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Sunday, September 14, 2008


It is with many regrets that your GBNA Board has decided to cancel the October Street Party that has been held in October in the past. Last year there was a very small turnout and contracts for food and a live band had already been signed. It was a very large expense with a turnout of less than 40 members. It seemed to the board that October was a busy month for our members with football games and family obligations. There just didn't seem to be a perfect weekend to choose for this year's party. Your Board has decided to put future October parties or perhaps a second party at a different time on the agenda for our annual meeting to be held next year. This will allow the Board to get feedback from our membership.

The Board would be happy to have any future party suggestions emailed to us from our membership. You can do that by using the following email: or by leaving a comment on this blog entry.

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