board also addressed one of the major projects - a proposal to upgrade the landscape along Hotz Avenue.

Financial Report: Ann Morrell presented an update of our GBNA Finances as of Jun 30, 2011. Report at Enclosure 1.

Current Balances: Checking: $4,200.67 Savings: $10,689.82 Total: $14,890.49

Membership Survey: At the July 1 meeting, Ann Morrell provided a summary list member comments from their membership dues form. The board reviewed the following member comments:

Uniquely Grayton Beach:

-Provide a sense of difference. Do whatever is best for Grayton Beach (owned property since 1943)

-Include in directory or blog …..Names and phone numbers of services; housekeeping, gardening services, repair services, etc.

-Continue to fight for Grayton Beach exemption for driving on the beach (for heirs too)

-Define the common areas? Board discussed the common areas of interest to include: Hotz Avenue no-parking areas, west side DeFuniak Street from 30A corner to Pine St, Hotz Ave Boat Ramp/Dock, Lydia-Banfill lake access, Pine Street Beach Access, Sandy Lane Beach Access. After discussion, Grant agreed to ask TDC to clear out the lake weeds spreading along the shore in the Lydia-Banfill lake common area.

- Enforce Waste Management (WM) not picking up dumpsters at the Red Bar and Shorty’s till after 8AM (Rivard’s and Pandora’s Dumpsters early emptying were also mentioned in other comments) Note: WM moved to early pickup specifically at the request of Grayton Beach neighbors several years ago. The board will follow up to determine what options WM has to resolve the issue.

-Dress up the white sewer area at entrance. Sometimes the smell is really bad!!!! Improve area between the flashing light and Pandora’s. Currently the board has been using Taking Care of Business to maintain grass area from Grayton Entry Sign to Rivard corner.

One suggestion is to lay blue chip rock shoulder from Hwy 30A bike path down to the area past the pump station over waste asphalt shoulder to the flashing speed sign.  Action was deferred to the next meeting. 

Traffic and Safety:

-Need more 20 mph signs.

-Bike lanes on the 30A bridges between Grayton and Watercolor are too narrow. While the safety issue was confirmed by County Roads, the County Commissioners have not supported an expansion of bridges at this time.


-Need a signage program (for sale/rental) for our community (looking junky). Commercials need signage on their building and not on street. (Sign Clutter)

Noise from Commercial and neighborhood commercial properties:

- Control the noise in our community in the late evening and early morning hours, mostly coming the commercial properties with the outside music. Hibiscus House now has added music with mikes and speakers. Board Discussion: The Board discussed the expansion of activities by those properties and some rental homes to include daytime and evening music, weddings, receptions and other social activities. Billy Buzzett discussed the purpose of the neighborhood commercial zoning code which was to allow selected commercial activities that would fit in a residential neighborhood. The issue is whether the expansion of commercial outdoor activities fit with residential nature of Grayton Beach and the intent of the zoning category of the businesses. After reviewing the issue, the board suggested that the affected parties document the issue so the board can determine how to address the issue.

-Parking on the streets…Hibiscus House, Rivard’s, Red Bar, Shorty’s, and the large rental homes. Many cars park directly on the street on Pine at the Pine Street park beach entrance. (Several members mentioned this).

The remaining member comments were tabled until the next meeting.

Membership Directory and Grayton Beach Trademark: Grant reported that he is getting sponsors to be able to provide the directory at no cost to the membership. He is also asking for recommendations for a list of reliable vendors for a section in the directory in response to frequent calls from members for recommendations. He is also completing application for trade mark protection of the GBNA logo.
Hotz Avenue Landscaping: At the last meeting, it was suggested that the association install landscape improvements on Hotz Avenue in the areas with the no- parking stripping and posts, see Enclosure 2.. Billy Buzzett proposed GBNA develop the landscaping plan for Hotz. He is working with Department of Public Works (Engineering and Roads) to have a Right of Way (ROW) Agreement with Walton County which will provide the GBNA with the legal right to maintain certain areas of Walton County Road and Street Right of Ways (ROW) for the benefit of the community. The project would install planting areas and landscaping where the no-parking white posts with striped pavement exists. The initial focus will be on Hotz Ave. Scott Provow made the motion, seconded by Andy Gray, that the Board approve a Hotz landscaping project with a budget target of $5,000 to design and install the project. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 PM.

Submitted by Larry Jackson, Secretary Upon approval, these minutes are posted on Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at , The Minutes are cataloged at

Enclosure 1: Financial Update, GBNA Bank Accounts

Enclosure 2: Hotz Ave Stripped No-Parking Areas
Enclosure 1:

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association Financial Report

Balances June 30, 2011 Checking Account Balance: $4,541.81
Savings Account Balance: $10,689.82
Total: $15,231.63

Activity in July:
Interest: $0.58
Membership Dues: $25.00
Expenditures: (Checks)
# 1316 Larry Jackson $7.28
# 1317 Taking Care of Business $70.00
# 1318 Blue Mountain Lawn $50.00

Activity in August:
Interest: $0.56
# 1319 Taking Care of Business $70.00
# 1320 Blue Mountain Lawn. $50.00

Activity in September:
Expenditures: (Checks)
#1321 Taking Care of Business $70.00
# 1322 Blue Mountain Lawns $50.00

Totals: Expenditures/Credit Deposits ($367.28) $26.14
Total For Period Jun 30-Sep 23: ($341.14)
Balances as of September 23, 2011
Checking Account Balances: $4,200.67
Savings Account Balance: $10,689.82
Total in Both Accounts: $14,890.49

Submitted by Ann Morrell

Enclosure 2:

Monday, September 26, 2011

What's going on on 30A?

Planning on coming to Grayton to enjoy the great weather?
Check out what's going on along 30A. The weather is getting cooler...there is a lull in the tourists...a great time to come home to Grayton.

Monday, September 19, 2011


The weather is great here in Grayton.
The crowds are not here.
The beach is almost empty.
Might want to come home for a long week end and enjoy Grayton

Photo captured from beach cam  at 3:30 PM

Monday, September 5, 2011


The County Commissioners approved the following race route that will occur on Sunday October 16th from 7 AM to 12 PM on County Road 30 A and will also include 4 streets in Grayton Beach...Defuniak, Holtz, Banfill And Lydia. The south bound lane both on 30 A and the streets in Grayton will be closed for the runners. The race is being sponsored by a group from Louisana. When I saw the race item listed in the agenda I wrote to each Commissioner expressing concerns about the race being able to tie up four of our streets in Grayton...the only reply that I received back, (from Ms. Jones before the item was discussed at county meeting) was that the orange cones would be picked up after the race, and that there would be personel to direct traffic. I am hoping that allowing racing routes through Grayton on our narrow streets doesn't become "the thing to do" in any future 30A races.
Here is the link to the Commissioner's "paperwork" about the event.

Here is the public announcement listed on 30A website about the event.

Run the only mountain on Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast! Both the Half Marathon and 10K Run will race down the Scenic Highway 30A between sugar sand beaches and rare dune lakes from Blue Mountain Beach through Grayton, with the Half Marathon continuing in Seaside and Watercolor. For more information and to register visit:

9:00 AM Beach View

Red Flag ....rough surface...Gray Skies
Weather is not helping Labor Day Tourists at Grayton

Sunday, September 4, 2011