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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Defuniak Lift Station Project

Sometmes a little complaining to the right ear can get things back on track...we are officially on the agenda for the Commissioner's Feb 28th Meeting...Thanks to Ms. Jones our District 5 Commissioner.
Government works very slow, the Planning Department failed to get us on the 28th agenda so now we have to wait until March all we need is a simple YES or NO.

Your Board has been working on a special improvement for  the neighborhood for over a year. Ever since the white fence was installed by Reginal Utilities to shield their pump and lift station on Defuniak we have had various members ask us to try and hide it.  At first we wanted to landscape around it...but there was no source of water located near it. A local artist offered to donate some art panels to us so that we could hang those along the fence. Perhaps you are familiar with Don Sawyer's art work?
We approached Regional Utilities with our "gallery" idea and they gave us their approval. Then we went to the County Planning and Development Services Dept. to seek their approval, they agreed to work with us and take our idea to the County Commissioners.  We are hoping to be on their Feb 28th agenda. It appears that we will get approval for this project as the  Planning  and Development Dept gave me permission to go ahead and post our plan on our blog to share with our members.

So hopefully by early March we will go from this:

to this

photoshop image

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