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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Four More Commercial Lots for Defuniak

Tonight our County Commissioners voted for the four lot changes from Residential to Neighborhood Commercial. There was no discussion among them, it was just a quick vote among many quick votes and then it was done. Our only positive vote came from Ms. Comander. Our Commissioner for our area, Ms. Jones was still absent due to a family illness. I left the meeting very disappointed, I think I might have felt a little better if the Commissioners had talked among themselves before taking a vote. That way, I would have known (or at least thought) that they had listened to our comments, and had read our letters. I also think that we deserved to hear their reason for their vote. I think they owed us that at least. So as of today, Grayton gained four more commercial lots on Defuniak.

Positive note: the changes in wording for Neighborhood Commercial mentioned in early post were approved in the County Comprehensive Plan.

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  1. Thanks for the effort. Appreciate the time that you all put into this. Grayton is changing right before our eyes and it seems the changes are winning.

    The Larsons