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Thursday, May 5, 2011

County Appraisers are in Grayton Beach

I asked the county appraiser, Patrick Pilcher, about why his staff was in Grayton going from house to house. I wanted to know if it was a county wide property assessment or just a Grayton Beach inspection. He gave me the following answer to share on our blog.

We have appraisers in the field in many areas of the County most every day. All properties in Florida are required to be re-evaluated each assessment year and physically reviewed within a 5 year cycle. Grayton Beach residential properties are being reviewed at this time. With declining property values most owners should see decreased assessments this year. The only increase in property value an owner would experience as a result of the review would be if improvements(remodel,increased square footage,etc.) were discovered that are not currently listed in our appraisal. Appraisers also look for negative changes in review properties (neglected maintenance,rot,demolition,etc.) Commercial properties, county-wide, are also being reviewed at this time.

Owners are encouraged to contact our office if they have questions,850-892-8123 ,or email .


Patrick Pilcher
Walton County Property Appraiser

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