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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tonight's Meeting with Commissioners

There has been a lot of calls and emails wanting to know what is going to happen tonight. Some are getting overly excited and maybe a little too worked up. I will be attending the meeting and will post what went down on the blog this evening. You will know if you check in after 8 PM everything that happened and was said.

I am confident that non permanent residents owning property in Grayton Beach will have if they wish the right to purchase a Driving on the Beach Permit. I for one would like this issue to come to a conclusion and a vote be taken by the Commissioners on the proposed (CORRECTED) draft. I think that if our non permanent residents can apply and receive a permit then we have won because just a few short months ago that right and that wording wasn't even in the original draft.

I would like to see everyone just take a breath and then need to get stirred up unless there is "a lump in our pot" that we aren't aware of. I truly think Grayton Beach Residents both Permanent and Non-Permanent are going to be happy. Check in later for News.

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