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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Park Name Change Update

background info:
A man named John Robert (Bob) Middlemus came to Rep. Coley and told her that the "community" really wanted to honor Bob Graham by adding his name to Grayton Beach State Park. Coley said that Graham was instrumental in securing funds for the park. She said the buck stops with her because she took him at his word, thought it sort of an insignificant thing, and she actually started the Bill. She called Sen. Don Gaetz and he thought it also just a local sort of thing that the people in the community wanted and said he agreed to sponsor in the Senate.
Mr. Middlemus is not a Walton County resident., he does not represent any longtime residents of the area, he is single resident of Panama City Florida

This morning, Rep. Coley talked to Sen. Gaetz about the emails and phone calls in opposition. Sen. Gaetz said he wanted to measure opposition against support as he has started getting phone calls and emails in support. Coley doesn't have a clue where these are coming from. She said we need to get a lot more people to call and email Sen. Gaetz office today and tomorrow. We need to flood the telephone lines and emails. I can't imagine how Mr. Middlemus heard that we were mobilizing opposition but he, or someone he knows, did. See previous post for phone and email information.

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