Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

County Commissioners Meeting - Grayton Beach Public Beach

Grayton Beach Permits and Development was an agenda item at the County Commissioners' Meeting, 22 May.

Summary: Beach Permits - The Commissioners agreed that a proposal to change the vehicle and vendor permit ordinance was not possible this year because of the requirements for public comment period and notice of ordinance changes. Any changes in permit fees will be addressed prior to the 2008 permit year.

Public Grayton Beach Development - Cindy Meadows, Vice Chair, and the other County Commissioners agreed that county responsibilities for development of the Grayton Beach public beach will require more study. The Commissioners have agreed to begin discussions at a future Commissioners' Meeting.


Directions for downloading Application Form

1. Put mouse on form and right click.
2. Choose email picture
3. Choose keep original size
4. Insert your email address and send
5. Open email...Membership will be as an attachment. Save it to your desktop, it will be easier to find and easier to delete.
6.Click on attachment, it will open up in your photo program as it is a jpeg. Choose print. Make sure that you also choose the option fit to page before printing.
(If unable to download Membership form, please e-mail association and one will be mailed to you.)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

GBNA May 17th Board Minutes

Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board Meeting
May 17, 2007

The Grayton Beach Neighborhood Board meeting was held at Leslie Provow's home on May 17th at 6PM. Those members present were:

Larry Jackson
Leslie Provow
Ann Morrell
Shirley Sahlie
Linda Eyers
Jean Silva

Missing : Grant Blackwell who was in Orlando as a chaperone for the Seaside School.

The first order of business was to elect officers for the year.
Larry Jackson - President
Leslie Provow- Vice President
Shirley Sahlie- Treasurer
Ann Morrell- Secretary

The next order of business was to review the four areas of concerns that had been set by the board the previous year.

Improve Appearance of Common Areas
Improve Safety and Overall Road Conditions

Maintain Beach Access Through State Park
Create a Sense of Neighborhood

Follow ups of these concerns were discussed:

Improve Safety and Overall Road Conditions

Leslie reported that she and Cindy Meadows did a drive through to check on having a bike path on Defuniak Street. It was noted that a bike path would have to cross over at some points as there were some houses that would lose frontage. It was also noted that in some places a bike path would cause some owners difficulty exiting their property due to the added height of a bike path. In order to recommend if it is in our owners' interest to do a bike path we would also need to have a satellite overlay done by the county

Maintain Beach Access through State Park

It was noted that the Beach Access at the end of Pine Street was established thanks to Jack Mills efforts. We still need to make sure that visitors stay within the roped areas to insure that we keep the area open. It was suggested that perhaps rentals, especially those near the park access, could post this information, either in the rental itself, or in the packet handed out at the rental office. It was also noted that in some of the areas the ropes were showing some wear and tear. It was suggested that we ask the Park for some extra rope and that we would be responsible for replacing worn areas. We discussed that even though Jack was not on the board anymore, we might ask him to oversee this for us.

Improve Appearance of Common Areas

The Western Lake two public accesses - Hotz Ave and S. Lake St (Lydia-Banfill)) were discussed. We need to decide how we want to handle these two areas. Do we rebuild the damaged dock at Hotz Ave? Concerning the S. Lake Street access should we build a new dock, or do we opt for just placing a bench in that area? Ann wanted to have some clarification as to where kayaks were stored by visitors. She had some concerns that perhaps some of the chained up kayaks (chained to the tree) at the dock area at the end of Lydia Street might be on personal property. She suggested that perhaps we could provide a structure that would allow the kayaks to be stored there while in use. Larry suggested maybe a bike rack could be used. Since we might need legal help with both of the lake access issues, the board asked Jean if perhaps her husband could look into this for us. She agreed to ask him for his help with these two issues. It was agreed by the board, that we did have money available for improvements to these two areas.

The next item discussed was the triangle area on DeFuniak Street. The board discussed putting up a sign that says this area is maintained by the Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association. Linda Eyer agreed to come up with a sign design. Larry said that Richard Veldman and the Magnolia House is supplying the water access. We are getting bids to have electricity so the area could be lighted for the holiday season as well as other times during the year . It was suggested that we ask for a volunteer to head up the Triangle Landscaping Committee for planting, weeding, and general upkeep of the area and other areas throughout the village .

Create a Sense of Neighborhood

Kitty Taylor and Janet Taylor had agreed to be in charge of the July 4th Parade and party at the April meeting. The board will discuss the planning of this event at its next meeting on June 26th. The Fall Street Dance date was set for October 6th in order for the Board to lock in the band, Timeless which had played at the April Street Dance.

New Business

Larry Jackson suggested the board members review our priorities for last year and determine what areas or new activities we would focus on this year. For example, Safety was a major concern last year. The board will ask one of the directors to be the point person on that functional area this year. Grant Blackwell has had numerous ideas in that area and we hope he will take on that on.

The board approved sending a May letter out to all members and non members giving them information and updates on the Board’s activities including the results of the April 28 General Meeting. The letter would also list the new Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association's Web and Blog addresses.

Concerning membership, the board reviewed the 2007 membership drive. While we had success getting 38 new members with 48 properties, we should continue asking the 15 previous members with 20 properties to rejoin. The May letter to the non members would invite them and those nineteen property owners that did not rejoin, to join the Association and become involved.

The next meeting of the GBNA will be on June 26th at 6 PM at Shirley’s house.

Submitted by
Ann Morrell

Reference Photos GBNA Minutes 5-17-07

The Hotz Lake Access...where many tie up their kayaks and where the dock needs some repair from hurricane damage.

The S. Lake Street access where the board is looking into building another dock or perhaps setting this area up with several benches.

Monday, May 21, 2007

GBNA Minutes April 28th 2007

Minutes of the GBNA April 28th, 2007 Annual Meeting
Pt. Washington United Methodist Church, Stephen Center

10:00am Coffee and doughnuts were served while members gathered and voted. Thanks to Lee Eyer for all his hard work in making the meeting happen so successfully.

10:17am Jack Mills opened the meeting with a welcome. The Invocation was made by Leslie Provow, and the Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance. Introductions were then made by everyone present. There were 40+ members present.

* Shirley Sahlie (Treasurer) – Balance ~$16541.29
Expenditures for 2006-2007 ~$4162.07 (parties, bands, landscaping, etc.)

*Larry Jackson (Membership and Landscape Committee Projects) – spoke on membership, parcels, growth of membership, and he presented informational sheets and discussed these with members.

*Larry reviewed the work on the landscaping projects to include the ‘Triangle’, the watering and electrical system provided by Richard Veldman with a reimbursement of $50/month. We are looking for a "few good volunteers" to form an Association Landscape Committee. The committee will help recommend, design, budget and install landscaping projects to support the Association goal to Improve Appearance of Common Areas. If you are interested in helping, contact Larry Jackson,

*Larry discussed the safety and appearance issues that were raised by the survey sent to all members and prospective members. An issue was brought up re: raising dues. Also, the service of ‘brush’ or yard waste pickup was discussed as it is available from EWS on a weekly basis on Wednesday. Recycling of cans, glass and paper was discussed using the ‘Blue Bag’. Currently, these can be purchased, according to a member, at Publix, but the county will be providing these free of charge in the near future.

*The question of trash pickup at the Red Bar being so early was brought up with the additional question of why couldn’t it be picked up at a more reasonable hour instead of 4-5am? The answer lay in another member who stated that the pickup was designed to alleviate the smell of the garbage that stayed in the dumpsters all night and into the next day’s high temperatures.

*Kitty Taylor (on behalf of Paige Lee – Social) – suggested that we might try having a Fourth of July committee plan for the next 4th event. Other parties and events were briefly discussed (i.e. Fall Party) and more information will be forthcoming.

GUEST SPEAKER – Commissioner Cindy Meadows spoke and answered questions on a myriad of issues.

· raise sales tax in lieu of higher property taxes
· beach renourishment/restoration using sand from the Gulf…2008 estimated

· beach ordinance – driving on and fishing charters from the beach…issue began with the

closing of the beach driving at Inlet Beach
· beach access funds – have these funds collected from the vehicle passes go to a designated

fund to serve the beaches and not the general revenue fund
· Helen McCall Park improvements discussed with land increase, tennis courts and

· Cessna Landing property for Art and Archeological displays
· Possibility of bringing back the Governor Stone boat
· Blue Bag recycling reviewed
· Drive through Grayton revealed issues such as the need for a grate at Grayton Oaks and

Pine which will be installed very soon; creek barricade near same location will also be
addressed; our roads are scheduled to be resurfaced with the PCI; more signage for speed
control to be installed soon; do we really want a sidewalk/bike path? It could adversely
affect homeowners of older homes on DeFuniak Street


Blackwell – Need to get the county Public Works to clean up the beach access area where the equipment and debris has been stored and accumulated for beach cleanup and restoration.

DeFranco – thanked Cindy for her talking to the GBNA. Wants a weekend County Commissioner’s meeting for those who work out of town during the week to be able to attend when they are in town for the weekends. Suggested that beach walkovers be sand vice wood due to the adverse affects the wooden stairs have when storms tear them down and they subsequently dig into sand dunes and crash into other walkovers. He reiterated that taxes are far too high for those who use their homes here in Grayton as second homes/rentals, unable to be homesteaded. Cindy agreed…discussion ensued.

Veldman – pointed out that until recently, you could expect more than 10% of the value of the home to be made each year in rentals, but now, the percentage is closer to 3%. He would like to see a cap on taxable values to be capped at 6-8% while homesteaded properties would remain at 3%. Cindy asked us to write our legislators.

Murphy – asked if there were any plans to pave the roads in Grayton (see previous info). Cindy pointed out that the issues for drainage and storm water plans were last reviewed and were due to be reviewed. She realized that some homes were built long before the issue of low-lying homes was a problem.

Eyer – asked if the politics of the BCC was changing with another woman, Sara Commander on the Board. Cindy stated that many votes were now 3-2 where they had previously been 4-1. Three seats in the next round will be up for re-election or election: Larry Jones, Scott Brannon and Cindy Meadows. Vote! There are now more voters south of the bay in Walton County than in the northern part of the county – recent change.

Ellis – asked about Blue Bag. They have been bought by the county and will be available free of charge soon. Wash recyclables before placing in the bag. Items that are placed in regular garbage are sorted by the prisoners in DeFuniak at a very good profit!
Bludworth – reminded us of hazardous waste pickup days in the county twice yearly and publicized in various media.

Gentry – brought up the need for a bike path. Cindy suggested that an aerial view with a right-of-way overlay might show us whether or not a bike path would be feasible.
Cloutier – thanked Cindy for being a woman of her word.

Bludworth – identified that there is going to be an adverse impact on Grayton Beach with the opening of Grayton Grande especially at 30A and CR-283. Cindy says study groups have been formed and meet to discuss solutions concerning traffic lights, repainting crosswalks, design of signs and payment of the signs (Interpretive ones, as well, as presented by a Design Firm from south Florida) and mile markers. $$$

????? – asked if golf carts could be used in Grayton to get from property to beach accesses due to parking constraints at access entrances. Cindy pointed out that golf carts, per se, were illegal on public roads unless they are registered and are street worthy like cars or the newer carts such as the GEM cars. The BCC is looking at multi-modal forms of transportation on the Scenic Highway 30A corridor with a Grant to Scenic Highway. We can join the Friends of 30A to help determine how we want the Scenic designation to be preserved.

Commissioner Meadows Question and Answer session ended at noon after an hour of very informative and lively discussion. All present were more informed and thanked her for taking the time from her busy schedule to talk with us. She was invited to attend the Street Dance later that night.

* Scott Provow (Webmaster) – introduced the new and improved website: Suggested links to SoWal and a blog with a message board were discussed. Pictures and events should be well-publicized on the web now as well as minutes (;-)) of meetings.

*Pat Murphy (past President/election ballot counter) – Pat commended the membership for the number of ballots that were returned and was pleased to report that all the slate received quite a few votes with the following having the most:

Grant Blackwell, Linda Eyer, Ann Morrell, and Jean Covell Silva

One last item was brought up – that the sign at the entrance to Grayton Beach with the names of all the businesses and the reference to the historic nature of Grayton might be something the GBNA would want to take over. Kitty Taylor asked if her realty company might be able to get placed on the sign. The board will take that for action.

Scott Provow reminded us to thank the outgoing Board members for their tireless work and efforts to make Grayton Beach the best beach not only on the Emerald Coast, but in the entire world! Thanks go to outgoing President Jack Mills, Secretary Scott Covell, member-at-large Lee Eyer, and Social Chair Paige Lee.

12:15pm Jack Mills adjourned the GBNA Annual meeting.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Barricade Photos on Pine St. & Grayton Oaks

Leslie Provow took the following photos of the "NEW" Grayton Beach Barricade and included them in her thank you to Cindy Meadows who spoke at the Annual meeting on April 28th. Thoughts some of you might enjoy seeing them too.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Friend of Scenic 30A Meeting

Click on the image to get a larger picture. If interested please note the date of meeting.

Friday, May 4, 2007


1st Annual Grayton Beach Kids Fishing Tournament

May 19th , 2007


Sponsored by Coastal Conservation Association

Call 850-251-3290 for information

Barrier is now UP

Larry Jackson just let us know that thanks to Shirley and Leslie, Cindy Meadows, our commissioner, got a safety barrier up at pond on corner of Pine St and Grayton Oaks Ave.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Grayton Beach Blog up and Running

The blog is now up and running. I will be happy to post photos, notes, address exchanges, items for sell, or a Help Wanted Ad. You name it and I'll post it.

My Email Address for this blog is:
Ann Morrell
83 Pine Street
Santa Rosa Beach Florida 32459