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Friday, February 24, 2012

Beach Permit "Lottery "County Residents Only

This only applies to those who were not grandfather in on annual Beach Driving Permits.
Each year, 150 Beach Driving Permits are issued through
a random lottery process. Applications for the lottery are
accepted between April 1st and May 10th of each year.
The lottery takes place May 15th of each year.
Those chosen by random drawing will be notified
by e-mail and will be able to purchase a permit from the
Clerk of Court beginning June 1st. The permits are valid
for one year and  are non-renewable.  
The lottery is open to full-time Walton County 
Residents only.
Required Documents
The following documents must be submitted in the
name of the applicant at the time of application:
· Proof of full-time residency (Walton County Driver License or Walton County
Voter  Registration)
· Proof of real property ownership (if property owner)
· Proof that property taxes are current (if property owner)
· Current 4-wheel drive vehicle registration
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