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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Grayton Cats

There are cat lovers, cat haters, and no opinions on cats folks. It really doesn't matter what category you fall animal should ever be mistreated or go hungry. Grayton has become home to an ever growing cat population. I personally am the owner of an inside "thrown away kitty" that I found abandoned on my street when he was about five weeks old. We have also "adopted" several feral cats (all have been fixed) that live in and around our house where there are provided warm sleeping quarters, with food and water available at all times.

There are others in the neighborhood who have also set up feeding stations on their property.

Lately there have been some calls made to animal control about the cats, and there has been a "cat round up" the round up cats that were considered "feral outside" pets, cats that were fixed, and little kittens were all picked up. After 7 days or less, we all know what their fate is. There is only one non kill shelter in our county located in Freeport and it is full at this time, so all captured cats are sent to the Animal Shelter outside of Chipley.

Here in the county local cat lovers pay to have the feral cats fixed, the vet clips an ear so at a glance you know if a cat has been fixed. Then the cat is returned to the area where it was picked up. It seems that clipped ears on our Grayton Cats really didn't seem to matter in these recent round ups.

Did you know that an outside cat only has a life expectancy of 1 to 2 years? It is indeed sad that a creature whose life is already a tough one due to previous human neglect, now also has to worry about being caught and eliminated.

If you are a cat feeder in Grayton please make sure you are feeding the cats on your own property, check to make sure that all have been fixed, if not call one of the capture/fix/release groups in the county so that a trap can be set up. If we can fix the cats that we now have in Grayton then their population will not keep increasing.

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