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Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Reading on Beach Permits Oct 27th

The County Commissioners have posted their new Agenda for the 27th of October but there are no changes or any updates to the Beach Permit Draft ordinance. In fact it remains the same as it was originally published in the October 13th agenda except those changes that were once posted in red or no longer red.

As someone who spoke at the October 13th meeting and also someone who wrote and mailed letters to all five Commissioners, their lawyer Mr. Burke and the Draft Writer Mr. Demers with my concerns about the proposed draft I have heard nothing. No calls, no emails, no replies to my letters. Since none of the above shared any of their thoughts with me about their insights on the matter after hearing the public speak at the Oct. 13th meeting I have nothing to share with you. It remains a mystery if there will be any changes at all in the draft.

I will be at the Oct. 27th meeting when the draft is again open for discussion. Hopefully the Commissioners will share any new thoughts or changes that they have come up with before they open it up to discussion. Will post any updates after the meeting on the 27th.

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