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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hotz Re-Striping

The re striping has been done. The candlesticks barriers have not been installed. Many areas along Hotz have been marked as no parking spots. (I wonder if these areas will really be considered as no parking areas by our tourists...after all they don't mind parking in our yards, or blocking our driveways or even blocking the roads that lead down to the beaches.) Without any bite or county enforcement these newly marked no parking areas might not work. Here are some photos of the area that I took to share with you this morning.

Just as an added note...I rode down last Thursday around 5 PM. Cars were parked all over the place, many had not pulled all the way in, many were parked in the striped out areas...Hotz was a "one way" as only one car could drive between the parked cars at one time. The security guard that was on duty was standing down on the corner by Red Bar doing nothing. (As much as I hate to say it...this Phase 1 "FIX" doesn't appear to be working. I personally believe the only thing tht will help this Hotz situation is to make one side of the street parallel parking only. No cars jutting out into the roadway is the only way to make the road wider for emergency vehicles to pass.)

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