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Monday, September 5, 2011


The County Commissioners approved the following race route that will occur on Sunday October 16th from 7 AM to 12 PM on County Road 30 A and will also include 4 streets in Grayton Beach...Defuniak, Holtz, Banfill And Lydia. The south bound lane both on 30 A and the streets in Grayton will be closed for the runners. The race is being sponsored by a group from Louisana. When I saw the race item listed in the agenda I wrote to each Commissioner expressing concerns about the race being able to tie up four of our streets in Grayton...the only reply that I received back, (from Ms. Jones before the item was discussed at county meeting) was that the orange cones would be picked up after the race, and that there would be personel to direct traffic. I am hoping that allowing racing routes through Grayton on our narrow streets doesn't become "the thing to do" in any future 30A races.
Here is the link to the Commissioner's "paperwork" about the event.

Here is the public announcement listed on 30A website about the event.

Run the only mountain on Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast! Both the Half Marathon and 10K Run will race down the Scenic Highway 30A between sugar sand beaches and rare dune lakes from Blue Mountain Beach through Grayton, with the Half Marathon continuing in Seaside and Watercolor. For more information and to register visit:

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  1. Does this mean that the Grayton restaurants serving brunch and also lunch will have to deal with this racer traffic? What about folks who park along the street because there is no where else to park? (will our cars have to be parked in a certain place to keep the southhbound lane clear? If Defuniak and Lydia are both being do we get out of old Grayton during the race? In looking at the map route the runners will be using Grayton twice...going to Seaside and then on their way back to Blue that's really going to jam up Grayton. What are they thinking? Are you saying that the county never contacted the GBNA about this race before approving it?