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Thursday, March 22, 2012

What's Happening to HOTZ?

I have gotten several calls and a few emails with concerns that the county is cutting up Hotz and making it one way and questioning why we hadn't posted about this action before on the blog. There were expressed concerns about how a one way Hotz would effect all of Grayton etc. The county is not cutting up the pavement your GBNA is, with county approval....under the direction of Billy and Grant they have started the Hotz Landscaping project that was first discussed at our July meeting in 2011. Where the county had placed the old white poles to prevent parking in certain sections is now being turned into planted areas. As a Board, $5000 dollars was set aside to cover this project with hopes that the businesses that are located on Hotz would also contribute funds as the landscaping will also benefit the look of their business as well as our neighborhood. ( In fact the poles were originally placed on Hotz  by the county because of the uncontrolled traffic/parking  that occurred because of these popular businesses.)  I asked Grant to reply to the concerns that I have received over the last few days .... Here is his response.

The pavement cut out and ultimate plantings are an initiative by the Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association for beautification of the Hotz Ave commercial area. There is no one way measure associated with them. We have heard no recent discussion of one way. The areas are within the caution lines drawn last year by the county. The plantings are primarily to the rear of the provided areas and will not encroach on the existing driving ROW. No parking spaces are being affected.

Photos 3-22-2012  If you click on the photo they will open up in a larger view for you.


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  1. By now you may have seen the one-way detour barricade that the sheriff sets up at Hotz and Garfield in the evening. This forces exiting patrons to go up Garfield. Most non locals miss the Dead End sign at Lydia and Garfield since is it passed the intersection. They continue up Garfield and end up turning around in our yards and driveways to go back to Lydia to exit. I would request a directional sign on the stop sign at Lydia and Garfield directing folks to make a left turn on Lydia to exit to 30A/98. thanks Scotland Yard.