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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Possible Change Coming to Defuniak

The county is considering, due to the owners requests, a change in 5 residential lots to be changed to commercial lots. All five lots are located on Defunial Street. Four of them are side by side (Rivard building, two empty lots, and the old Magnolia house which if developed or sold by their owner offers a rather large commercial spot right on Defuniak Street. The other lot up for change is on the right side of Kitty Taylor's Real Estate Office. All of the lots are surrounded and back up to already established residential housing.(Grayton Trail, Defuniak and Pine Street)

The hearing to consider if this change will move forward to our County Commissioners will be held August 25th at 5PM at the Courthouse Annex on 331.

What a change from residential to commercial can mean to our Grayton Neighborhood:
Commercial Definition
The purpose
of this land use category is to designate small areas in proximity to residential areas that will allow for a limited group of commercial uses to serve the needs of those residential areas. All neighborhood commercial uses must be designed in use, scale, character, and intensity to be compatible with, and to protect, the abutting and surrounding residential areas.
Uses Allowed : offices, professional services, storefront retail shopping, neighborhood grocery stores, limited lodging not to exceed twenty-five (25) rooms, banks, bakeries, cafés, and restaurants without drive-thru facilities.
Prohibited uses: Gas stations and convenience stores with or without fuel, bars, and auto repair services, and the like. However, this provision does not preclude restaurants, or other similar allowed uses, from alcohol sales/services during course of business. Outdoor storage , outdoor broadcasting or music, display of goods, or outdoor seating for cafés and restaurants may be permitted, subject to a case-by-case determination of its impact on the abutting neighborhood and where it does not conflict with the Scenic Corridor Guidelines

If you have concerns please feel free to make and speak at the meeting on August 25th if at all possible, and if not here is a contact source for a letter/email/ or a Fax.

Melissa Ward~ Project Manager Planning & Development Services
Phone: (850)267-1955
Fax: (850) 622-9133


She has assured me that her staff makes copies of all letters/faxes,and emails received and gives them to the Commissioners for their consideration. They also put map id#s and agenda item #s at the top of each correspondence. So if you are unable to attend in person to speak at the meetingon the 25th then please write a letter/email or a fax if you are concerned about the changes and how it might effect the future of Grayton.

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