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Friday, May 7, 2010

Letter From Rep. Gaetz Concerning Oil

Dear Friends,

Below is my most recent report regarding the Deepwater Horizon Spill. For daily updates from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection click this link:

and enter your email address in the text box on the lower right portion of the screen.

Current Forecast

Weather conditions remain favorable. Yet again, no landfall is expected within the next 72 hours in Florida.
Florida is eventually expected to experience oil sheen, tar balls and tar mats. Florida is not expected to see the large product of emulsified oil similar to images of Louisiana.
The “loop current” remains considerably south of the sheen plume.

Incident Site

· The “Dome” has been lowered and engineers are working to affix the dome to the well site as we speak. We will report when we know if the Dome was a success. If successful, the dome will divert about 85% of the oil flow out of the Gulf.

· Flow remains the same – roughly 5,000 barrels per day.

· BP has begun drilling relief wells which will ultimately be the solution to permanently cap the Deepwater Horizon site. This process will take 8-12 weeks.

· The Loop Current remains well south of the sheen plume.

Volunteer Training Opportunities

· Many are frustrated with the slow response to volunteer offers. We are simply not training folks fast enough. County EOC directors have assured me that more training will be in the area soon.

· Some training is occurring now at the Sandestin Hilton Resort. For information call 267-2000.

· Some training is occurring now in Milton. For information call 983-4636.

Financial Relief

· Attorney General McCollum has received a commitment that BP would immediately make payments to fishermen and perhaps others out of work directly as a result of this spill in amounts up to $5,000. Call 1-800-440-0858. We are pushing BP to open up more lines ASAP.

· Following the letter I delivered to Governor Crist (sent to you earlier), the first steps of opening the ESF 18 loan program have begun. We anticipate that local economic development councils will be working with local banks to set up these bridge loans for businesses to meet payroll.

· Please be cautious about signing any release of liability forms.

Tourism Promotion

· Governor Crist has agreed to the request of Representative Marti Coley and I to immediately provide and develop a “Visit Florida” plan to counteract the media’s portrayal of the Gulf Coast.

· BP is being asked to fund the lion’s share of this plan.

· Local marketing professionals from Santa Rosa and Okaloosa have volunteered to coordinate with this effort to ensure that the advertising occurs in key markets for Northwest Florida.

Military Involvement

· Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano has now given assurances that all technical and logistical information in the hands of the military regarding boom strategy will be shared with local officials.

· The U.S. Navy is actively involved in well cap strategy.

Please continue to stay in touch with your ideas and suggestions. You can contact my legislative office at 833-9328.

Best wishes,


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