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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

County Commissioner's Meeeting Feb 8th

It was a very interesting meeting and it was a long one. There were many folks who came to speak at the public hearing.

The Parking Ordinance was Passed with only a few changes that had to do with disability terminolgy.

The Driving on the Beach Ordinance was passed with some changes:

*  Registered Voter was added back in to the Ordinance.
*  Charter Boat Captains that have different sizes of boat trailers will now be able to get a trailer permit for each of their boats instead of being limited to 1.
*  Terminolgy change with the wording dealing with Lottery, instead of Lottery Winners,  the term will be Selected Lottery participants.

I have asked for a final  official copy of the Beach Permit Ordinance with all changes so I can post the Official Document on the blog.

I suggest tht if you were not grand fathered in, you need to take careful note of the dates that you need to watch so that you can get in on the annual lottery. As soon as the new application is updated I will post the link so that you can download the form.

For those of you who are grand fathered in, you also need to take note of the dates and deadlines for applying for a new application. Because if you don't meet the deadlines you will lose your grand father status.

Again, I will post the updated ordinance as soon as it is made available fo me.


  1. So do lottery 'winners' have to go through the lottery each year or are they then grandfathered? If they are not grandfathered what if you bought a 4WD vehicle to get the permit and then the next year you do not win the lottery? It makes no sense!

    How they managed to destroy a perfectly functioning system in 2 years is beyond me. They had a chance to fix last year's debacle... and have made it worse this year.

    While Commissioner Jones went down to the beach on the 4th and saw cars 3 deep... she obviously does not go there on any other day other than the 'big 3' holidays because you can more often than not count the cars on 1 hand! Not to mention at the Inlet Beach driving access I have seen 1 car with a permit on it in the past year!

    If you wanted to do anything... limit the cars on the big 3 holidays or not allow them on those days.

  2. Did you express any of your opinions or suggestions to the Commissioners?

    In response to your comments:

    I am not sure that many folks wwould go out and buy a 4 wheel car/truck just to use for driving on the beach only. In order to apply for a permit you have to show ownership of a 4 wheel vehicle already in your possession.

    The old system wasn't perfect by any means, other than anyone could get a permit, in fact you could get as many as you wanted. Some folks had up to 6 or more. There were also rentals that had the permit laminated on a card so it was an added perk if you rented their place. Some folks purchased permits for their friends, all family members, and their beginner drivers. As long as you paid out the money you could get a permit.

    As you know, Grayton's downtown space where the entrance/exit to the beach are located, are very small,narrow, and very tight. Cars, trucks and those pulling trailers entering and leaving the area add to the congestion a long with those visiting the Red Bar and Shorties looking for a place to park.

    The Inlet Beach is suppose to be only for launching boats, it isn't a drive on beach according to the county. The only drive on beach is Grayton Beach.

    I am not sure there is a perfect Driving on the Beach you can't make everyone happy...I foresee that soon the county will take a way this right, and only boat launches and Charter Boats will be able to drive on the beach. As a long time Grayonite I hate to see this, but realize that eventually this will happen.

    Again, Thank you for taking the time to make a comment.

  3. Thanks for your reply.

    Sadly I was unable to make it to the meeting... I work from about 2-midnight each day.

    I forgot about the 1 per household rule which I think was a great idea and don't disagree with.

    As for the 4WD vehicle... we have one now, but if we could not get a permit we would likely not pay the few extra grand to have one when we get a new car. I do know our neighbors across the street and another friend in BMB that would only buy an extra 4WD vehicle if they could get the permit. Do you have to have the vehicle to apply for the lottery or just if you 'win' the lottery?

    As for Inlet Beach... I found two different county websites stating that the size of the Inlet Beach access is either 66ft or 600ft. Neither states it is just for the launching of boats.



    It is just frustrating that as a new (May 2010) homesteaded FT resident that lives, works, and plays here that I can not get a permit or even get a clear concise answer as to whether I can get a permit and keep it year to year.

    If they do away with it some day... so be it... it better just be for everyone and not this goofy grandfathered stuff.

    Personally, I say restrict it to homesteaded homeowners or just homeowners... limit beach access on the big 3 weekends (except boat launching) and keep it to one per household.

    But what do I know? :-)

  4. You do have to have a 4 wheel vehicle in order to apply for a permit. You can't participate in the lottery unless you meet all the guidelines. They need to see a copy of your tag number along with a VIn number. When you get your beach permit the sticker that goes on the car/truck is used as an identification. As far as Inlet Beach goes. it is around 600 is mainly for boat launching and it is not really used for regular cars.
    I was told by Ms. Jones (Commissioner) this AM that the county is looking at another piece of property that might be used for driving on the beach to help relieve the pressure that Grayton is faced with. Our Beach front area is around 900 feet...really too small to support all of the cars and folks who want to be able to drive on the beach.

    Welcome to our area as a new property owner...I suggest that you go over to the Courthouse Annex on 331 and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. They are very nice over at the tax office. Hope this helps.