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Friday, August 20, 2010

Crist's Statement on Federal waters

“As the Deepwater Horizon spill is being capped and the flow of oil into the Gulf of Mexico reduced, I have been working with NOAA to re-open closed fishing waters. Last week, federal waters off the coast of Pensacola were re-opened and the announcement today further lifts the fishing restrictions. The federal waters off beautiful Northwest Florida are once again open for fishing, and Florida’s commercial and recreational fishermen are eager to get back to work. I join them in celebrating this much-needed boost to our economy and quality of life. We invite traveling Floridians, as well as visitors from around the nation and the world, to come and fish, explore our beautiful beaches and enjoy Florida’s delicious seafood. ”

FLORIDA FISH AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION COMMISSION CHAIRMAN RODNEY BARRETO Regarding the Reopening of Additional Federal Waters to Fishing “The re-opening of these federal waters comes as great news to Florida anglers and coastal communities impacted by the Deepwater oil spill. This action by our federal partners is one more step forward in helping our fishing communities recover from this unprecedented event,” said Rodney Barreto, Chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “Both the water and fish have been thoroughly tested and Florida’s seafood is certified good to eat and great tasting.”

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