Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rays at SeaGrove Beach

Check out this Youtube made at SeaGrove Beach.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Minutes for Annual Meeting April 3, 2010

Your GBNA 2010 Board held its first Meeting May 25th and these Minutes were read and approved.
APRIL 3, 2010
11:00 AM

Meeting was called to order by President Grant Blackwell.
Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance
All Board Members both old and new were introduced:
OLD BOARD MEMBERS: Grant Blackwell, Scott Provow, Shirley Sahlie, Pat Murphy, Ann Morrell, Kitty Taylor Mike Valentino
NEW BOARD MEMBERS: Billy Buzzett, Ann Morrell and Larry Jackson
The 2009 Board has worked closely with our County Commissioners over the past year dealing with the following issues that had to do with Grayton.
1. Beach Driving IssueAs of January 12th the rules and regulations for getting a permit to drive on the beach has changed. A property owner in Walton County must have a home on his property to apply for a permit. They must have had a permit for the year 2009. Only one permit per household will be issued. The renewal date for permits will be from June 1st to August 1st, after that time any property owner who did not renew their permit will lose it. The county has agreed to look at this issue again in October. There will be 20 Charter Boat Permits issued each year.
2. Hotz Street One Way Issue
The County Commissioners did a last minute reprieve on this issue before taking the final step to make Hotz one way at the request of the Walton County Fire Chief. Restriping, blocking off of certain areas was done. It is up to the residents and our guests to be sure and park in the designated areas and to also make sure that all vehicles are not sticking out pass the designated parking area.
3. The Board is seeking approval of a change in the bylaws that would allow the Board when speaking to an issue that would affect Grayton to speak in one voice for our association. As of the meeting this was not permitted by the GBNA Bylaws. The proposed change:

ORIGINAL:5. The Board shall have the general power to act for the association in the conduct of normal business. The Board may not take a position representing the association before any governmental body without a vote of the Association under section IV.4. above.\
PROPOSED CHANGE: (Changes in red)
The Board shall have the general power to act for the Association in the conduct of normal business. The Board may take a position representing the Association before any governmental body without a vote of the Association if by unanimous board member vote, the board deems that immediate action is needed and in the best interest of the Association. Effective April 3, 2010.After discussion, motion made and seconded- Item 5 of the GBNA Bylaw is approved.
(This link will take you to the GBNA BYLAWS : )


Projects Completed or On Going:
1. Communication with Our Members
a. Ann Morrell gave an update on the Grayton Beach Blog and also the Grayton Beach Facebook. Both are updated almost weekly and members were encouraged to bookmark both and check in often.
(facebook link is on blog)
b. Newsletters, and membership applications were sent out in mid January, and email reminders were sent out both in February and March. Ann encouraged membership to return membership applications and dues as soon as they are received to help the Association avoid more mailing fees. She also said that another mail out would be going out in early May for those that did not have an email.
2. Grant shared information on the new radar sign on Defuniak and the three sign posts that had been put up on Defuniak.
3. Landscaping of the Triangle, and the Grayton Beach Entry, and Holiday decorating of the areas were shared by Grant.
4. A status report was given on the lake accesses, bike racks, and a kayak rack at the community boat launch.
5. Richard Veldman reminded the Board and members that the county collects lots of revenue for trash pickup. The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day should be having 3 pickups a week per county verbal agreement. (Ronnie Bell and Lonnie Siegler). Richard shared that he is being stonewalled by the county which has diverted these funds to other departments. Richard requested that all GBNA members contact the County Commissioners to request help.

Continuous Concerns by Residents:
a. New road build up promotes flooding in yards
b. Auburn and Shady Lane roads in New Grayton have potholes- even though they are private roads the public uses them to get to beach access-can county help?
c. Parking- there is no parking ordinances for Walton County unless blocking ingress/egress/fire truck etc. Sheriff is working on developing an ordinance for Grayton.
d. Alley traffic-Lydia alley needs signs preventing through traffic for vehicles.

Billy Buzzett has put together a Grayton Beach History Presentation with help from Van Ness Butler and Malcolm Patterson and Gretchen Infinger The presentation is incomplete and needs your help - donate photos (they will be returned) for inclusion in presentation.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rags to Riches-DATE CHANGE

Your GBNA Board was concerned that the date of RAGS TO RICHES might be in conflict with our parade and the number of folks visiting our beach on the fourth. Ms. Savage agreed to change the date. (Which is greatly appreciated.)
a local sailing Regatta from Grayton to Seagrove Beach
(for 16ft. Hobie's or equivalent)
In Honor of Independence Day
Join us on Saturday, July 3, 2010
Registration begins at 8am on Grayton Beach
Captain's Meeting to follow at 11am
$45 entry fee per boat
T-shirt, koozie, gift bag for Captain and Crew, and trophies for top three finishes
For more information contact Elizabeth Savage at 205.602.3426 or

Fishing Tournament Video

Great Video of the Annual Kid's Grayton Beach Fishing Tournament posted on Sowal

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hay removed from the Beaches

May 14, 2010 4:30 PM

The up-and-down drama of the oil spill threatening the Gulf has a title and that is "no one really knows." The winds have shifted and the week’s forecast called for the slick to hit the Louisiana and Texas coasts. With hay bales and barrier walls removed from the beaches and placed in “strategic locations,” Walton County is in a "holding pattern," said Mike Gurspan, public information officer for the Sheriff's Office. But the county will be ready to deploy the hay and barriers if necessary.

On May 11, 2010 the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, including County engineers and legal counsel, participated in a conference call with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Michael W. Sole and other staff in the State Emergency Operations Center regarding the State’s position on Walton County’s response plan. Highlighted below are specific issues discussed between the county and state.
1) Walton County’s boom plan is in place and is consistent with the United States Coast Guard Mobile Sector Area Contingency Plan and meets state standards.
2) Walton County’s plan to protect the coastal dune lakes will be approved by DEP after substituting sand berms for jersey walls. Silt fencing and absorption pads can be used in conjunction with sand berms. County engineers are currently making changes to the proposal.
3) DEP does not want the county to submit any type of recovery plan for cleaning up oil. DEP’s position is that BP is solely responsible and as such we should not submit plans for recovery. DEP is reviewing BP’s proposed Coastal Protection Plan and will ensure BP complies with it. Having said that, Walton County has a recovery plan making use of existing contracts with Crowder Gulf should BP fail to meet all of their obligations?
4) While the Department does not advise volunteers to actively engage in oil spill cleanup without the appropriate training, there may be other roles for volunteering with response and recovery. Visit
5) The question was asked if dispersants were going to be used by BP or DEP in state waters. Secretary Sole advised that the determination of whether or not to use dispersants in state waters is made by DEP, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commissions Wildlife Research Institute and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. At this time there are no plans to use dispersants in state waters.
6) Actions taken by Walton County to date are reasonable based on the information that was known at the time of implementation. Walton County is eligible and will seek full reimbursement from the $25 million block grant from BP given to the state.
DEP has conducted sediment and water quality testing in our area to serve as a base line comparison in the event of oil contamination. Private property owners are encouraged to document their own properties, i.e. photographs. Homeowners are encouraged to view the following press release for guidance on protecting Florida’s shoreline from oil spill impacts:
1) BP has shallow skimmers currently stationed in Pensacola and Panama City to be used in conjunction with booms.
2) DEP will not allow silt fencing along the shoreline in “inter tidal zones”.
3) DEP is requesting all persons immediately report any evidence of oil or sheen, on or offshore by calling the rapid response team at (866) 448-5816.
Walton County formulated a plan to address the oil spill in the Gulf prior to landfall when all evidence indicated oil arrival was imminent. This was to be accomplished by surrounding an area with boom and saturating it with hay. The hay would then be placed in lined containers on a barge. The purpose of this was to prevent or reduce the effects of an oil slick landfall.
Secretary Sole does not believe that Walton County will be affected by oil slicks. He advises that tar balls and oil sheen is most likely. If this is accurate, we would not attempt to use hay as an absorbent measure.
However, should we receive an oil slick locally, the Secretary advised he could not say the hay method would not be used. He further advised he would like to see a test conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of this measure as well as other alternative methods such as polypropylene and absorbent pads.
Currently, the weather is changing and moving the oil in a northwesterly track away from our beaches. Due to this, Walton County personnel have begun repositioning the hay bales and the concrete jersey walls from the area beaches and placing them in staging areas. If the threat of oil presents itself again the materials will be readily available for redeployment. The Coast Guard is also staging boom along the coast for easy disbursement. This plan is a measured response to an evolving situation. As such, Walton County will continue to modify and adapt as necessary.

BP to Hold Training Class At Sandestin

May 14, 2010 4:28 PM

Santa Rosa Beach, FL – British Petroleum has scheduled training for tomorrow (Saturday, May 15th) at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort and Spa. The training will be offered at 8:00AM and 1:00PM. The training is a four hour class and is open to anyone, but you must first register.

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, training sessions will also take place at the Hilton. Those sessions will also get underway at 8:00AM and 1:00PM.

If interested one can call the toll free lines 866-647-2338 or 866-448-5816, or email Include your name, a contact telephone number, and your preferred training location, date, and time in the email. In order to take the class, a person must be signed-up.

The contractor for BP Oil (PEC Premiere) will handle the scheduling for any additional training in relation to Deepwater Horizon. Those interested should contact the aforementioned toll free numbers. The Walton County Sheriff’s Office will continue to update our database of volunteers and post the training schedules on our website (

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grayton Oil Preparation

Thought you might be interested with the preparation that has been done at Grayton just incase the oil spill reaches our beaches.( Thanks to Larry Jackson for doing the counting)

Two booms across the outflow
12 bales hay near Defuniak Springs beach access
20 or so large concrete barriers stored at the DeFuniak Springs access

Turtle Nesting and Oil Concerns

Even though no oil has been sighted near our shorelines yet, precautionary fear has also driven someone to place hay bales on the beach in Miramar Beach close to the Whale’s Tail.
While hay might help absorb any oil that might potentially appear, South Walton Turtle Watch Director Sharon Maxwell is more concerned about the bales obstructing the path of sea turtles that will be coming ashore to lay their eggs.
Nesting season is May 1 - Oct. 31 for the endangered sea turtles, which are protected by the Federal Wildlife Commission. If the nesting mother tries to come ashore and obstructions are in the way, she will go back out to sea without laying her eggs.
“I am disturbed by Walton County's usual knee-jerk reaction to the oil mess and it seems to me they are not thinking this out,” said Maxwell. “We had this with the seawalls and now again. I have not heard one word about (concern for) sea turtles from any Walton County representative. I have not been called nor e-mailed by the powers that be. I have sent the Board of County Commission, sheriff, and environmental people e-mails and asked to be put into the loop but so far, nothing.”
Maxwell saw large bales of straw on the beach at Whale’s Tail Wednesday morning and other volunteers saw them at other spots on the beach.
Maxwell said she can find out nothing about who put the bales on the beach or when it was done. She has called and e-mailed Protective Species and Florida Wildlife Services and neither of them were asked before this was done, she said.
“Folks need to stop and quit listening to a few with ideas and check before they act,” she said. “This can not be done during nesting season without getting permission.”
Maxwell started the Turtle Walk organization in Walton County in 1995 to help protect the endangered sea turtles. While the number of nests continue to diminish, the types of turtles coming ashore has broadened.
“We used to just have greens and loggerheads, but now are finding Kemp Ridleys and Leatherbacks,” she said.
Maxwell believes this phenomenon is due to the increasing amount of light on the beach in Bay and Okaloosa counties.
Maxwell believes there is presently a lot of concern about the impact the oil spill will have on tourism, but not much thought is being given to sea life.
“The sad part is it doesn’t have to be either or. It can be both,” she said. “By putting out bales of hay, we’re grasping at straws. This is the Gulf of Mexico, not a lake or pond.”
However, Maxwell admits that whatever plan is formulated to protect sea life during this catastrophe will not be up to her.
“Our plan will not be our plan but the FWC’s in coordination with FWF. There will probably be a number of plans, depending on what happens,” she said.
Maxwell believes she will probably be given the plan by week’s end and it will be statewide.
“For now, we just keep watching the beaches, looking for nests,” she said.
As of yet, there have been none and Maxwell doesn’t expect there will be until the end of May.
“The water needs to be 81-82 degrees in this area and we’re a far cry from that,” she said.
And if turtles do get caught in the oil spill, Maxwell said she is not sure what the effect would be, but she believes it would kill them.
“Turtles are air breathers and if it gets in their skin, it can’t breathe,” she said.

article by Deb Wheeler (SUN)

Walton County Retains Attorneys to Take on BP

DESTIN — Matthews & Hawkins, P.A. is now representing Walton County and the Walton County Sheriff to seek recovery for all clean up costs, damages and lost revenues from BP and other parties responsible for the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Matthews & Hawkins has represented Sheriff Mike Adkinson over the past year, and the Walton County Board of Commissioners voted May 5th to retain Matthews & Hawkins to represent Walton County in its damage claims.
As long time residents of the Emerald Coast, Matthews & Hawkins’ familiarity with property values and the local business community fosters an understanding of property and lost income claims resulting from this tragic disaster.
Dana Matthews states “Our tourism business sector is already suffering from the effects of the spill which has far reaching economic impact. As a result, Walton County stands to lose significant tax revenues. For all members of our community, retaining local counsel for your oil spill claim can provide individualized attention to your particular needs.”
The Matthews & Hawkins Transaction & Litigation Teams encompass a full spectrum of real estate representation, estate planning, asset protection, corporate reorganization and complex work-out transactions, civil, criminal, family law litigation, and personal injury. The firm has attorneys licensed in federal and state courts in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Walton County Will Defy State with Hay Plan

May 10, 2010 2:13 PM
Tom McLaughlin, Florida Freedom Newspapers

In defiance of the state’s wishes, Walton County emergency officials are determined to use hay to protect their beaches from oil.
Florida’s unified command center responded late last week to Walton County’s action plan for dealing with oil that reaches its shores from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Louisiana.
The command was critical of the idea of spreading hay in the Gulf of Mexico to absorb incoming oil.
Michael Barker, head of Walton County’s Emergency Operation Center, said Monday that the county is committed to its action plan regardless of the state’s contention that putting hay on the water will only add to the mess left behind.
“The unified command has done us no good whatsoever and we’re getting no guidance from DEP,” Barker said. “Nobody else has come up with a better plan, so absent any kind of guidance from anybody, this is our defense.”
Barker said the state objected to putting out hay because “if it got in the water it could create a bigger problem.”
“Our thing is we want to protect the sand on that pretty white beach,” he said.

Vehicle Beach Permits Renewal Period

If you need an application you can download one from:

DeFuniak Springs, FL (May 10, 2010) – The Walton County Tax Collector’s Office will begin accepting Beach Driving Permit Renewal Applications on Monday, May 17 at both the DeFuniak Springs and South Walton Annex offices. New requirements have been established by the Board of County Commissioners for the Beach Driving Permits and individuals are encouraged to visit the Tax Collector’s Web site for detailed information regarding the changes.

What does the Beach Permit entitle the holder to? • Driving privileges in the designated limited access areas on the public beaches in Walton County for a one year period, with the permit expiring on June 1.• Qualifies the permit holder to apply for a launch permit should he/she wish to launch a vessel in the designated limited access areas.

Significant Ordinance Changes: • No new permits will be issued. Applicants must have had a permit in his/her name as of January 12, 2010 and for the preceding year. • Only one permit renewal will be issued for each qualifying parcel of property owned. • Applicants must own real property in Walton County with a habitable residence constructed on it. (Walton County residents who are immediate family members residing with the property owner may obtain the permit if the additional criteria detailed below are met.
* Property titled in the name of the business or with multiple owners, requires the permit applicant to show proof of owning a controlling interest in the property.
• Walton County ad-valorem taxes for the real property cannot be delinquent.
• Vehicle being registered for the permit must be four-wheel drive and be titled in the name of the permit holder.
• Applicant must provide proof of real property ownership (deed or tax receipt) and/or residency to the Tax Collector at the time of application. (Proof of residency required only for immediate family residing with property owner.)

The NEW Charter PermitThe ordinance revision by the Board of County Commissioners created a new Beach Driving Permit specific to Fishing Charter Operators. The Charter Permit is limited to the first 20 applicants who meet the following criteria:
• Charter permit applicants must show proof of Walton County residency, proof of current Coast Guard Captain’s License and proof of current Florida Charter Fishing License.
• Charter permits require the boat and vehicle being registered for permit be owned by the charter operator and be used for the charter operation. Due to the limited number of Charter Permits to be issued, applications for this permit will only be accepted beginning on June 1. Application cannot be made early for the Charter Permit. Permit Costs:
• Vehicle on the Beach/ Charter Permit- $105.00•
Vessel Launch- $30.00

Where can you view a copy of the ordinance? • The revised ordinance is available on the Walton County Tax Collector’s Web site at
Walton County Tax Collector. Under the main services menu, select Permits, Beach Driving Permits. The Walton County Tax Collector’s Office issues Beach Driving Permits on behalf of the Board of County Commissioners.
The renewal period for the Beach Driving Permit is June 1 – August 1 of each year, with permits expiring annually on June 1 regardless of the purchase date. Applicants desiring to renew a permit will have to complete an application form each year and show proper documentation. Applications for Beach Driving Permits will be accepted 15 days prior to June first each year, with the exception of Charter Permits which can be applied for beginning on June 1.
For more information on Beach Driving Permits or other services provided by the Walton County Tax Collector’s Office, please visit or contact the office at (850) 892 – 8121. For timely responses to your questions, you may e-mail me direct at

Cory A. Godwin, Certified Public ManagerChief Deputy Tax Collector

Grayton Beach Kids Fishing Tournment

4th Annual Grayton Beach Fishing Tournament
8am - 12pm Saturday May 15th
Registration is FREE and located behind the Red Bar!
First 150 registered participants receive the following FREE items:
- Rod and Reel - Personal Fishing Tackle Box, complete with hooks, sinkers, & corks - Beach Rod Holder - Pompano Tandem Rig (complete w/ 2 hooks and pyramid weight) - Unlimited Bait (frozen bait shrimp)- Stickers
.Age Groups (Boys and Girls Divisions) are as follows: 5 - 9, 10 - 12, 13-15
Winners of each division get their name and photo in the newspaper!
FWC Officers and local charter boat captains will be on hand to assist and answer questions.
All participants must be accompanied by an adult.
Tel: 850-699-3442

ArtsQuest at Seaside

Check out this video of ArtsQuest that was held this past week end at Seaside.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Oil Update May 7th

This afternoon, the Walton County Sheriff’s Emergency Management Office received two semi-truck loads full of material to be used literally as a line of defense in the sand. In Walton County’s Oil Action Plan, 20-thousand square feet of New Green Type 4 Belted Silt Retention Fence made from a cotton nylon fiber was delivered. The fencing would only be deployed if it becomes apparent that the oil soaked hay had bypassed the collection vessels. The fencing would be placed on the beach at the median high tide line. A beach raking machine would then collect the oil soaked hay. This would reduce the amount of oil that would eventually have to be removed by scraping the sand. In addition, Organic GeoHay rolls were delivered to the Emergency Management Office. Organic GeoHay is made from 100-percent recycled synthetic fiber that is absorbent. The rolls will be put in front of the lined jersey fence to increase the level of protection. The goal is to provide a line of defense for these precious resources. Sheriff’s Office personnel assisted the U.S. Coast Guard and Walton County Public Works employees in the installation of booms at seven of Walton County’s 13 coastal dune lakes, as per the Coast Guard’s defense plan.
It is hoped that this line of defense will ultimately protect Walton County’s 26 miles of pristine, white sands and the environmentally sensitive coastal dune lakes from being impacted by any petroleum product.

Letter From Rep. Gaetz Concerning Oil

Dear Friends,

Below is my most recent report regarding the Deepwater Horizon Spill. For daily updates from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection click this link:

and enter your email address in the text box on the lower right portion of the screen.

Current Forecast

Weather conditions remain favorable. Yet again, no landfall is expected within the next 72 hours in Florida.
Florida is eventually expected to experience oil sheen, tar balls and tar mats. Florida is not expected to see the large product of emulsified oil similar to images of Louisiana.
The “loop current” remains considerably south of the sheen plume.

Incident Site

· The “Dome” has been lowered and engineers are working to affix the dome to the well site as we speak. We will report when we know if the Dome was a success. If successful, the dome will divert about 85% of the oil flow out of the Gulf.

· Flow remains the same – roughly 5,000 barrels per day.

· BP has begun drilling relief wells which will ultimately be the solution to permanently cap the Deepwater Horizon site. This process will take 8-12 weeks.

· The Loop Current remains well south of the sheen plume.

Volunteer Training Opportunities

· Many are frustrated with the slow response to volunteer offers. We are simply not training folks fast enough. County EOC directors have assured me that more training will be in the area soon.

· Some training is occurring now at the Sandestin Hilton Resort. For information call 267-2000.

· Some training is occurring now in Milton. For information call 983-4636.

Financial Relief

· Attorney General McCollum has received a commitment that BP would immediately make payments to fishermen and perhaps others out of work directly as a result of this spill in amounts up to $5,000. Call 1-800-440-0858. We are pushing BP to open up more lines ASAP.

· Following the letter I delivered to Governor Crist (sent to you earlier), the first steps of opening the ESF 18 loan program have begun. We anticipate that local economic development councils will be working with local banks to set up these bridge loans for businesses to meet payroll.

· Please be cautious about signing any release of liability forms.

Tourism Promotion

· Governor Crist has agreed to the request of Representative Marti Coley and I to immediately provide and develop a “Visit Florida” plan to counteract the media’s portrayal of the Gulf Coast.

· BP is being asked to fund the lion’s share of this plan.

· Local marketing professionals from Santa Rosa and Okaloosa have volunteered to coordinate with this effort to ensure that the advertising occurs in key markets for Northwest Florida.

Military Involvement

· Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano has now given assurances that all technical and logistical information in the hands of the military regarding boom strategy will be shared with local officials.

· The U.S. Navy is actively involved in well cap strategy.

Please continue to stay in touch with your ideas and suggestions. You can contact my legislative office at 833-9328.

Best wishes,




Thursday, May 6, 2010

More Oil News 5-6-2010 (8:30 PM)

Latest news as of tonight May 6, 2010 8:30PM:

Some pictures that can be viewed if you choose slideshow option:

Update of Oil Spill

Richard Strafford shared this link for all of the up to date information on the oil spill.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Kitty Taylor shared this info so I am adding it to the blog.
Walton County Emergency Management
Oil Spill Defense

Stage One Defense:

Barges equipped with blowers will be placed to spray hay into the water for the oil to adhere to.
Walton County Emergency Management in conjunction with C.W. Roberts Contracting INC, has developed a plan to prevent the oil from reaching the 26 miles of Walton County beaches. This makes Walton County the first county in our area to have a plan, outside of placing booms, that will take effect before the oil is on the beaches. Booms are 90 percent ineffective in open water. The plan encompasses three stages.

In stage one, barges equipped with blowers will be place to spray hay into the water for the oil to adhere to. The hay will clump together with the oil and will make it easier to remove the waste from the water. The plan is to spot the oil as it nears our beaches, but is still miles off shore, and begin to spread the hay, (Video demonstration will be available on and the Walton County Sheriff's Office FaceBook on Wednesday.)

Stage two includes 50,000 feet of New Green Type 4 belted silt retention fence ready to be deployed along the shores of the Walton County beaches. As needed, the fencing will be positioned along the beach as a second line defense against the oil. Bales of hay are being strategically placed along the beaches of Walton County and will rapidly deployed in the case oil does reach the coast. The hay will be spread along the shore in front of the New Green Type 4 belted silt retention fence to capture the oil and will make cleanup easier. The oil covered hay can be cleaned up using the machinery the county uses to clean up the seaweed.

Stage three provides a great defense for our precious Coastal Dune Lakes. The lakes will be protected by concrete jersey walls, wrapped with the New Green Type 4 belted silt retention fence, placed and lined with GeoHay. GeoHay is make from 1-hundred percent recycled synthetic fiber. This product acts as a filter and is highly absorbent, as well as non-biodegradable, strong, and durable.

Additionally Regional Utilities and Murphy Oil have provided 10.000 feet of boom that is ready to be deployed. Until floating petroleum approaches the Florida Coast, it is impossible to predict the precise locations, extent and amount of time the boom equipment would need to be deployed. The county is submitting the action plan to the Department of Environmental Protection seeking their approval. The county is prepared to move forward with this plan in an effort to protect the beaches of Walton County.

Oil Spill Update

Check these links out to see how Walton County is dealing with the chance of oil reaching our beaches. This is just one of the plans. It is great to see that the county is thinking ahead.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Garfield Beach Entry Changes

Was just down by the entry to the beach on Garfield and thought I would give you an update. I had contacted Mr. Harrell earlier about doing some remarking of parking down on Garfield, perhaps adding the small yellow squares to mark where all cars, and trucks should be with no overhang as to blocking the road itself. ( This was done on Hotz.) Well the new markings are down there along with the little squares. There are also signs posted about parking correctly. There is now a clear road area that cars and trucks with trailers will be able to enter and depart from the beach without being blocked .There are also several well marked handicap parking spots that have been desiginated for the handicap observation deck that is being built.

In regards to that observation deck that TDC is building down on the end of Garfield, after a lot of discussion last Fall it was decided that the Observation deck would be built off the existing walkover to the beach that is located on the left side of Garfield. Or that was the way that I understood it from the TDC. Well, they have started to construct the new observation area and it is not on the left side of the beach entry, and is not going to be coming off the already in place walkover. It is being built on the right side of the beach entry. as a stand alone deck. It is being built about two feet or more off the sand. (The structure is directly across from the pile of wood in picture.) Will post pictures of this deck as it progresses. Not sure why there was a change in location, there was no notification to anyone of a change, and Mr. Mares is no longer with the TDC so can't contact him.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oil Spill Updates

We are watching and waiting and praying but the weather and the changing winds don't look good for our Florida coastline. Here is a link so you can see what the county is planning to do.


Bonfire Business for Grayton

Hard to believe that our county has granted a license for a Business that will build bonfires for their clients on Grayton Beach. The ad was in the Walton Sun this AM:

Papa Jack's Beach Bonfires
He is offering a Grayton Beach Introductory Special for $350.
I, for one, am very disappointed to see that a business has been allowed to be set up that will bring bonfire material on to our beach and no matter how well they try to clean up, there will be traces left on our beach.

Not sure why Grayon has been on such a "hit list" for the county recently, first it was the driving on the beach, then it was the one way of Hotz, then the building of a observation deck, and now a Bonfire Business.Grayton Beach is only so big and can only accomodate so much, and now a business of bonfires?

I contacted our County Commissioners but am not sure anything can be done if a license has already been granted.

County OrdinanceSec. 10-2. Lighting of any bonfire or campfire.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation or other legal entity to ignite or maintain, or participate in the maintenance of, a bonfire or campfire between the vegetation line or the coastal construction setback line, whichever is a greater distance from the water's edge, and the Gulf of Mexico in Walton County, Florida, without a permit as provided herein.

(b) It shall also be unlawful and a violation of this article for a person to fail to clean up as provided herein.

(c) All fires shall be limited in size to three feet by three feet by six inches, and only combustible material free of nails, glass and other potentially dangerous items may be used in any fire.

(d) All persons desiring to obtain a 24-hour permit for a fire on public or private land within the area described herein above shall apply for 24-hour permit from the county tourist development council. All applications for permits shall set forth in detail the full name and address of the applicant, the date and time the fire is to be set, the kind or type of fire to be set, the materials to be burned, the specific location of the fire, the safeguards to be taken to protect the public and other property from injury and such other information as may be prescribed by the county tourist development council, which shall prescribe the form of application and furnish such application forms to applicants upon request.

(e) The fee for the issuance of the daily permit shall be $100.00, with a refundable deposit of $49.00, for the cost of site clean-up. The deposit for a 24-hour permit shall be refundable upon the filing of a certification by the county tourist development council that the site of the fire has been cleared of any nails, glass, metal or any other materials, trash and debris.

(f) Permits shall not be issued when the county has good reason to believe that the proposed fire will endanger the public health, safety, welfare or other property.

(g) Issuance of a permit by the county shall not excuse or relieve the applicant from any liability or responsibility for damages which may result from carelessness or neglect in setting, starting, looking after or guarding a fire.