Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Merry Christmas

Are you missing the beaches Of Grayton?

Click here.

What about the sounds of the ocean and those beautiful sunsets?

Click here.

The GBNA wishes all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 10, 2007

December 5th GBNA Minutes

The meeting was held at Larry Jackson's house to be followed by a small get together of both present and past board members.

Board members Present:
Linda Eyer
Shirley Sahlie
Ann Morrell
Larry Jackson

Leslie Provow
Grant Blackwell
Jean Silva

Larry made the motion to approve the November minutes with changes to be made in the summary of our meeting with Cindy Meadows if necessary, after she had a chance to look over them and get back to the board. If no changes were suggested ,they would remain as presented in the November Minutes. Linda Eyer seconded that motion. The motion was approved by the membership.

The meeting was then adjourned so that those present could socialize and eat the wonderful food that Eileen Jackson had prepared.

The meeting was then reopened. Larry made the motion that board members submit any agenda items for the January 8th Meeting that they wished to discuss. The motion was seconded by Ann. All those attending approved. The meeting was then adjourned.

Submitted by,
Ann Morrell

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

November 1st Minutes

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association Meeting

November 1st, 2007

The Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board meeting was held at Ann Morrell’s house on November 1st at 6 PM. Those members present were:

Larry Jackson
Ann Morrell
Shirley Sahlie
Jean Silva
Linda Eyer
Leslie Provow
Grant Blackwell

Guests: Van Ness Butler
Scott Covell
Joe Silva

Larry Jackson called the meeting to order. The minutes of September 26th were approved. The Treasurer reported that there was a balance of $16202.16. Due to our guests the agenda was altered to take up the following issue.

Easement Lydia –Banfill

Mr. Butler provided a site map and history on the Lydia-Banfill access to Western Lake. The area had been surveyed previously, but now there was some question of encroachment. Mr. Butler explained about the property encroachment fence onto a county street that runs down to the lake. Mr. Butler also stated that TDC representatives had agreed that the old dock damaged in the storm might be able to be replaced by the TDC. Mr. Butler believes that the TDC might still be willing to do the replacement. He suggested that we should get the TDC to survey the area. He was willing, along with Grant Blackwell, to approach the TDC to get the survey started by the TDC. He suggested that the Association should do a follow up contact with the TDC, after their meeting. Jean Silva agreed to do the follow up. It was also suggested that a clean up committee be formed that would go into the area and clean out the overgrown bamboo and possibly place a couple of benches in the area.

Beach Permitting

Mr. Butler also expressed his concerns on the commercial activity on Grayton Beach. He stated in the original lease that boat launch permits were not for commercial boats. The leased land was to be used by local boaters and not by commercial vendors. He explained that there was only 1472 feet of parking on the beach. He also explained to the group about his May letter that was sent to the Commissioners about trying to limit driving on the beach, by increasing the cost and number of permits issued. Mr. Butler felt that the residents of Grayton Beach needed to express their concerns about the increased traffic on the beach here in Grayton. He felt that the County needed to control both vehicle permits and vendors.

The board had sent a letter to Cindy Meadows with our concerns for the beach traffic on DeFuniak Street. After some discussion the board agreed to support the concept of a County committee to develop recommendations on the development of the Grayton Beach public beach. Grant Blackwell agreed to head up efforts to get the county to establish a committee to study the Grayton Beach public beach development plan. The committee recommendations would be voted on by the general membership before the association would endorse them.

Traffic on DeFuniak Street

Mr. Butler also mentioned his concerns with the traffic on DeFuniak Street as it endangered pedestrians and bikers in this area. Larry Jackson sent him a copy of the Board’s letter to Cindy Meadows concerning these issues. Our letter expressed the following:

“Our first concern is for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists along DeFuniak Street from County Highway 30A to the DeFuniak-Hotz Public Beach Access. The current single paved shoulder limits the separation of automobile traffic from walkers and bicyclists. We would appreciate your support as we seek a solution. As the Grayton Beach public beach use plan is developed, the pedestrian-bicyclist right-of-way along DeFuniak Street should be considered”

Regular Agenda

Next topic of discussion was re-establishing our non-profit corporation with the state. It was advised by our two lawyer guests that we needed to re-file for corporation status and pay necessary fees. We were also told that we might have to file income tax. Grant Blackwell gave the board a web site where we could go to find out our status and information on refilling. It was moved by Larry Jackson, seconded by Leslie, with all directors voting yea that the Secretary and Treasurer complete the reinstatement application to Department of State. Ann and Shirley agreed to be responsible for filling out the application and submitting it to the state and also will file the 2008 Annual Report in January.

Larry summarized the group’s meeting with Cindy. (There is a copy of this summarization attached at the end of the minutes.)

The next item up was a discussion of the October Party. Due to rain, and many football games, and local activities going on, there was a very low turn out. Larry asked for a complete list of expenses for the October party. Shirley said she would have a list of expenses at our next meeting. It was suggested that perhaps a new date should be chosen in the future to try and avoid any conflicts. It was suggested that this might be a topic for our annual meeting to get feed back from the members in regards to the October party and input of dates.

The next items of discussion were the various projects that everyone had been working on.

Roads and Signs - Grant still working with the Roads Department.

Neighborhood Watch Program- Grant reported that he had appointed street captains and was working on sending out a letter about the program to all property owners. This letter would also contain an information sheet that each owner would fill out as well as information about the program itself. A copy of this letter would be provided to Ann and Scott Provow so that the information could also be put on the blog and web site. The only cost to those signing up would be for the sign that would be placed in the yard. Larry offered to help Grant with mailing labels.

Triangle Planting- Larry reported that he had received two bids on the new plants for the triangle. The board agreed to go with the bid from Toni’s. He also agreed to contact Lye Seigler Director, Public Works to seek approval to hook up to county power for lighting on the island. The Board members expressed concerns that the lift station area on the west side of DeFuniak Street, was all rutted out and overgrown and really made a bad impression upon entering Grayton. It was agreed that Grant would contact the county and see if this area could cleaned up and then seeded.

Logo Contest- Ann reported that she had found in her research that there was a lot more involved in getting a logo. She felt that our idea of a contest might have been too hasty. We need to have limited colors, the original needs to be a precise size, it needs to be a clean copy ready for printing, and we need to make sure that there are no copyright infringements. The group agreed to look into getting a professional done logo for the association to use.

New Business

Winter Newsletter-In planning for next year and keeping in mind one of our board goals was increased communication to members, the board agreed to develop a letter, an update sheet with project reports, along with Dues Renewal and a survey to be sent out in January. Our January Board Meeting will be used to pull this information together so that it will be ready to go out the 2nd week of January.

Establish and Organize Key GBNA Records and Documents- Ann offered to go through stored paperwork and organize it so that future board members would have both minutes and treasurer reports and any other key information in an organized file. She also said that she would burn key documents onto a CD for the association.

Membership Drive – Larry reported that the 2007 membership dues had been cut off as of October 31st. Any other dues received after this date would be applied to the 2008-2009 membership. He reported that in 2006 there were 315 listed Grayton lots and there were 167 lot owners that belonged to the association for a 53.2 % participation. In 2007 there were 249 listed lot owners in Grayton with 166 lot owners belonging to the Association for a 66.7% participation. At present there are 325 listed Grayton lot owners with 210 lot owners belonging to the association for a 64.7% participation. Our 2008 Membership Drive Goal is to increase membership by 5%. He plans to track owner lot percentage.

Develop Board Candidates for 2008-2009 - There are three vacancies to be filled, board members to be elected for 2-year terms. We will start looking for volunteers with information being posted in our Winter Newsletter and also on the web and blog.

Removal of Abandon Car- The car that has been abandoned on Pine Street for over a month needs to be removed. The owner of the lot had requested the removal several times to local authorities with no results. Grant volunteered to contact officials to begin the process of getting the car removed. (FYI, the car has been removed)

Next Meeting will be on Tuesday, Jan 8th at Jean Covell's home. If for any reason a board meeting needs to be called before that date, board members will be notified by Larry.

Submitted by,
Ann Morrell

Summarization of the Board’s Meeting with Cindy Meadows

As noted in the Board’s August 14 minutes, the board sent a 14 September letter to 5th District Commissioner Cindy Meadows requesting an office call to discuss ways the Association can help our members communicate with the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) as the Commissioners develop policies and plans affecting the Grayton Beach area. The letter expressed concern for the safety of pedestrian and bicyclists along DeFuniak Street from 30A to the DeFuniak-Hotz beach access. Additional topics included our work on county roads and signs to improve internal roads and our request for access to county power at the Triangle for seasonal lighting.

Commissioner Meadows met at her office October 17 with Larry Jackson, Ann Morrell, Leslie Provow, Linda Eyer and Shirley Sahlie. We updated her on our projects as noted above as well as the potential for a Neighborhood Watch program and efforts to preserve common area accesses to Western Lake.

We asked her where the county was in relation to developing policies for access and permits for South Walton beaches. She noted a comprehensive beach development policy was very complex. The county, through TDC, maintains 58 accesses and only 8 have parking. Compared to the other accesses, Grayton Beach has significant parking along Hotz and Garfield Streets as well as the permitted vehicles parking on the beach. She note d that the permitted driving on the beach made Grayton Beach unique among the County maintained beaches.

The county is hoping to get a Florida Scenic Highway designation this coming February for County 30A, including County Road 283 down to the beach (DeFuniak Street). With that designation, the county can apply for grant funds to analyze studies related to beach accesses. One of the first studies could be a parking survey covering the South Walton beaches.
Another related beach issue is the beach nourishment efforts. Currently, there are guestions before the Florida Supreme Court as to who owns the nourished beach; the public or the upland owner. The county is waiting to see the outcome of a State Supreme Court decision on a lawsuit on this issue expected in January. (Note:For the related issue of public use, see our BLOG post dated 18 November - Public verses Private Beach Policy)

She has been working with Walton County Public Works to position a permanently speed limit flashing sensor on DeFuniak Street south of the Magnolia Street Stop Sign. Reduced speeds would help protect pedestrians and bicyclists. We discussed some of the road conditions including the potholes at the corner of Pine and DeFuniak. She mentioned she's proposing the addition of a second paving crew to accelerate the paving process.There is one paving crew for the entire county. ( Since the meeting, the county patched the section of Pine Street in question. )

She also suggested we work with Lyle Siegler, Director, Public Works to provide the power to the Triangle.

She suggested we review any adopted Neighborhood Plans. After the meeting, we reviewed the plans on file with Vivian Shamel, Citizen Community Planner, Planning Department. According to Ms Shamel, there are no formally approved neighborhood plans. She noted that most Grayton Beach neighborhood planning issues were included in the various ordinances rather than an approved neighborhood plan. Example ordinances included height limitations and limitations on hours of sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. (Note: Go to to review Grayton Beach related ordinances, a search function is available under “Ordinances and Resolutions”. Type in Grayton and the relevant ordinances will come up.)

Commissioner Meadows encouraged the association and our members contact her or her assistants in navigating the various county offices points of contact. Her aides, Victoria Katahara and Susan McDonald, 850-622-3059, are available to help.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Public Beach or Private Beach Ownership

Here is a link to an interesting article that appeared in The Sun on Saturday November 17th.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Looking For A Few Good Leaders

The Association needs a few good leaders.

Interested in helping your community?

Volunteer for a 2008 Grayton Beach Neighborhood AssociaitonBoard leadership position.

Three 2-year Board positions will be up for election this spring.

If interested, contact a Board Director (See the link on the right side of blog)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rummage and Craft Sale

Mark your calendars for Saturday November 11th...there will be a Rummage and Craft sale in Grayton Beach.

Friday, November 2, 2007

September 26th Minutes

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association Meeting
September 26, 2007

The Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board Meeting was held at Larry Jackson’s house on September 26th at 6PM. Those members present were:

Larry Jackson
Ann Morrell
Shirley Sahlie
Jean Silva
Linda Eyer

Not Present: Grant Blackwell, Leslie Provow

The first item of business was a Membership Update. There are now 165 paid up GBNA members. The Minutes from the August meeting were approved and Shirley Sahlie reported that there was $16,193.17 in the GBNA Checking Account.

The next item up for discussion was the October 6th Street Dance Party. The following check list was gone over:
- Scott Provow had ordered the food (fried chicken) and beverages.
- Jean Silva had applied and been granted permit for street closure.
- Shirley Sahlie had permission from renters to use power for the band.
- Larry Jackson would do an email broadcast party reminder to all members.
- Shirley Sahlie had tables stored in her garage and they would be delivered on the 6th. She also had garbage cans that could be used.
- Leslie Provow had rented port-a-potty and it would be delivered on the 6th.
- Leslie Provow and Shirley Sahlie had torches and oil and would set up on 6th.
- Grant Blackwell would set up table for Neighborhood Watch and provide informational brochures.
- Larry Jackson would put up Street Dance Sign at triangle. Also saw horses or cars would be used to block the entrances to the closed street.
- Ann Morrell would make up some signs that would provide information on the up coming Logo contest that the GNVA would be sponsoring.

Items that needed to be purchased: cups, plates, spoons, napkins, plastic table cloths, nametags and ice.
It was also suggested that we try and get a head count of those attending. This headcount could be used for future planning of parties. It was agreed that the board would meet at 4PM on October 6th and set up for the party.

The next item up for discussion was the upcoming meeting with Commissioner Cindy Meadows on October 17th at 10:30. Larry’s Jackson letter written to Cindy on September 12th was referred to as it listed our main concerns for wishing to meet with her. Items that were to be discussed:
1. Safety concerns on DeFuniak Street for bicycles and also speeding cars.
2. Damaged road areas and street signs in disrepair.
3. Electrical power (tap on to county light) for the triangle area for Christmas lighting.
4. Future driving on the beach issues and parking problems around beach entrances.
Those board members volunteering to meet with Cindy Meadows on the 17th were Shirley Shalie, Leslie Provow, Ann Morrell and Larry Jackson.


The next six projects that the board will focus on are Neighborhood Watch, Western Lake Access Estimate, Road Improvements, Logo Contest, Winter Letter (January) Update to members and updating the triangle with new plants.

Neighborhood Watch- A table will be set up with literature at the October Street dance and an informational letter will be mailed out to all members. Grant Blackwell will be in charge of contacting a representative from Sheriff’s Department for speaking at an informational meeting to those residents who live year round in Grayton.
Western Lake Access- Jean Silva’s brother (Scott Covell) and husband (Joe Silva) have been looking into this area of concern for the Board. She has a meeting with Brad Pickle on October 10th. It appears that a neighbor’s fence has been erected on ten feet of the common area, and this fence needs to be removed. It was decided to wait for the results of the meeting before making any further decisions. This item will also be discussed with Cindy Meadows at the October 17th meeting.
Road and Sign Improvement- Grant Blackwell is working with Public Works to get new signs and replacement signs for the Grayton Beach Area. He also asking that the chopped up sandy area on the right side of Defuniak Street near the Lift Station be smoothed out as this area is seen by all entering our community.
Logo Campaign- All rules and requirements will be announced in the Winter Newsletter to members and those Logos submitted and selected by the board will be posted and voted on at the May meeting. A committee will be formed to draw up rules and guidelines.
Winter Update Letter- Larry Jackson agreed to be responsible for this with input from the Board.
The Triangle Planting- Larry passed out a drawing of the planned plantings for the area that his committee had come up with. He also presented a budget of $400 for the cost of plants with an estimated budget of about $30 dollars a month to cover watering cost to be paid to the Magnolia House for tapping into their water. Linda Eyer made the motion to approve the planting/ water budget and Shirley Shalie seconded it. It was approved by all board members attending. Larry announced that there would be a November Planting Party to be announced at the November Board Meeting.

The next meeting will be at Ann Morrell’s home on November 1st, at 6 PM.

Ann Morrell

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Grayton Beach Happenings

Back to Nature Festival

Check out web page for event information and online registration

Events around our Grayton Beach Area
Dates: October 19-21

Historic Grayton Beach Walking Tour .......Sat. Oct 20th at 3PM

Camp Fire Party....October 20th 5:30-7:30 PM at Grayton Beach State Park

Beach Ecology Walk ....Oct 2oth at 9AM at Grayton Beach State Park

Labyrinth in the Sand....Oct 2oth at 4PM at Grayton Beach State Park

Astronomy Walk ....October 20th 7PM at Grayton Beach State Park

Western Lake Kayak Tour... October 21 at 9AM at Grayton Beach State Park

Friday, September 28, 2007


GBNA Get-TogetherFind out why some say about Grayton -
“Nice Dogs Strange People!”
Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association (GBNA)
Potluck & Street Dance
When: October 6, 2007, 5:30 – 8-30;
Where: DeFuniak and Lydia Streets
Menu: Southern Fried Chicken (“Duh” (or “of course”) with delicious covered dishes by our world famous attending Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association members.
Music: From Pop to Rock by Timeless, on their Encore from our April Dance
Why: Find out how the summer went, what’s happening in the future and meet friends and neighbors
also find out about
Neighborhood Watch Program and Grayton Beach Logo Contest
We look forward to seeing you there;
Your GBNA Association

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Don't Leave Things on the Beach OVERNIGHT

In accordance with state and county ordinance, regulations, and laws, it shall be unlawful for beach chairs, umbrellas, tents (sunshades), and other such personal articles to be on the beach in such a manner that they interfere with beach maintenance, nesting sea turtles, or emergency vehicles.
Florida Statue 62D Grayton Beach State Park rules and regulations Walton County Ordinance 2003-07 sec. 4 sub. par.
Remove all personal items from state park property at the end of each day or they will be removed and thrown away.

GBNA September Meeting

GBNA Meeting
September 26, 2007
at 6:00 PM
Larry Jackson's Home

GBNA Minutes August 14, 2007

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association Meeting

August 14, 2007

The Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board Meeting was held at Grant Blackwell’s house on August 14th at 6PM. Those members present were:

Larry Jackson
Leslie Provow
Ann Morrell
Shirley Sahlie
Grant Blackwell
Linda Eyers

Not Present: Jean Silva (ill)

The first item of business was a report on the clean up of the DeFuniak Street entry to the beach. Grant Blackwell reported that he had contacted David Self of the TDC and that he had agreed to send workers over to hand pick through the area every Wednesday so that those pieces of wood and trash that could not be removed via the sifter could be removed making this entry way to the beach safer.

Next item up was the sign replacement. Grant Blackwell had gotten with the County Road Department and was going to walk the area with their representative so that those signs damaged or missing could be replaced. An updated report will be presented to the board at the September Meeting.

The Board agreed to express our concerns to Commissioner Meadows about the safety for pedestrians and bicyclists along DeFuniak Street. We would like to know the future date and times for this study so we can take this topic off of our monthly agenda. It was also discussed that we would ask that the portable speed sign be placed further down on DeFuniak Street so that those driving in that area would be reminded to slow down.

Larry Jackson agreed to write a letter to Cindy Meadows listing the three concerns of the Board. Our first concern is for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists along DeFuniak Street from County Highway 30A to the DeFuniak Beach Access. The second concern is the list of Grayton street signs in disrepair, needed, or missing throughout the community. We would like to request that they be replaced, fixed or added to our Grayton area. And finally, we need her help in allowing us to be granted permission to hook up to the county’s electrical power line going from the flashing stop sign at DeFuniak and Magnolia Streets so that we can use electricity to add lighting to the triangle display area during holidays.

Larry Jackson reported that he gave Richard Veldman a check for $360 to cover the water that is being used to irrigate the triangle. This will cover our use of water from November 2006 through November 2007. He also reported that it was time to change out some of the plants and that GBNA Member Peggy Lawrence of Landscape Art had agreed to meet with the Triangle Committee and offer suggestions for planting. Larry will send out a notice letting the board members and committee members know when this meeting with Peggy will take place.

New Business

First topic discussed was the October Street Party on October 6th. The party will be a potluck. The Board will provide fried chicken and water and soft drinks. Guests can bring their own other liquid refreshments. The band, Timeless, has already been contacted to play. The party will be held from 5 to 8:30 PM. Jean will be contacted to see if she can get permit for street closing and also for a Porta-Potty to be delivered. The board decided to send a post card to all Grayton Beach Property owners inviting them to the Street Party. Larry Jackson agreed that he would take care of the postcards and the mailing of them.

Grant Blackwell brought up the topic of Neighborhood watch. Grayton has had a few cars broken into and the board was interested in how this program could be set up. Grant explained that we could have a Neighborhood Watch Coordinator from the Sheriff’s Department explain how it works and perhaps we could invite all of the permanent Grayton residents to a cook out for this meeting. There was some discussion by board members to try and do this before the October party, but many felt that there wasn’t enough time, so this item will be discussed at the October meeting. Grant agreed to look in to this for the board and would report back at the October meeting.

Shirley Sahlie and Linda Eyers suggested that the board come up with a logo for our stationary and perhaps in the future for T-shirts. The board thought it might be fun to hold a logo contest open to all Grayton Beach residents. This topic will be explored more and hopefully can be presented at the May Meeting.

The next item up for discussion was the improvements of the Western Lake access at the corner of Lydia and Banfill. Grant Blackwell offered to check out the cost of cleaning up the area and drawing up plans for a small dock. He would also draw up a cost estimate for this project. There was some discussion by board members if we should also provide a walk way to this area, so that guests and residents would not accidentally get onto private property. Grant Blackwell agreed to report back to the Board at the September meeting on this project. Jean Silvia will research the property covenants and permits to the access.

Larry Jackson brought up the beach parking permits. There have been some articles in the paper about the number of beach permits issued, who they are issued to, and that the County Commission is looking into possible changes on driving on the beach. The Commissioners are looking at each beach area; some areas are being declared regional beaches. These areas must have parking and bathroom facilities. Those beaches that are declared a public neighborhood beach do not have these requirements. As a board we need to stay informed, making sure we have a representative at Commissioner Meetings so we are aware of any changes that might be made and in turn can inform our members.

Larry Jackson reported that we now had 163 members in GBNA.

The next meeting will be at Larry Jackson’s home on September 26th, a Wednesday, at 6 PM.

Ann Morrell

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sept. / Oct.Commisioners Meetings

Sept. 11th, Tuesday, 400 South Annex

Sept. 25th, Tuesday, 400 Defuniak

Oct. 9th, Tuesday, 400 South Annex

Oct. 23rd, Tuesday, 400 Defuniak


The Walton County Board of County Commissioners holds three regular meetings each month: the first Tuesday at 5:00pm, the second Tuesday at 4:00 p.m., and the fourth Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. Each meeting is preceded with presentations by county staff. Meetings are normally held in the at the Coastal Branch Library for the first Tuesday and the fourth Tuesday at the Commissioners’ Boardroom on the 2nd floor of the Walton County Courthouse in DeFuniak Spring. The second Tuesday meeting is held at a location To Be Announced.

You Are Invited to a PARTY

GBNA Get-Together

Find out why some say about Grayton -
“Nice Dogs Strange People!”

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association (GBNA)
Potluck & Street Dance

When: October 6, 2007, 5:30 – 8-30; Where: DeFuniak and Lydia Streets

Menu: Southern Fried Chicken (“Duh” (or “of course”)) with delicious covered dishes by our world famous attending Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association members.

Music: From Pop to Rock by Timeless, on their Encore from our April Dance

Why: Find out how the summer went, what’s happening in the future and meet friends and neighbors

We look forward to seeing you there;

Your GBNA Association

Saturday, September 8, 2007

International Coastal Cleanup - Grayton Beach

Saturday, September 15, 2007 8:00-10:00 AM
Clean up supplies, bottled water and T-Shirts provided

For Info: Coordinator: Tiffany McCaskill, 267-1216

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 14th GBNA MEETING

Our next GBNA meeting will be at Grant Blackwell’s home on Tuesday, August 14th at 6PM.

Monday, July 30, 2007

GBNA MINUTES June 26, 2007

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board Meeting
June 26th, 2007

The Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board Meeting was held at Shirley Sahlie’s house on June 26th at 6PM. Those members present were:

Larry Jackson (via phone conference from Norfolk Virginia)
Leslie Provow
Ann Morrell
Shirley Sahlie
Jean Silva
Grant Blackwell
Scott Provow (GBNA Member)

Missing: Linda Eyers (on vacation).

The first item of business was the upcoming Fourth of July Parade. Kitty Taylor and Annie Mangrum have offered to be in charge of the parade due to Paige Lee and Janet Taylor not arriving in Grayton until after the 4th. Kitty and Annie will provide watermelon at their Grayton Coast Properties on DeFuniak Street after the parade. They will also work up a flyer that will notify all of Grayton Beach visitors and residents of the parade and the beach clean up the following morning. (Flyer will be posted on blog) The beach clean up will be sponsored by the Tourist Development Council on July 5th. All Grayton Beach residents and guests are invited to meet at the flagpole at 8AM. The council will provide garbage bags, gloves and water. All workers will be given a T-shirt, and young Walton County Teens can earn community service points needed for graduation.

The next item of business was the need for a sand cleanup at the beach entrance at the end of DeFuniak Street. This area was used as a staging area by the county for Hurricane Ivan’s clean up, and has been left with small pieces of wood that have sharp points and several pieces with nails. This area is used both for driving and walking to the beach area. After much discussion it was agreed that Grant Blackwell will draft a letter to the TDC asking for further clean up. A copy of this draft letter will be sent to each board member before being sent out.

The repairing or replacing of the roped of area at the Western Beach entry was the next item discussed. Larry said that he would ask Jack Mills to approach the park and ask for more rope from the Grayton State Park. The rope quality itself was discussed and it was felt by the board that a better quality of rope should be used, one that the sun wouldn’t destroy in a short period of time. The GBNA board agreed that the association would be willing to purchase such a rope, if the park officials would approve the rope choice. It is important that this area be marked so that our residents and guests know where to walk and don’t cross over the dunes. Leslie offered to contact the local rental agents and see if information about this walkway across the State Park could be included in their rental packs especially those rentals located near the Pine Street beach walkover.

Shirley reported on the new sign that was placed in the Grayton Beach triangle. This sign lets residents and guests know that the triangle is sponsored and kept up by the GBNA. The sign was painted by Justin Gaffrey. Shirley would like to see the support post painted black to match the sign. Ann Morrell offered her husband’s services both to poly the sign and also to paint the sign post black. The board would like to have electrical power made available at the triangle. After some discussion by the board, it was decided to approach the county to see if an electrical line could be run off the stop sign light that is already in place and that the county would provide the electrical power needed for the triangle. If that approach is unsuccessful, the board will seek permission from Richard Veldman to have a line run from Magnolia House to the triangle with our own electrical meter box installed.

Grant and Leslie both brought up that the signs in Grayton Beach need to be repaired, and many need to be replaced. In some cases new stop signs and new beach parking signs along Garfield/ Hotz beach entrance should be included. Grant said that he would provide an update of signs needed throughout Grayton. This list would then be forwarded to the County Commissioner office.

Many board members expressed their concerns for the safety of our guests and residents who ride along DeFuniak Street, many of these being small children who have limited or beginning biking skills. The Walton County Commissioner Cindy Meadows, had suggested earlier that perhaps a bike bath in this area would help as monies for construction were available. After Cindy Meadows took a ride down Defuniak with Leslie and Scott Provow, it was noted that in many areas the bicycle path would take frontage off many houses and that some might even lose some of their parking. Also because of older driveways many folks might find it more difficult to drive out from the property because a new bike path would increase the height to the street from their yards. Before any decisions are plans or formed a satellite photo would have to be done to get an overview of the area. The GBNA board decided not to take a stand on this issue at this time, we agreed we would stay informed on the county’s study on this issue, and we would keep the members of the GBNA informed as to what decisions were being considered for this bike path addition.

The board felt that instead of asking for each of our Improvement requests separately that we should choose our top three and draft a letter to Cindy Meadows and post them in the order of importance. It was felt that these were the items listed in order of importance to the GBNA:

1. Entry to Beach at DeFuniak Street Cleanup/ and new Beach Parking signs added to the Hotz Entry to the Beach. Also other signs that are damaged or have been destroyed need to be repaired and in some areas new signs need to be installed. We would include our list of signs requests and repairs along with this request.

2. GBNA needs to acquire permission from County Commissioners and Chelco Electric to allow us to run an electrical line from the lighted Stop sign already installed in the Welcome to Grayton Triangle area and hopefully the county would agree to absorb the minimal electrical monthly fee for its use.

3. Future Bike Path Plan, the county with the help of the GBNA would send out a survey letter to Grayton Residents especially those living on DeFuniak Street informing them on the possible future plans, to build a bike path on DeFuniak Street. Then both County Commissioners and GBNA members would look at the finding of these surveys before making any decisions for a future bicycle path on DeFuniak Street.

New Business

Next item was the additional lake entry point on S. Lake Street and Holt Street. Jean’s husband, Joe Silva, who the board asked to look into this for us, wanted the board to come up with just what we wanted to do in these areas. We need to think about the following, do we need new permits or can we use the old original permit, do we want to rebuilt the damaged dock as it was, or are we going to work with the two neighbors on either side of this area to remove the bamboo growth that is covering the area and rebuilt a brand new dock. Joe suggested to the board, that we work backwards, seeing an image of what we want, and then step back in our thinking as we form the construction steps we wish to follow to conceive our image.

There was a communication from Kitty Taylor requesting that her company be places on the store owners’ sign that is displayed as you enter Grayton Beach. She would like Coastal Properties to appear on the sign. There was a little confusion on who was in charge of this sign; was it owed by the county or Richard Veldman? Scott Provost agreed to be the go between all parties and look into this matter for the board.

Larry Jackson gave a membership report that we now had 9 members that had rejoined, our new membership numbers are 157.

It was agreed by the board, due to its many members being out of town in the month of July that there would be no meeting that month. Our next meeting will be at Grant Blackwell’s home on Tuesday, August 14th at 6PM.

Ann Morrell


See article in SUN: for follow up.

All Beach Going Residents and Vistors .....PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING:

In accordance with state and county ordinance, regulations, and laws, it shall be unlawful for beach chairs, umbrellas, tents (sunshades), and other such personal articles to be on the beach in such a manner that they interfere with beach maintenance, nesting sea turtles, or emergency vehicles.

Florida Statue 62D
Grayton Beach State Park rules and regulations
Walton County Ordinance 2003-07 sec. 4 sub. par. G

Remove all personal items from state park property at the end of each day or they will be removed.

Matthew Allen, Assistant Park Manager
Grayton Beach State Park

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dogs on the Beach

We love our dogs and we want to take them with us to the beach. BUT Walton County has rules please read below and be sure to follow the Walton County DOG Laws.

Dogs On The Beach Permits

The Walton County Tax Collector’s Office would like to remind qualifying dog owners that Dog On The Beach Permits will expire on
August 1. The Tax Collector now handles the permits.Tax Collector Rhonda Skipper says they are excited to be able to offer citizens with existing Dog On The Beach Permits the convenience of renewing the permit by mail. Those renewing permits will still be required to provide current rabies vaccination records for their pet, but can renew without having to make an office visit. Renewal forms will be mailed to those with current permits and can also be downloaded from the website at All Dog On The Beach permits expire on August 1, with a grace period for renewal through August 15 of each year. Residents renewing permits can do so now. Those applying for a new Dog On The Beach permit, however, will have to wait until August 1.

The permit tag will change colors annually to visibly assist officers with enforcing compliance with the county ordinance. Dog On The Beach Permit Tags for the August 2007 through August 1, 2008 permit period are blue.To obtain a Dog On The Beach Permit you must be a property owner in Walton County or a permanent, year-round resident and furnish a valid Walton County voter's registration card or a valid Florida driver's license with a verifiable Walton County street/911 address. The cost for the permit is $30. You must also provide documentation from your veterinarian that your dog(s) vaccinations are current. The beach dog tag allows residents to walk their dog ON A LEASH, on Walton County beaches between the following hours: Standard Time 3:00pm - 9:00am, Daylight Savings Time 6:00pm - 8:00am.

For more information about Dog On The Beach permits or other services provided by the Office of the Tax Collector, call 850-892-8121, or visit us online at

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July Parade Grayton Style

If you have pictures that you are willing to share with our blog please email them to and I will put them on the blog for others to view. Thanks.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Grayton Beach's 4th Of July

To see an enlargement of flyer click on picture.

Friday, June 22, 2007

GBNA Meeting June 26 at 6PM

Friday, June 15, 2007

From This to This

The old drain area

The new drain area.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

County Commissioners Meeting - Grayton Beach Public Beach

Grayton Beach Permits and Development was an agenda item at the County Commissioners' Meeting, 22 May.

Summary: Beach Permits - The Commissioners agreed that a proposal to change the vehicle and vendor permit ordinance was not possible this year because of the requirements for public comment period and notice of ordinance changes. Any changes in permit fees will be addressed prior to the 2008 permit year.

Public Grayton Beach Development - Cindy Meadows, Vice Chair, and the other County Commissioners agreed that county responsibilities for development of the Grayton Beach public beach will require more study. The Commissioners have agreed to begin discussions at a future Commissioners' Meeting.


Directions for downloading Application Form

1. Put mouse on form and right click.
2. Choose email picture
3. Choose keep original size
4. Insert your email address and send
5. Open email...Membership will be as an attachment. Save it to your desktop, it will be easier to find and easier to delete.
6.Click on attachment, it will open up in your photo program as it is a jpeg. Choose print. Make sure that you also choose the option fit to page before printing.
(If unable to download Membership form, please e-mail association and one will be mailed to you.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

GBNA May 17th Board Minutes

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board Meeting
May 17, 2007

The Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board meeting was held at Leslie Provow's home on May 17th at 6PM. Those members present were:

Larry Jackson
Leslie Provow
Ann Morrell
Shirley Sahlie
Linda Eyers
Jean Silva

Missing : Grant Blackwell who was in Orlando as a chaperone for the Seaside School.

The first order of business was to elect officers for the year.
Larry Jackson - President
Leslie Provow- Vice President
Shirley Sahlie- Treasurer
Ann Morrell- Secretary

The next order of business was to review the four areas of concerns that had been set by the board the previous year.

Improve Appearance of Common Areas
Improve Safety and Overall Road Conditions

Maintain Beach Access Through State Park
Create a Sense of Neighborhood

Follow ups of these concerns were discussed:

Improve Safety and Overall Road Conditions

Leslie reported that she and Cindy Meadows did a drive through to check on having a bike path on Defuniak Street. It was noted that a bike path would have to cross over at some points as there were some houses that would lose frontage. It was also noted that in some places a bike path would cause some owners difficulty exiting their property due to the added height of a bike path. In order to recommend if it is in our owners' interest to do a bike path we would also need to have a satellite overlay done by the county

Maintain Beach Access through State Park

It was noted that the Beach Access at the end of Pine Street was established thanks to Jack Mills efforts. We still need to make sure that visitors stay within the roped areas to insure that we keep the area open. It was suggested that perhaps rentals, especially those near the park access, could post this information, either in the rental itself, or in the packet handed out at the rental office. It was also noted that in some of the areas the ropes were showing some wear and tear. It was suggested that we ask the Park for some extra rope and that we would be responsible for replacing worn areas. We discussed that even though Jack was not on the board anymore, we might ask him to oversee this for us.

Improve Appearance of Common Areas

The Western Lake two public accesses - Hotz Ave and S. Lake St (Lydia-Banfill)) were discussed. We need to decide how we want to handle these two areas. Do we rebuild the damaged dock at Hotz Ave? Concerning the S. Lake Street access should we build a new dock, or do we opt for just placing a bench in that area? Ann wanted to have some clarification as to where kayaks were stored by visitors. She had some concerns that perhaps some of the chained up kayaks (chained to the tree) at the dock area at the end of Lydia Street might be on personal property. She suggested that perhaps we could provide a structure that would allow the kayaks to be stored there while in use. Larry suggested maybe a bike rack could be used. Since we might need legal help with both of the lake access issues, the board asked Jean if perhaps her husband could look into this for us. She agreed to ask him for his help with these two issues. It was agreed by the board, that we did have money available for improvements to these two areas.

The next item discussed was the triangle area on DeFuniak Street. The board discussed putting up a sign that says this area is maintained by the Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association. Linda Eyer agreed to come up with a sign design. Larry said that Richard Veldman and the Magnolia House is supplying the water access. We are getting bids to have electricity so the area could be lighted for the holiday season as well as other times during the year . It was suggested that we ask for a volunteer to head up the Triangle Landscaping Committee for planting, weeding, and general upkeep of the area and other areas throughout the village .

Create a Sense of Neighborhood

Kitty Taylor and Janet Taylor had agreed to be in charge of the July 4th Parade and party at the April meeting. The board will discuss the planning of this event at its next meeting on June 26th. The Fall Street Dance date was set for October 6th in order for the Board to lock in the band, Timeless which had played at the April Street Dance.

New Business

Larry Jackson suggested the board members review our priorities for last year and determine what areas or new activities we would focus on this year. For example, Safety was a major concern last year. The board will ask one of the directors to be the point person on that functional area this year. Grant Blackwell has had numerous ideas in that area and we hope he will take on that on.

The board approved sending a May letter out to all members and non members giving them information and updates on the Board’s activities including the results of the April 28 General Meeting. The letter would also list the new Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association's Web and Blog addresses.

Concerning membership, the board reviewed the 2007 membership drive. While we had success getting 38 new members with 48 properties, we should continue asking the 15 previous members with 20 properties to rejoin. The May letter to the non members would invite them and those nineteen property owners that did not rejoin, to join the Association and become involved.

The next meeting of the GBNA will be on June 26th at 6 PM at Shirley’s house.

Submitted by
Ann Morrell

Reference Photos GBNA Minutes 5-17-07

The Hotz Lake Access...where many tie up their kayaks and where the dock needs some repair from hurricane damage.

The S. Lake Street access where the board is looking into building another dock or perhaps setting this area up with several benches.

Monday, May 21, 2007

GBNA Minutes April 28th 2007

Minutes of the GBNA April 28th, 2007 Annual Meeting
Pt. Washington United Methodist Church, Stephen Center

10:00am Coffee and doughnuts were served while members gathered and voted. Thanks to Lee Eyer for all his hard work in making the meeting happen so successfully.

10:17am Jack Mills opened the meeting with a welcome. The Invocation was made by Leslie Provow, and the Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance. Introductions were then made by everyone present. There were 40+ members present.

* Shirley Sahlie (Treasurer) – Balance ~$16541.29
Expenditures for 2006-2007 ~$4162.07 (parties, bands, landscaping, etc.)

*Larry Jackson (Membership and Landscape Committee Projects) – spoke on membership, parcels, growth of membership, and he presented informational sheets and discussed these with members.

*Larry reviewed the work on the landscaping projects to include the ‘Triangle’, the watering and electrical system provided by Richard Veldman with a reimbursement of $50/month. We are looking for a "few good volunteers" to form an Association Landscape Committee. The committee will help recommend, design, budget and install landscaping projects to support the Association goal to Improve Appearance of Common Areas. If you are interested in helping, contact Larry Jackson,

*Larry discussed the safety and appearance issues that were raised by the survey sent to all members and prospective members. An issue was brought up re: raising dues. Also, the service of ‘brush’ or yard waste pickup was discussed as it is available from EWS on a weekly basis on Wednesday. Recycling of cans, glass and paper was discussed using the ‘Blue Bag’. Currently, these can be purchased, according to a member, at Publix, but the county will be providing these free of charge in the near future.

*The question of trash pickup at the Red Bar being so early was brought up with the additional question of why couldn’t it be picked up at a more reasonable hour instead of 4-5am? The answer lay in another member who stated that the pickup was designed to alleviate the smell of the garbage that stayed in the dumpsters all night and into the next day’s high temperatures.

*Kitty Taylor (on behalf of Paige Lee – Social) – suggested that we might try having a Fourth of July committee plan for the next 4th event. Other parties and events were briefly discussed (i.e. Fall Party) and more information will be forthcoming.

GUEST SPEAKER – Commissioner Cindy Meadows spoke and answered questions on a myriad of issues.

· raise sales tax in lieu of higher property taxes
· beach renourishment/restoration using sand from the Gulf…2008 estimated

· beach ordinance – driving on and fishing charters from the beach…issue began with the

closing of the beach driving at Inlet Beach
· beach access funds – have these funds collected from the vehicle passes go to a designated

fund to serve the beaches and not the general revenue fund
· Helen McCall Park improvements discussed with land increase, tennis courts and

· Cessna Landing property for Art and Archeological displays
· Possibility of bringing back the Governor Stone boat
· Blue Bag recycling reviewed
· Drive through Grayton revealed issues such as the need for a grate at Grayton Oaks and

Pine which will be installed very soon; creek barricade near same location will also be
addressed; our roads are scheduled to be resurfaced with the PCI; more signage for speed
control to be installed soon; do we really want a sidewalk/bike path? It could adversely
affect homeowners of older homes on DeFuniak Street


Blackwell – Need to get the county Public Works to clean up the beach access area where the equipment and debris has been stored and accumulated for beach cleanup and restoration.

DeFranco – thanked Cindy for her talking to the GBNA. Wants a weekend County Commissioner’s meeting for those who work out of town during the week to be able to attend when they are in town for the weekends. Suggested that beach walkovers be sand vice wood due to the adverse affects the wooden stairs have when storms tear them down and they subsequently dig into sand dunes and crash into other walkovers. He reiterated that taxes are far too high for those who use their homes here in Grayton as second homes/rentals, unable to be homesteaded. Cindy agreed…discussion ensued.

Veldman – pointed out that until recently, you could expect more than 10% of the value of the home to be made each year in rentals, but now, the percentage is closer to 3%. He would like to see a cap on taxable values to be capped at 6-8% while homesteaded properties would remain at 3%. Cindy asked us to write our legislators.

Murphy – asked if there were any plans to pave the roads in Grayton (see previous info). Cindy pointed out that the issues for drainage and storm water plans were last reviewed and were due to be reviewed. She realized that some homes were built long before the issue of low-lying homes was a problem.

Eyer – asked if the politics of the BCC was changing with another woman, Sara Commander on the Board. Cindy stated that many votes were now 3-2 where they had previously been 4-1. Three seats in the next round will be up for re-election or election: Larry Jones, Scott Brannon and Cindy Meadows. Vote! There are now more voters south of the bay in Walton County than in the northern part of the county – recent change.

Ellis – asked about Blue Bag. They have been bought by the county and will be available free of charge soon. Wash recyclables before placing in the bag. Items that are placed in regular garbage are sorted by the prisoners in DeFuniak at a very good profit!
Bludworth – reminded us of hazardous waste pickup days in the county twice yearly and publicized in various media.

Gentry – brought up the need for a bike path. Cindy suggested that an aerial view with a right-of-way overlay might show us whether or not a bike path would be feasible.
Cloutier – thanked Cindy for being a woman of her word.

Bludworth – identified that there is going to be an adverse impact on Grayton Beach with the opening of Grayton Grande especially at 30A and CR-283. Cindy says study groups have been formed and meet to discuss solutions concerning traffic lights, repainting crosswalks, design of signs and payment of the signs (Interpretive ones, as well, as presented by a Design Firm from south Florida) and mile markers. $$$

????? – asked if golf carts could be used in Grayton to get from property to beach accesses due to parking constraints at access entrances. Cindy pointed out that golf carts, per se, were illegal on public roads unless they are registered and are street worthy like cars or the newer carts such as the GEM cars. The BCC is looking at multi-modal forms of transportation on the Scenic Highway 30A corridor with a Grant to Scenic Highway. We can join the Friends of 30A to help determine how we want the Scenic designation to be preserved.

Commissioner Meadows Question and Answer session ended at noon after an hour of very informative and lively discussion. All present were more informed and thanked her for taking the time from her busy schedule to talk with us. She was invited to attend the Street Dance later that night.

* Scott Provow (Webmaster) – introduced the new and improved website: Suggested links to SoWal and a blog with a message board were discussed. Pictures and events should be well-publicized on the web now as well as minutes (;-)) of meetings.

*Pat Murphy (past President/election ballot counter) – Pat commended the membership for the number of ballots that were returned and was pleased to report that all the slate received quite a few votes with the following having the most:

Grant Blackwell, Linda Eyer, Ann Morrell, and Jean Covell Silva

One last item was brought up – that the sign at the entrance to Grayton Beach with the names of all the businesses and the reference to the historic nature of Grayton might be something the GBNA would want to take over. Kitty Taylor asked if her realty company might be able to get placed on the sign. The board will take that for action.

Scott Provow reminded us to thank the outgoing Board members for their tireless work and efforts to make Grayton Beach the best beach not only on the Emerald Coast, but in the entire world! Thanks go to outgoing President Jack Mills, Secretary Scott Covell, member-at-large Lee Eyer, and Social Chair Paige Lee.

12:15pm Jack Mills adjourned the GBNA Annual meeting.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Barricade Photos on Pine St. & Grayton Oaks

Leslie Provow took the following photos of the "NEW" Grayton Beach Barricade and included them in her thank you to Cindy Meadows who spoke at the Annual meeting on April 28th. Thoughts some of you might enjoy seeing them too.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friend of Scenic 30A Meeting

Click on the image to get a larger picture. If interested please note the date of meeting.

Friday, May 4, 2007


1st Annual Grayton Beach Kids Fishing Tournament

May 19th , 2007


Sponsored by Coastal Conservation Association

Call 850-251-3290 for information

Barrier is now UP

Larry Jackson just let us know that thanks to Shirley and Leslie, Cindy Meadows, our commissioner, got a safety barrier up at pond on corner of Pine St and Grayton Oaks Ave.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Grayton Beach Blog up and Running

The blog is now up and running. I will be happy to post photos, notes, address exchanges, items for sell, or a Help Wanted Ad. You name it and I'll post it.

My Email Address for this blog is:
Ann Morrell
83 Pine Street
Santa Rosa Beach Florida 32459