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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


8-20-2009 Updates

*It would appear that one way traffic on Hotz is eminent. It is going to progress quickly. I doubt some residents of Garfield and Lydia are fully aware of this plan even though all of our members with an active email have been notified.

* Grant Blackwell visited with Ms. Jones and expressed his personal view that delivery trucks operating during the day should be allowed to egress back from the Red Bar area against traffic back to Defuniak without going through the neighborhood of Garfield and Lydia. He expressed his views that having delivery trucks coming through this area would be unnecessary during the day and the folks on Garfield and Lydia should be spared this extra traffic.

*The County after surveying Hotz now plans on moving some parking spaces forward a couple of feet to widen the traffic zone and of course re-stripe the parking to accomodate one way parking and traffic.

Beach Permits are on the agenda for next week. MS Jones is going to ask to table this as Mr. Blackwell told her that GBNA are resolved to research and consider alternatives to the current ordinance via a committee recommendation.

If you would like to serve on such a committee, please let Grant Blackwell know. His email is listed on the left side of this blog.

8-19-2009 Survey being done down on Hotz Street

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