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Monday, August 30, 2010

August 30th Special Meeting

Tonight's meeting with the County Commissioners was the first hearing with them. They viewed the maps, heard from the public, but didn't do any final voting. They did take notice of our concern as to what could go on a residential commercial lot. They asked that the planning department hold a meeting with those citizens who were interested and to work together to come up with a more detailed plan as to what could go on a residential commercial lot. At present the way the proposed plan reads (see the following post)
It is very vague, and allows outside music, outside dining, etc. It even allows for a 25 room hotel.

The next County Commissioner's Meeting will be held on September 28th. If you are concerned about Grayton and what four commercial lots side by side on Defuniak could mean for Grayton, and how it could change our neighborhood... I encourage you to write each County Commissioner and voice your concern. If at all possible plan to attend the meeting and speak out.Their (email/fax)is located on the right side of the blog. Our letters and our voices do make a difference!

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