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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dune Lakes and High Tides

MONDAY'S UPDATE: High tides complicate area protection plan as officials ponder pumping out Dune Lakes
June 28, 2010 3:57 PM
(from the Walton Sun)
Freedom Florida
Recent high tide levels are complicating Walton County’s protection plan progress and continue to bring tar balls on shore. All Walton County beaches are open and no health advisories have been issued.
Walton County Emergency Management officials are monitoring the current wave action and tide levels to properly assess the situation at hand. The second phase of the coastal protection plan, the berming project, is now on hold until the tide levels reside and permit further construction of the berms. The tide levels, along with the increased wave action have washed out portions of the berm constructed through the weekend and county consultants are meeting to discuss further plans for the berming project.
County officials are researching companies to perform independent water testing, in conjunction with the testing being done by the Department of Environmental Protection. The county will coordinate with the Department of Environmental Protection to determine where testing is being done, the two entities will work together to cover the county and get the most effective results.
Three of the coastal dune lakes are reaching maximum capacity and will have to be drained. Officials are deciding whether to relieve the lakes with a pump or to manually remove the berms and let them drain out as they do naturally.

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