Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Mark your Calendars!

Join us for the Annual 4th Of July Parade.

Line up July 4th at 8:30AM at the Red Bar.

Dress up your bikes, cars, or golf carts.

Put on your best Red, White and Blue Outfits

and join our parade.

Watermelon and Lemonade will be served after

the parade.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Agenda for June 11th GBNA Meeting

Call to order Grant Blackwell
Reading of May meeting Minutes Pat
Financial Report/ Approve invoices Shirley
Membership Update Anne/ Shirley

PRIORITY BUSINESS ( as suggested by President)

Are we officially sponsoring event? VOTE
Parade Time: 8:30 AM
Promotion of Parade: New signs, etc.
Management of Parade
a. gathering up on Hotz (who is going to organize)
b. Security: Communication with Sheriffs dept. ( need for private security?)
c. Rules and Regulations accordingly.
d. End of parade, funding and organizing watermelon festivities.
e. volunteers needed?

2. LAKE ACCESS REVIEW...................................................Grant Blackwell
The county is goint to survey each area (4) that are on the county plat map that gives right of way to the lake.
a. Plat .........Scott Provow
b. County will send the results of their report to Grant
c. discussion

3. Storage Unit..............Purchased, volunteers for erection.

4. Speed Monitor Sign ..........Presentation of proposal ...Grant

Other New Business;

Establishment of confirmation of 1600 foot beach right of way..............Grant

Other as offered by board...........

OLD BUSINESS (Recommended tabled or assigned to committees)
Logo........Grant, Pat and Kitty.
Neighborhood Watch.... Grant
Fall Meeting...............Board
State Park walk Path... Grant and Scott
Holiday and Decorating Committeees ( other than 4th July)
Web site and Communication .... Ann, Scott and Pat
Historical Committee...........Ann and future volunteers.



Tuesday, June 9, 2009


At the first meeting of the new board, all members were present:
Grant Blackwell
Ann Morrow
Pat O'Brien-Murphy
Scott Provow
Shirley Sahlie
Kitty Taylor
Mike Vantino

The meeting was held at Scott Provow's house, and began with a membership review presented by Ann:

176 membership packets were sent out to all property owners, based on last year's memebership, on February 20th. Those with multiple lots were all listed on one form to save mailing fees; others were mailed reminders about their dues. As of May 1st, GBNA has 148 paid memberships representing 181 lots. These numbers represent $4525 that has been added to the GBNA Checking Account for operating funds.

Comments were included on some of the membership forms. These comments ranged from specific issues that homeowners felt needed to be addressed, to general comments about preserving the uniqueness of Grayton Beach. *For more details on the report and comments, see the 2009-2010 Membership Report by Ann Morrell.

The most oft mentioned issues included:
- Requests to pave Sandy Lane
- Concerns about placing picnic tables and other structures along Lydia public lake
- Speeding on all streets
- Inadequate monitoring of beach vehicles
-Add or restrict parking on Hotz
-Trash and dumpster overflow in public alleys
-Sprucing up the Pine street access

The April 18, 2009 financial review is attached. As of May 13th, an additional $775.00 in new and renewing membership fees and a $200.00 donation increased our 2009 deposits to $5025.00.

*Members are reminded that the minutes of the meetings are available at:

Old Business/Ongoing issues for 2009:

· Storage unit - Grant will purchase and place the pre-approved 8x12 structure on Rivard property, to be used for storage of seasonal and annual meeting decorations and other GBNA items
· Lake access - this issue was discussed at length at the annual meeting, and will continued to be discussed with the new board
· Beach committee - the new board will put together a proactive volunteer committee to address any future county beach issues
· Grayton Beach History committee - Billy Buzzett has volunteered to spearhead this group which includes Shirley, Kitty, Pat and Ann
· Web site - Scott, Ann and Pat will work this summer to investigate the best options for simplifying online communications
· Annual Spring meeting and party - this past meeting and party, although smaller in scope, was deemed a success. current discussions focused on choosing the best date for next year, possibly Easter weekend.
· Fall meeting - Nothing fancy this year - pot luck and informal is what's on the menu.
· Speed monitor - Grant will actively investigate our options with the county. We are prepared to purchase a digtital speed sign that will be anchored by the county and moved randomly by Grant to see if it helps with speeding.
· Logo - Kitty, Grant, Ann and Pat will review all entries
· State Park/Pine Street walkover - The State Park personnel have taken charge of the walkover. They have the specs, materials and manpower, and will continue to allow us to use the path.
· TDC communication - Important TDC personnel: David Sell - maintenence, and Sonny Mares - director
· Noise ordinance - apparently Grayton's noise ordinance works so well here, the county is considering it for adoption elsewhere
· New Bars etc. - recommend that the county make sure that parking and building permits are in compliance with existing code
· Landscaping - discussed setting up a cleanup day for some of the public areas, including reed removal at lake accesses and removal of the dead tree by the main entrance sign. Triangle landscaping will continue.
· Holiday planning and decorating - July 4th parade on schedule. Kitty will make a flyer and place in visible locations. After parade get-together will take place at Grayton Properties with watermelon and lemonade - they will purchase supplies and provide receipts for reimbursement.

New Business:

Grant suggested looking into Directors & Officers liability insurance for board members. Cost is roughly around $500, but will find out more info and report to the board.

2009-2010 Officer Elections:
President - Grant Blackwell
Vice President - Scott Provow
Treasurer - Shirley Sahlie
Secretaries - Pat & Ann (Membership reports)

New board members agreed to meet on the second Thursday of each month. The next meeting is June 11th @ 4:00, at 30A Resorts. Check e-mail for changes in location, time and dates. Homework for next meeting is to review the by-laws (located on the blog site).

Respectfully submitted 6/09/09 by Pat Murphy

Grayton Beach History

The GBNA is working on collecting and compiling the history of Grayton Beach. In the meantime Brenda Rees has a blog on SOWAL.COM where she is sharing stories of Old Grayton along with pictures. You should check it out.