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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tar Ball Report 6-23-2010

Yesterday at 4PM there were thousands of tar balls on the beach (looked like little shreds of tree bark.) Grant Blackwell talked to BP clean up hazmat leader, and he told Grant that they were going to bring in a crew and follow the procedure of DEP and pick up each tar ball in an effort not to remove any more sand than necessary.

6PM Tuesday, Walton County Sheriff had a John Deer and a beach sweeper/ sifter machine operating.

6AM Today: Not a tar ball on the beach. No sign that sweeper was ever there.

LOUD APPLAUSE... There is something to be said about good ole boy common sense stepping up and sollving problems. Our county and our sheriff are on top of this oil mess. If you have a chance drop Sheriff Adkinson an email and let him know you appreciate his efforts and the way he is dealing with this oil mess. He has been on this since day one of this oil spill, his main focus is to protect our Walton County beaches.

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