Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Grant would like you to put the following date and event on your calendar:
Saturday November 17th is
Grayton Beach Beautification Day.
We are going to be re-doing the plantings on Hotz, clean up our neighborhood entrance area. We are going to hopefully have volunteers cut the right of way around the neighborhood. We will be setting up a tent on Hotz and seving hotdogs and drinks for all of our workers.
We are hoping to meet on Hotz at 8 AM and then start the clean up. Grant hopes to have a garbage truck available to pick up materials that aren't usually picked up during regular pick ups. You should be receiving an email blast with all the info soon. Any questions contact Grant. His email is located on the right side of blog.