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Monday, February 22, 2010

Hotz Update

I contacted both Ms. Jones and Mr. Harrell about the upcoming Commissioner's Meeting. Mr. Harrell was the only one who responded to my email. Here is his response about the Commissioner's meeting tomorrow.

Ms. Morrell,

We are going to pull this item from the agenda for the meeting tomorrow night. Our intent tomorrow night is to provide an informational update to the Board that we are working on the plan and will be presenting the plan at the first meeting in March. (This way the meeting will be at the South Walton Annex.) This will allow us the time to have more detailed information about the plan placed on the next agenda.

Please call me if you have any questions.


Starsky Harrell,

Interim Public Works Director

Walton County Public Works Division

This enail response, saves me and your other Board Members from making a useless trip to DeFuniak to attend a Commissioner's Meeting where the Agenda Item that we were concerned with, was being pulled and wouldn't even be discusseed. Very thoughtful of Mr. Harrell just wish that our own Commissioner would have considered this and notified us of the same.
Updated Agenda:

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