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Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 22nd The County Takes Final Look at Beach Permit

The dates for applying have been tweeked again...I am including a Link to the Ordinance. If this issue effect you and you are either grandfathered in or hope to win one of the 150 lottery applications be sure to note the tweeked dates. I also have included a link to the new Dogs on the Beach Ordinance.

If you are coming to the Annual Meeting and Party on Aprl 23rd there will be driving on the beach permits available for you to pick up at the Sign In Table.

Beach Permit Link

Important dates
Grandfather Permits can be renewed starting May 15th. You must renew your permit by June 1st or you will lose it.

Lottery Permits may submit their applications between April 1st through May 10th. The lottery will be held on May 15th and you can purchase your permit on June 1st.

The county is also updating their Dogs on the Beach Permit. So if you have a Beach Loving Pooch ...check out the following link.

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