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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Clerk of Courts Says Her Office Will Take On Beach Permits

At the County Commissioner's Meeting this morning, Martha Engle, Clerk of Courts for Walton County said that her office would be willing to sell the Driving on the Beach Permits. The Commissioners still have to vote on this, but at this time that seems to be the solution for the Commissioners. As of today, the registered voters ONLY * will still have the ability to apply and win one of the 150 lottery spots. As soon as more information is firmed up as to where to download applications and what is needed to apply I will let you know. So keep checking back for any updates.

*only need a voter registration card, do not need to own property in Walton County

Just for your information there are 37,421 registered voters in Walton County. Many of them own property but there is a rather large group that rent or live with their parents. It will be interesting to see how many "non property owners" who own 4 wheel vehicles will apply and actually are awarded a permit from the 150 lottery pool .

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