Grayton has lots of underground utilities including TV/internet cables, gas lines, phone lines, and electrical lines. Before you DIG please call 811 annd the companies will come out and mark where the lines are. There is no cost for this service.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Don't Leave Things on the Beach OVERNIGHT

In accordance with state and county ordinance, regulations, and laws, it shall be unlawful for beach chairs, umbrellas, tents (sunshades), and other such personal articles to be on the beach in such a manner that they interfere with beach maintenance, nesting sea turtles, or emergency vehicles.
Florida Statue 62D Grayton Beach State Park rules and regulations Walton County Ordinance 2003-07 sec. 4 sub. par.
Remove all personal items from state park property at the end of each day or they will be removed and thrown away.

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