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Monday, March 21, 2011

GBNA Meeting March 15th

GBNA MEETING  March 15, 2011

The Meeting was called to order by Grant Blackwell, President, at the 30A Resorts Conference Room at 4:00 PM, March 15, 2011. Board attendees in addition to Grant were Ann Morrell, Larry Jackson, and Scott Provow. Mike Valentino, Kitty Taylor and Billy Buzzett were absent. Andy Gray, 2011-2013 Board member candidate, was a member guest.

Minutes: January 25th minutes were approved by board member E-mails and posted to GBNA Blog.

Financial Report: Ann Morrell presented an update of our GBNA Finances as of March, 2011.

Jan 25, 2010 Balances: Checking Account: $ 2,957.57 Savings Account: $10,649.28

Checking Account

Checks written:

Blue Mountain Lawn Care $125.00

Friends of Grayton Beach State Park $100.00

Ann Morrell, Postage , repro, Annual letter $525.08

Blue Mountain Lawn Care $ 45.00

Ann Morrell (Fl Corp Registration) $ 61.25

Total Expenses: $ 856.33

Deposits Dues for 2011

Feb 25; $ 50

March 7: $ 1,900

March 15: $ 550

Total Income: $ 2,500

March 15, 2011 Balances: Checking: $4,551.24 Savings: $ 10,649.28

Member Directory: This directory is replacing the 2006 Membership Directory. The ongoing collection of updated membership directory information is included in the returning 2011 ballots and member surveys. To date, almost 80% of returned ballots respondents wanted their information included in a membership directory. It was suggested that the board explore sponsorship opportunities with local member businesses to support production and distribution of the directory. The Directory will be provided after the Annual Meeting in order to include Membership Applications received at the Meeting.

By-Laws Amendment: The returned ballots results will be counted prior to Annual meeting. The amendment allows the board to speak on membership’s behalf to the governmental organizations under certain conditions. The formal vote documents a simple majority of Association votes from the show of hands approval at the 2010 Annual Meeting.

2011-2012 Board Candidates: Four candidate names were included in ballot for terms of 2011-2013: Grant Blackwell, Scott Provow, Andy Gray, and Bill Wallace. They will join three board members with terms of 2010-2012: Ann Morrell, Billy Buzzett, and Larry Jackson.

Membership Applications, with Ballot and Survey: More than 110 applications have been returned. The Board agreed to send a reminder post card out this month to remind Grayton Beach property owners to return their Membership Applications. Larry suggested that the new Board for 2011-2012 look at the Bylaws Article III Membership and Dues structure for the future. See GBNA Bylaws at the GBNA BLOG.

Grayton Beach Trademark: The Board discussed soliciting advice from member lawyers about feasibility and issues of trade marking the use of Grayton Beach in literature and promotions. A related project will be to create a trademark GBNA logo for the village.

Speed Limit Change: Grant reported that the County was looking into adjusting the local county access roads from Highway 98 to 35 MPH when the roads reach residential and commercial areas near Highway 30A.

Hotz Avenue Boat Ramp Kayak Rack: Grant reported that two business owners agreed to donate funds to the Association to build a Kayak/Board Rack for public day use at the Hotz Avenue Boat Ramp/Dock. Purpose of the Rack is to allow people to secure their equipment during the day. Board discussed need to consult with adjacent property owners.

DeFuniak Street Work: Grant coordinated getting County Road Crew work on DeFuniak Street shoulders. Additionally the county repaired the Triangle blinking red light after concerns were expressed about people going through the stop sign without stopping.

Annual Meeting Planning: The Board agreed that the 23 April Annual Meeting will be at Shirley Sahlie's yard on Defuniak Street. The business meeting will start at 11 AM with lunch being served at 12:30. A picnic menu will be provided - chicken, slaw, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, brownies, tea, water and lemonade. Scott and Ann will obtain food and service items. Scott will reserve tent and locate tables and chairs.

Grayton Beach State Park: Friends of Grayton Beach State Park thanked the Association for our $100 contribution.

Florida Corporation Annual Filing: Ann Morrell, as the Registered Agent, submitted our 2011 annual report filing with FL Department of State.

Signage Initiative: The board agreed to solicit member comments to establishing a voluntary effort on improve display of commercial signage in the village.

Welcome Triangle Lighting: Larry Jackson is looking for solar power options to reduce need for extended buried power lines, permits, and meters.

Wedding Rentals: The Board discussed Walton County Commissioners review of noise issues with large wedding party rentals in residential areas.

Beach Permit Ordinance: The County is expected to approve the Beach Permit Ordinance at March 22nd Meeting. People with 2010 permits can apply starting May 15th for 2011 Permits. A lottery system for 150 permits for registered voters will start April 1st. See the BLOG for application details. Ann Morrell continues to maintain the status on the Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at .

Old Business: The board agreed to table Historic Grayton Beach and other topics to the April Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 PM.

Submitted by Larry Jackson, Secretary Upon approval, these minutes are posted on Grayton Beach Neighborhood Association BLOG at , The Minutes are cataloged at

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