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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walton County Retains Attorneys to Take on BP

DESTIN — Matthews & Hawkins, P.A. is now representing Walton County and the Walton County Sheriff to seek recovery for all clean up costs, damages and lost revenues from BP and other parties responsible for the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Matthews & Hawkins has represented Sheriff Mike Adkinson over the past year, and the Walton County Board of Commissioners voted May 5th to retain Matthews & Hawkins to represent Walton County in its damage claims.
As long time residents of the Emerald Coast, Matthews & Hawkins’ familiarity with property values and the local business community fosters an understanding of property and lost income claims resulting from this tragic disaster.
Dana Matthews states “Our tourism business sector is already suffering from the effects of the spill which has far reaching economic impact. As a result, Walton County stands to lose significant tax revenues. For all members of our community, retaining local counsel for your oil spill claim can provide individualized attention to your particular needs.”
The Matthews & Hawkins Transaction & Litigation Teams encompass a full spectrum of real estate representation, estate planning, asset protection, corporate reorganization and complex work-out transactions, civil, criminal, family law litigation, and personal injury. The firm has attorneys licensed in federal and state courts in Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas.

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