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Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't Forget Driving on the Beach Issue Coming Up

Don't forget that the Driving on the Beach Permit is up for discussion on Feb 8th. This meeting will take place at the Annex in South Walton. If you need to refresh your information on this topuc with proposed changes you can review the info at this link:

Again I suggest that you write to all of the Commissioners to let them know your views on the proposed changes. if you disapprove that a person with only a Voter Registration can get a Driving on the Beach Permit without owning property or paying real estate taxes...then please let the Commissioners know. Their emails are on the right side of the blog. I would also suggest that you write to them ALL as they all cast a vote.

I will post the Commissioner's agenda and the Driving on the Beach Draft Document, as soon as it is posted on their web site. So check back about a week before the meeting date for any updates..

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