Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Monday, March 11, 2013

If you are wondering????

When is the GBNA annual meeting.

April 27. Information to be announced soon.

Where is my membership packet?

It will be mailed out soon. Be on the look out for it.


  1. What happened to Easter Weekend? I didn't rent out our house so we could enjoy annual meeting and lunch.

    1. Sorry I am no longer on the board. They only notified me recently about the date change. I was unaware that we were not sticking to the Easter Weekend we had been using. I have received emails from others with the same concerns and have passed those concerns on to the Board. I am still waiting for the last Board minutes so I can post on blog, perhaps once they are posted we can find out why they made the change.