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Monday, May 16, 2011

Annual Meeting Minutes April 23, 2011

The Annual Meeting was called to order by Grant Blackwell, President, at Shirley Sahlie’s yard at 11:20 AM, April 23, 2011. About 100 members, guests and family members attended the Annual Meeting and Picnic.

Following the invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, Grant introduced the 2010-2011 Board Members and the new 2011-2012 Board as follows:

2010-2011 Officers:
Grant Blackwell, President
Scott Provow, Vice President
Ann Morrell, Treasurer
Larry Jackson, Secretary
Billy Buzzett
Kitty Taylor
Mike Valentino (Absent)

2011-2012 Board:

Grant Blackwell, elected for a 2011-2013 Term
Scott Provow, elected for a 2011-2013 Term
Andy Gray, elected for a 2011-2013 Term
Bill Wallace, elected for a 2011-2013 Term
Billy Buzzett, continuing, 2010-2012 Term
Ann Morrell, continuing, 2010-2012 Term
Larry Jackson, continuing, 2010-2012 Term

Bylaws Change:

Members approved the proposed Bylaws change to Article V - Para 5 to read: The Board shall have the general power to act for the Association in the conduct of normal business - the Board may take a position representing the Association before any governmental body without a vote of the Association if by unanimous board member vote, the board deems immediate action is needed and in the best interest of the Association.

In accordance with Article VI - Amendments, an amendment requires a simple majority of all association votes. Vote results were 101 Yes or 65%, 17 No or 11% , and 38 Abstain or 20%. This vote confirmed the acclamation voice vote at the 2010 Membership Meeting.

Minutes: March 15th minutes were approved by board member E-mails and posted to GBNA Blog.

Financial Report: Ann Morrell presented an update of our Annual GBNA Finances as of April 23, 2011.

Income: Deposits

2011-12 Membership Dues 171 Lots $ 4,275.00

Expenses :

2010 Annual Meeting/Party Expenses $ 1,604.62

Landscaping Triangle/ Entry Way $ 887.46

Donation Friends of Grayton Beach State Pk $ 100.00

Fourth of July Party/decorations $ 59.90

Membership 2011 Applications $ 525.08

Elegant Tent Rental April 23 Meeting $ 580.20

Total Expenses 2010-11: $ 3,757.26

Net Income 2010-11: $ 517.74

Account Balances:

Checking: $ 6,415.00

Savings: $ 10,669.85

Total: $ 17,084.85

Member Communications: Members were reminded of the two digital communications systems available - the Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association Blog at and the Facebook site: , enter Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association in the search window.

Member Directory: This directory will replace the 2006 Membership Directory. The ongoing collection of updated membership directory information is included in the returning 2011 ballots and member surveys. The 2011-2012 Board will seek sponsorship opportunities with local member businesses to support production and distribution of the directory.

Past Year: Grant covered association activities during the last year including the Oil Spill and the July 2010 work on containment dike to protect Western Lake.

Real Estate Update: Scott Provow gave attendees the profile of recent home prices and sales in the 30A area and in Grayton Beach. Sellers have seen bids generally below their asking price. He noted that 29 homes from Sandestin to Rosemary Beach have sold over the last year.

Beach Permit Ordinance: People with 2010 permits can apply starting May 15th for 2011 Permits. A lottery system for 150 permits for registered voters will start April 1st. See the BLOG for application details. The Board will continue to push for grandfather permit privileges for Grayton Beach property owners.

Kayak Rack: The Board is looking at a mobile Kayak Rack to be able to help secure day use equipment at the local boat ramp.

Public Works: Grant covered the positive work that the Public Works Department has done in the village; in large part to relationship building he has maintained with the department. Lately the Department has been improving the shoulders.

Member Comments/Questions:

Traffic and Safety: Several attendees discussed effectiveness of the speed radar indicator on DeFuniak Street. Other speed moderation approaches were covered including small traffic islands, flower planters and additional radar signs. One member suggested more bike path signage and markings to get bikes clear of the main traffic areas.

Rental House Trash Collection: It was suggested that the Board work with rental companies and individual VBO property owners to identify practical ways to manage their properties. Specifically, using the rule of thumb of one trash container per bedroom in determining how many trash containers are needed. The Board is supporting efforts by the rental companies to get an additional trash collection day.

Street Lighting: It was suggested the Board look at the need for street lighting in the village.

Fourth of July Parade/ Rags to Riches Regatta: The two events will be held in Grayton Beach over the 4th of July Weekend - Saturday, 2 July through Monday, 4 July. The Parade is scheduled for Monday morning, July 4th. The Rags to Riches Regatta will be a Hobie Cat race from Grayton Beach to Seagrove Beach and back. Additional information will be provided on the Blog site.

Feral Cat Population: Wynne Freeman covered the work they have been doing with Linda Draper, Alaqua Animal Refuge to operate a trap/spay/release program for feral cats in Grayton. The Freemans recommended that the GBNA to consider a contribution to Alaqua Animal Refuge in support of this program. They also recommended that the Association inform the membership how they can use the program to handle the feral cat population in their neighborhood.

Advisory Board Volunteers: Grant invited members to volunteer to be on an advisory board of members to help with the various projects we are doing throughout the village.

Neighborhood Watch: Grant advised attendees that they need to keep security in mind in protecting their property and belongings.

Logo: A concept logo for the Association was discussed. It was a stylized sea turtle with the letters Grayton Beach on the shell. The 2011-2012 Board will discuss the concept at a future meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 PM.

Submitted by Larry Jackson, Secretary

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