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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sept. 28th Meeting Update

I have been informed that Ms. Jones was indeed at the Commissioner's Meeting on the 28th. I had on my close up reading glasses as I was reading my talking points from my IPAD and I certainly didn't see her up there. There were lots of folks, some standing, some moving behind the I guess I missed her and without my normal viewing glasses (which I left at home) I can't see clearly. So I now have to eat my words on her missing meeting. The vote didn't change...we still only got one vote that opposed the change and that was from Ms. Comander.

I received an email from Ms. Jones this morning and she explained why she voted as she did (she voted for the change) which I think you deserve to hear because she does represent our area and she did take the time to explain her vote. Again, my mistake.

"Ann, I took this process very seriously as well. I received emails and phone calls from people about many of the suggested changes and read and listened to them. I appreciate yovr involvement in the process and I did read your emails prior to the meeting. I weighed all the input from constituents and staff, In my opinion, in regards to this particular request, the Neighborhood Commercial (NC) designation would actually hold these properties to a higher standard than they are currently being held. (NC ) puts restrictions on the type and intensity of what can be developed on those parcels; where as residential Preservation does not have those same restrictions. I honestly feel that it is in the interest of the community for those parcels to be held to a higher standard. I discussed this request in detail with staff and also did research prior to reaching my decision. I just wanted to explain that my decision was not reached arbitrarily or facetiously. Again, I sincerely thank you for your input and involvement throughout this process.
Best regards


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