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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Defuniak Lots Update

At the County Commissioner's meeting held tonight at the Defuniak Courthouse the Planning Map Discussion was removed from the agenda and will be discussed at a Special County Commissioner's hearing to be held on August 30th at 5PM. This is on a Monday. It will be held at the South Walton Annex. This meeting will give the public the chance to speak about their concerns about the proposed changes. The process started with Planning Commission Board (Aug 17th and August 25th meetings) and then proceeds to County Commissioners on August 30th.

The meeting of the Planning Commission is still on for August 25th at 5PM at the South Walton Annex. I was also told that the Old Magnolia House lot had been pulled and was not up for a change anymore. At present it is listed as Infill and is no longer acting as a gift shop it is now an annual rental and is still has a For Sale Sign. infill is a catch all zoning term for a lot that is "filling in" between platted properties.

If you have concerns about any of the proposed changes for Defuniak St in Grayton please contact ALL of the county Commissioners with your concerns. Their contact info is located on the right side of blog or you can use this link:

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