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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Round 1 LOST

Sorry to report that the vote at the Planning Commission was 4 to 2 tonight. We had 6 speakers and there were 7 letters written. The next step in the process is the special County Commissioner's Meeting that will be held on August 30th at 5 PM at the Courthouse Annex. If you haven't sent copies of your letter to all of the Commissioners, I suggest that if you are still concerned that you do so before the Monday Meeting. You can find the Commissioner's email address/ faxes on the right side of the blog. I suggest you write all of them and let them know of your concerns about the 4 lots on Defuniak. The lot that has the Magnolia House was removed by Mr. Veldman earlier so the Rivard Office and the two vacant lots were the only ones approved. I left before the other lot by Kitty's office came up because it was a sure thing that it too would be approved. I was disappointed but will again attend and speak to the County Commissioners. Will be posting Monday Evening.

If you are curious about my personal take on this meeting email me at:

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