Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Public Beach or Private Beach Ownership

Here is a link to an interesting article that appeared in The Sun on Saturday November 17th.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Looking For A Few Good Leaders

The Association needs a few good leaders.

Interested in helping your community?

Volunteer for a 2008 Grayton Beach Neighborhood AssociaitonBoard leadership position.

Three 2-year Board positions will be up for election this spring.

If interested, contact a Board Director (See the link on the right side of blog)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rummage and Craft Sale

Mark your calendars for Saturday November 11th...there will be a Rummage and Craft sale in Grayton Beach.

Friday, November 2, 2007

September 26th Minutes

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association Meeting
September 26, 2007

The Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board Meeting was held at Larry Jackson’s house on September 26th at 6PM. Those members present were:

Larry Jackson
Ann Morrell
Shirley Sahlie
Jean Silva
Linda Eyer

Not Present: Grant Blackwell, Leslie Provow

The first item of business was a Membership Update. There are now 165 paid up GBNA members. The Minutes from the August meeting were approved and Shirley Sahlie reported that there was $16,193.17 in the GBNA Checking Account.

The next item up for discussion was the October 6th Street Dance Party. The following check list was gone over:
- Scott Provow had ordered the food (fried chicken) and beverages.
- Jean Silva had applied and been granted permit for street closure.
- Shirley Sahlie had permission from renters to use power for the band.
- Larry Jackson would do an email broadcast party reminder to all members.
- Shirley Sahlie had tables stored in her garage and they would be delivered on the 6th. She also had garbage cans that could be used.
- Leslie Provow had rented port-a-potty and it would be delivered on the 6th.
- Leslie Provow and Shirley Sahlie had torches and oil and would set up on 6th.
- Grant Blackwell would set up table for Neighborhood Watch and provide informational brochures.
- Larry Jackson would put up Street Dance Sign at triangle. Also saw horses or cars would be used to block the entrances to the closed street.
- Ann Morrell would make up some signs that would provide information on the up coming Logo contest that the GNVA would be sponsoring.

Items that needed to be purchased: cups, plates, spoons, napkins, plastic table cloths, nametags and ice.
It was also suggested that we try and get a head count of those attending. This headcount could be used for future planning of parties. It was agreed that the board would meet at 4PM on October 6th and set up for the party.

The next item up for discussion was the upcoming meeting with Commissioner Cindy Meadows on October 17th at 10:30. Larry’s Jackson letter written to Cindy on September 12th was referred to as it listed our main concerns for wishing to meet with her. Items that were to be discussed:
1. Safety concerns on DeFuniak Street for bicycles and also speeding cars.
2. Damaged road areas and street signs in disrepair.
3. Electrical power (tap on to county light) for the triangle area for Christmas lighting.
4. Future driving on the beach issues and parking problems around beach entrances.
Those board members volunteering to meet with Cindy Meadows on the 17th were Shirley Shalie, Leslie Provow, Ann Morrell and Larry Jackson.


The next six projects that the board will focus on are Neighborhood Watch, Western Lake Access Estimate, Road Improvements, Logo Contest, Winter Letter (January) Update to members and updating the triangle with new plants.

Neighborhood Watch- A table will be set up with literature at the October Street dance and an informational letter will be mailed out to all members. Grant Blackwell will be in charge of contacting a representative from Sheriff’s Department for speaking at an informational meeting to those residents who live year round in Grayton.
Western Lake Access- Jean Silva’s brother (Scott Covell) and husband (Joe Silva) have been looking into this area of concern for the Board. She has a meeting with Brad Pickle on October 10th. It appears that a neighbor’s fence has been erected on ten feet of the common area, and this fence needs to be removed. It was decided to wait for the results of the meeting before making any further decisions. This item will also be discussed with Cindy Meadows at the October 17th meeting.
Road and Sign Improvement- Grant Blackwell is working with Public Works to get new signs and replacement signs for the Grayton Beach Area. He also asking that the chopped up sandy area on the right side of Defuniak Street near the Lift Station be smoothed out as this area is seen by all entering our community.
Logo Campaign- All rules and requirements will be announced in the Winter Newsletter to members and those Logos submitted and selected by the board will be posted and voted on at the May meeting. A committee will be formed to draw up rules and guidelines.
Winter Update Letter- Larry Jackson agreed to be responsible for this with input from the Board.
The Triangle Planting- Larry passed out a drawing of the planned plantings for the area that his committee had come up with. He also presented a budget of $400 for the cost of plants with an estimated budget of about $30 dollars a month to cover watering cost to be paid to the Magnolia House for tapping into their water. Linda Eyer made the motion to approve the planting/ water budget and Shirley Shalie seconded it. It was approved by all board members attending. Larry announced that there would be a November Planting Party to be announced at the November Board Meeting.

The next meeting will be at Ann Morrell’s home on November 1st, at 6 PM.

Ann Morrell